Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


10. The Beach

Being as sneaky as I am before we left for dinner I grabbed each of the boys a pair of there swimming trunks and my swim suit. That way we can all going swimming!
" This ride is taking a little longer than before right?" Niall asked
" Yeah" Liam said
Oh crap I forgot the nearest beach is twenty minutes away and the restaurant was only like five! Ah!!
" Hey driver! Why is it taking so long?" Louis asked
" Ah yes I took the long way sir" the driver answered keeping his eyes straight on the road
" okay" Louis said
" we are here" the driver exclaimed
" Awesome!" I said
The driver opened the car door for us and I got out first
I could smell the ocean air. I loved the beach even though I hated to swim in the ocean! I know weird right!
" Where are we?" Zayn asked
" I told the driver to take us to the beach. I know you are probably mad but this is my last night with you guys till you get back from Australia and," I got cut off by Zayn
" Sh.. Thank you Alex this is awesome!" Zayn shouted
" Hey! It's the beach sweet!" Niall yelled
" Yess!! The beach! But we don't have our swimming trunks!" Harry exclaimed
" Way ahead of you!" I said holding up the bag with the bathing suits and towel in it
" Alex you are amazing!" Liam said
" Hehe I know" I admitted
" Anyone up for a swim?!" Louis asked
" Yeah!" the boys shouted in unison except for Zayn
" Alex Zayn you guys coming?" Niall asked
" Um well I don't particularly like to swim in the ocean but I'll go if Zayn does" I said looking over at Zayn and holding his hand
" For you? I'll do anything" Zayn said giving my hand a squeeze
" Ready?" I asked
" Ready" Zayn agreed!
" Wait! Bathing suits duh!" I said
" Haha oh yeah that's probably a good idea!" Niall said
" Yeah unless you wanted to go swimming in your tuxes!" I said laughing
" Yeah!" Louis said
" No! Let's change!" Harry said
" There is a bath house over there!" Liam shouted
" Please be open!" I pleaded
I ran over to the door to go to the changing rooms and of course they were locked
" This bites!" I said
" What's wrong?" Zayn asked.
" The door is locked!" I said
" Didn't you bring a towel?" Niall asked
" Yeah...." I said hesitantly
" Well! Duh!" Harry said
" No!! NO! I refuse!! I CAN NOT change behind a towel YOU GUYS would be holding!" I yelled
" Well there ain't no other choice!" Niall shouted
" Oh man, this sucks!" I complained
" Man up!" Louis joked
" I'm a girl fool! I don't change in front of guys!" I said irritated a little
" Well someone isn't happy" Liam chuckled
" Shut up!" I reprimanded him
" Okay just hold up the towel against the building. If any of you turn my way you WILL be getting a black eye and that's a promise!" I instructed
" Alright alright just change!" Harry said in a bored tone
I tried to change as fast as I could but my zipper to my dress got stuck! I pulled and pulled and thank goodness it came down!
" Done!" I shouted
" Finally!" Zayn said winking at me
" Shut up my dress got stuck" I said then stuck out my tongue at him
" okay so now Alex turn around so we can change " Niall instructed
I turned around and tried to calm my racing heart
' Calm down A it's okay it's just water. Calm down you are with Zayn and the rest of your best friends. Everything is okay' is what I said to myself
Then I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. In and out. In and out.
Ah much better
" are you guys done yet?" I asked
" yeah we're good!" Liam yelled
They were just taking off there white collared shirts
And oh my did they look HOTT
I could barely contain myself!
I stood there frozen basically druling! I'm such a fool!
" Alex? Are you okay?" Harry asked as he put all the guys shirts in the bag
" Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine!" I answered
" Woah A you look incredible!" Zayn said walking over to me
I looked down at my swim suit and realized that I was wearing a bikini. Of course. Man this is awkward.
" Not really. But you I must say look hott! I'm sorry if I'm being rude but it's true! All of you do!" I said giggling a little
" Well we do work out" Niall said flexing his muscles! Then the rest of the boys copied
OH MY GOSH I WAS IN HEAVEN!! Well...maybe....boy heaven! Yeah that's it boy heaven!
" Alright lads and Alex are we ready for a swim before sunset?!" Louis asked
" Yeah!" everyone yelled
" Then let's go!" Liam said running towards the water
I held Zayn's hand as we got to the water
I hadn't been in the ocean since I was like literally a little kid when I didn't have a are in the world. This was a really scary moment for me!
" You okay?" Zayn whispered
" Yeah I'm good as long as you come with me" I whispered back
" I'm right here" he said with a smile then he gave me a quick kiss
That kiss gave me the confidence I needed
We all walked into the waves. I was shaking a little and I could tell Zayn was trying his hardest not to
I was a really good swimmer and I knew I was
So I decided to be brave. I let go of Zayn's hand and I dove right under the next wave that was coming.
I could feel the salt stinging my eyes, the tide trying to pull me, and most of all the sand grains coming full force at me. And I loved everything about it!
I felt so...so....so free like nothing could hurt me or tell me what to do. I felt like I was ment to be there. It was like that wave was calling me almost. I know it sounds stupid but it's true
I came back up grounded my feet, pushed my hair back, rubbed my eyes, then I looked up at the boys
" Yeah A!" I heard Niall yell
" I thought you couldn't swim?!" Liam said in a freaked out voice
" Yeah...um.... I sorta told a little tiny fib. Hehe" I said with hesitance
" Nice!" Harry shouted
" Thank you thank you!" I said bowing
" Now you guys go!" I called out to them
They all nodded
I saw them all dive one after the other. But when it came to Zayn he didn't move an inch. I moved over to him and said " Zayn you can do it. I believe in you"
" I...I can't" he said shaking his head
" Can I teach you then?" I asked with a smile
" I'm not sure. I don't even think I should be in here" he said shaking
" Zayn. You can do this. I'll show you and you copy me okay? And we are all here if you need us" I said looking right into his eyes
He looked terrified
" Okay" he agreed
" Yeah! Zayn, Zayn, Zayn!" the boys started chanting
I dove under again and I felt the same thing. Complete and utter freeness
As I surfaced I looked over at Zayn and said " I believe in you"
Everyone was silent
Zayn started to make it look like he was about to dive and he did it!
He did a perfect dive!!
Better than any of ours!
When Zayn came up he had water drops all over his body and his hair
Oh my he looked smoking!!
" Zayn! Ah! You did amazing! It was better than any of ours!!" I yelled throwing my arms around his neck
He lifted me up and kissed me while I was in the air then he leaned back to far and we both went over into the water
We came up laughing as hard as we could
" Thank you A" he said to me
" That was all you" I said with a ginormous smile
" Yeah!!" the boys shouted
" Thank you I'll be here all night!" Zayn chuckled
" What's next?" Louis asked
" Races?" Harry suggested
" Yeah!" we all agreed
" should we pair up or be alone?" Niall asked
" Lets be alone first then pair up!" Liam said
" Alright the race is to the beach and back Kay?" I asked
" Alright!" they yelled in unison
" Ready....set.....go!" I yelled
And we were off
I looked over to my right then left to see who was close to me
I was in first Liam second, Zayn third, Niall fourth, Harry fifth, then Louis last
I went as fast as I could to the beach finally I made it! Then I decided to shake things up a bit and I dove under the wave crashing towards me. I swam under water as fast as I could
Then just by guessing I stopped and thought I was where we were before and I got there first!
Liam came.
Then Harry.
And Louis.
" How'd you do that?!" Liam asked panting
" Practice my dear practice" I said as I tried to catch my breath
" Who's up for the next race?" Niall asked
" Yeah but who's with who?" I asked
" I call A!" Harry yelled
" Zayn!" Niall exclaimed
" Well looks like I'm stuck with you Louis! Nah lad I'm just fooling" Liam chuckled
" Excuse me who's stuck with who? " Louis asked winking at Liam
" Okay how about we have a contest?" I wondered
" What kinda contest?" Harry asked
" Well one of the partners could get on the other persons back then we could try and wrestle till the last one is standing" I wondered
" Yeah sounds like something I could win!" Zayn said confidently
" Mhmm you're all going down" Niall said proudly
" Yeah we'll see" Liam said
" So who's with who?" I asked
" A! You're mine!" Niall shouted jumping up into the air and outta the water
" Alright!" I said in like a YES! kinda way
" Louis?" Harry asked
" I'd be honored!" Louis said in a safistacated way
" Well I got Zayn yes! We are so gonna win!" Liam said
" Obviously you're getting on my back" Niall told me laughing
I did as told and hopped onto Niall's back. Then Zayn got on Liam's. And Harry got on Louis'.
" Ready?" Harry asked
" Set" I added
" Go!" Liam shouted moving towards Niall and I
" Alright Hun I'm sorry but you're going down first!" Zayn said with a huge grin
" Yeah are you ready? Let's go! You are gonna be part of the sand by the time I'm done with you!" I yelled back to him
Harry and Louis stood back as they watched Zayn and I try and push eachother over
" Come on A you can do it!" Harry and Louis cheered
" A focus! Remember he's your boyfriend now so you are allowed to push him around!" Niall yelled
" Come on Zayn would you really hit a girl? Let alone your girlfriend?" I asked him in a sweet voice just setting him up to push him into the sand
" Well now that you put it that way... Yeah I would" Zayn said throwing a swing at me but luckily Niall stepped back
" Oh that's how you wanna play? Okay babe I'm sorry for this but I must!" I said
Then I threw a fake punch and Zayn ducked then I took both my arms and shoved them into Zayn's shoulders
He and Liam went right over backwards
When Zayn and Liam came back up from under the water Zayn said " Oh sweetie big mistake you'll pay for that!" then I blew him a kiss
" Come on Alex! Make Harry do a backflip into the water!" Liam yelled
" Trust me he's the next to go!" I yelled back
" A I don't wanna hurt you but you and the leprechaun over here are going down!" Harry shouted then he chuckled
" Well we shall see" I said narrowing my eyes
" Yeah, and A just remember you are my best friend! Cause you're gonna be ticked when you lose!" Harry said as he narrowed his eyes
Harry pushed his hands into my shoulders and I went backwards but I was still holding onto Harry
Harry, Louis, and Niall all came down with me
We all slammed down into the water
I felt Niall let me go as we went under
When I surface Harry said to me " You hit the water first Louis and I won!"
" Na uh!" I said in a childish voice
" uh hu!" he answered back
" Zayn Liam who won?" I asked in the sweetest voice possible while batting my eyelashes
They looked at eachother and said in unison " Harry"
I stuck my tongue out at them
" Ha ha we won!" Harry said then he turned around and high fived Louis
" Watch this Niall" I whispered to him
I ducked down underwater as quietly as I could, then I opened my eyes fighting the stinging from the salt. I saw Harry's ankles, so I grabbed one of them and he screamed so loud that I could hear him from under water! " Ah!! Help!!! Shark!!" I heard him scream
Then he tried to pull his ankle up but I pulled it back down
As I surface Harry gave me a look that could kill
" Hey Harry!" I said to him " Payback sucks doesn't it?"
" Alex you are gonna pay for this!" Harry yelled to me as I sloshed through the water towards Niall to high five him
" A look out!" Niall shouted
Harry scooped me up, lifted me up over his shoulder then threw me as far as he could. Which was pretty damn far! At least twenty feet away!
I came up and gave Harry the look of death now
" Well played curls" I said as I walked back over to the boys
" Hey A! Revenge sucks doesn't it?" he mocked
" Whatever" I said passing him heading over to Zayn while laughing a little
" Well at least I took you down" I said to Zayn
" Hey Alex just to let you know I let you win" he said to me
I wanted to start laugh hysterically! Yeah okay he let me win! Pf! Haha! That's a good one!
" I know honey! Whatever you say" I said as I chuckled under my breath
" See this is why I love you" Zayn told me
I hugged him and whispered " I love you too"
" The water is getting very cold and it's only sunset!" Liam said
" Yeah I'm kinda cold myself!" Niall said
" Me too!" I agreed
" I think I'm gonna get out" Louis said
" I am too but I just need to go under one more time!" I said getting ready to dive
" Let's all go under one more time" Harry said
" Alright" they agreed
Zayn came over next to me and held my hand and we both went down into the water
I felt that rush of sand come against me again, and the sting of salt, but then I felt the seaweed dancing on my stomach. We must have dove into a patch of seaweed. Ew! It felt slimy and gross!
Zayn and I came back up, rubbed our eyes, and stood up.
" Brrr it's freezing!" I said
" Come on, let's go dry you off" Zayn said putting his arm around my waist
" You guys don't have to get out!" Zayn said to the boys
" No it's okay!" Louis yelled back
" No you guys DON'T have to get out!" Zayn said back between clenched teeth
" Louis don't you get it he wants along time with A" I heard Liam say to Louis
" Oh! Okay we will stay in and have races!" Louis shouted
I looked back and smiled
Then I mouthed the words " Thank you" to the boys
" No prob" they all mouthed back
As Zayn and I came out of the water it became even colder!
" Man, A you're shivering!" Zayn said to me as he looked down at me
" Gee thanks. What would I do without you!" I joked
" I'm not sure! Hey did you bring a towel?" he asked
" Yeah it's in my bag" I told him
As he was fishing through the bag I remembered my clothes were in there. My bra was in there. Oh my gosh! I didn't wanna scream no don't look in there. I would look like a fool! So I just acted casual praying he wouldn't see it!
He brought out the towel and wrapped it around me
" Thanks" I said smiling at him
" My pleasure." he said wrapping his arms around me
" By the way nice neon green bra!" he laughed
" Oh shut up!" I yelled at him with a smile
Then I unwrapped the towel and whacked him with it
" Wow! No violence please!" he yelled
Then he ran around in the sand trying to get away from me
" Next time don't talk about my bra!" I screamed
Thank goodness no one else was on the beach except for us and the boys
" Next time don't let me into your bag" he chuckled
" Zayn!" I yelled
" What's going on up there!" Niall yelled as he walked out of the water with the rest of the boys
Once they got close enough Zayn said " Pfff Alex has... A neon green bra"
All the boys laughed
So I whacked them all with my towel
Then I started chasing them
" Neon green? Really? Hahahaha" Harry laughed
" Hush curls!" I reprimanded him
All the guys kept laughing so being the actress I am I sat down in the sand and placed my head in my hands, and started to pretend cry
I heard the laughing quiet down a little
" A I'm sorry we didn't mean it!" Niall said as he knelt down and patted my back
" I....I....I can't believe you guys!" I said between fake sobs
I tried my best not to laugh
" Alex I'm so sorry I didn't mean it. Please come on Hun. Please forgive me!" Zayn pleaded
It sounded like he was going to start bawling! I tried so hard not to laugh!!
" A come on please I'm going to start crying if you don't stop!" Harry said
This time I did let out a slight laugh but I don't think the guys noticed
Then I peeked up and all the guys had there eyes covered by there hands. And Niall was far enough away from me to sneek away. I got up as quietly as I could. Making no sound at all. Then I ran over to the guys clothes. I went to each pile taking the guys pants, and hiding them!
When I was done, I ran back over to my spot and sat down. They all looked up at me.
" Hey! Why aren't you crying?" Liam asked
" Oh! Right! Yeah! Um that's called... Acting! You guys should try it!" I said laughing
" Woah! Faked out by a girl!" Harry called out
" Um yup!" I said mocking him
Louis and Niall started clapping then Harry yelled " World class performance! Well done!"
" Thank you thank you" I said with a huge smile
Zayn just sat there and I walked over to him and said " I'm sorry Zayn but hey! Don't mess with a girls bra!" then I laughed
Zayn laughed too. I loved his laugh so much.
" Thanks for the warning!" he said to me
" No problem!" I said back
Then Zayn got up and dragged all the boys with him. He walked about thirty feet away then started whispering. I couldn't hear what he was saying. What was he saying?
He was probably saying don't bring that up again or something to that effect.
Aw how sweet was he?!?!
Then he came back over to me and said " The boys have to go call someone, so they have to go to the car for a sec. That means we have a few minutes alone"
" Thank you Zayn" I said
" Thank you Alex" he said holding onto my hands
I intertwined my fingers with his and I rested my head on his chest
" Alex, I want to show you something" Zayn said to me
" What is it?" I asked
" Stay right here" Zayn instructed me
" Okay" I told him
Zayn ran over to his pile of clothes and he was looking for something. He looked worried. Oh no he was looking for his pants. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm such a fool!
" Is something wrong?" I called over to him
" Uh yeah do you have any idea where my pants are?" he asked with a chuckle
" Um yeah I do actually. Because I hid them for payback with the bra thing" I told him giggling
" Course!" he said laughing " Where are they!"
" They are behind that trash can over there!" I said pointing towards it laughing
" Gee thanks I would have been pants less if you hadn't have been here!" he said laughing
I stood there in the sand waiting for Zayn to come back. I wonder what he was gonna show me?
Then I heard Zayn start running towards me, but then I heard him yell " Okay A close your eyes! Make sure they are closed!"
" Okay they're closed" I said
Then he came closer to me and he kissed me lightly on the lips. When he was done he said " Keep those beautiful eyes closed for just a second longer"
" Alright but for a price" I said
" Which would be?" he asked
" One more kiss" I said keeping my eyes closed but I was smiling
" Hmm I'll have to think about it" he said with a chuckle
Then I felt his warm lips meet mine again. Ah it was so nice. Having him kiss me was incredible.
He pulled back and said " As much as I want that to go on I have to show you this. But keep your eyes closed till I say open okay?"
" Okay" I said
" Open" he said
When I opened my eyes he was standing in front of me with a velvet box.
" Zayn" I said giving him a sweet kind of glare like why did you get me this kinda glare
" Don't say anything yet just open it" he told me
I took the box from his hand and opened it. It was a silver locket in the shape of a heart. Then I turned it over and it said ' A you are everything to me. I love you and always will. I hope you feel the same way. I will miss you so much. Love, Zayn.
" Oh Zayn" I said looking into his eyes " It's beautiful thank you"
" You're welcome. I just thought you should have that every time I'm away. By the way open the locket" he told me
I looked back down at the locket and I opened it. On one side it had a picture of Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and I. And on the other side it had a picture of Zayn holding a sign saying I love you Alex.
" Zayn, thank you so much. Can you help me put it on?" I asked him
" Of course" he said
I spun around and handed Zayn the necklace. He lifted up my hair and put it all to one side. Then he put the chain around my neck and fastened the clasp.
I turned around to face him and he said " I thought that when you missed the boys and I you could just open up the locket"
" That's exactly what I needed Zayn. Thank you" I said giving him a huge hug
" You're welcome" he said hugging me back
" I'm going to miss you so much" I said to him
" I will miss you much much more" he said kissing the top of my head
" Oh look! The sunset! It's so pretty!" I said
" The sunset is pretty but I know something much prettier" he said
" What could be prettier than a sunset on the beach?" I asked him
" I'm looking at it" he said looking straight into my eyes
" Hehe" I giggled as I looked down at the sand
" Wanna go for a walk?" Zayn asked me
" With you? I'll go anywhere" I said holding his hand
" Come on" he said
" Okay" I agreed
" So tell me what's you're biggest secret?" Zayn asked me
" Hm well when I was little every time my mom would try and put me in a dress or skirt I would scream until she put it away and got me either a pair of shorts or jeans" I said laughing
" Wow, I always knew you were a tomboy but I didn't think you were that bad!" he said laughing with me
" Okay um what's the best thing that's ever happened to you?" he asked
" Hmm.... Having you and the boys come into my life, and being in love with you" I said looking over at him
" I'm in love with you too A" he said
I looked back over at him and kissed him on the cheek.
" You call that a kiss?" he asked " Now this is a kiss!"
He put his hand through my wet straggly hair and then started kissing me
" You are the best thing that's ever happened to me to A" he said as he pressed his forehead up against mine
" What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?" Zayn wondered as we started walking again
" Going out with Ryan, and seeing you kiss that girl" I said as a chill when down my spine
" I'm so sorry Alex. I never meant to put you through that. I'm so glad that Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis were there for you when I wasn't though" he said with his hand on my cheek
" We should probably head back the boys are probably getting bored" I said to fill the awkwardness
" Right" Zayn said shaking his head and turning around
" Oh my gosh!! My mom!!" I screamed
" What?! What about her?!" Zayn asked worried
" She's going to call and if I don't answer or if someone else does she'll call the cops!" I said panicking
" What?! Why!!" he yelled
" Because she's crazy!!" I yelled running towards our spot on the beach with my phone
Zayn was running behind me
I could hear my ringtone.
I was dead because it was coming towards the end of the song.
When I was close enough I slid down into the sand to get to my phone before she hung up
SLAM! I went down and reached out to my phone. I just made it!
" Hello?"
" Oh hi mom"
" Yeah everything is fine"
" Yeah I'm having an awesome time!"
" Um yeah I'll be home tomorrow around noon"
" Okay see you then"
" Yeah I love you too"
" Bye!"
I pressed end then rolled over onto my back and let out a huge breath.
" Oh my gosh! I almost died" I said
Zayn came over and layed down next to me
" So you're good?" Zayn asked
" Yeah I'm good! And I'm sorry for decking that moment back there" I said
" It's alright! Now where were we?" he asked with a smile
" Right here" I said as I started to kiss him again
I could hear angels voices in my head and I saw fireworks!
" Aw look how sweet!" Louis said
It scared Zayn and I and we both jumped and jerked our heads back
" Gee thanks Louis!" I said getting up and brushing the sand off of me
" Get a room next time!" Harry added
" Curls! Shut it!" I said with a laugh
" So if you two are done what are we going to do?!" Niall asked
" I don't know!" Liam yelled
" Well I'm hungry!" Niall whined
" What a surprise!" I said sarcastically
" Duh!" Niall said
" Wanna go through McDonald's and head to the bus?" Louis asked
" Yeah" we all agreed
All of us walked upto where the limo was parked. But it wasn't there.
" Where is the limo?" I asked
" I'm not really sure" Liam said sounding confused
" Okay just call a cab on one of your cell phones, because mine is dead it died when mom called" I said
" Um.. our phones are in the limo" Zayn said hesitantly
" Well what are we going to do?!" Niall asked in a sorta panicky voice
" You guys all like fish right?" I asked
" Yeah?" they said confused
" Then let's just go catch some!" I exclaimed
" How?!" Harry asked
" Make a spear! Of course! Nice thinking Alex!" Liam said high fiving me
" Okay so you guys go make the spear and catch the fish. I'll collect wood and make a fire" I said
" Alright! But I think you'll need my help with all that heavy wood!" Zayn suggested
Then he winked at me. I realized what he was saying. He wants to help collect wood so we can have alone time! Aw!
" Yeah you're right I'm gonna need your help!" I said
" Okay we'll make the spear and catch the fish you guys collect wood and make the fire" Louis said
" Okay!" I agreed
Zayn and I started walking down the beach to look for drift wood. Finally after ten minutes of walking we found some!
" Thanks for doing that just to spend time with me" I said intertwining my fingers with his
" No problem, I'd do anything just to spend time with you" he said looking over at me
" Aw Zayn!" I said kissing him on the cheek
" Haha okay so should we take the little stuff first? Then if we have time come back for the big stuff for seats?" he asked
" Yeah" I said in agreement
" Okay gather as much as you can carry" Zayn said loading up
Once we had gotten as much as we could we started to walk back.
" I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow Zayn" I said in a depressed voice
" I wish I didn't have to go. I lost you today, and I just got you back. I don't wanna lose you again" he said looking over at me
I just gave a smile to hide how much pain I was in
" It will be fine. I'll stay here for summer break and do my thing and you and the boys will travel the world and sing in your angle voices" I said
" It won't be fine A, what if you find a better offer? I know you deserve better than me, but what if you find much better than me while I'm gone?" he said sounding worried
We were coming to our circle we made to make the fire. I dropped the wood in the circle and so did Zayn. He turned around to start back to the drift wood but my hand on his shoulder stopped him
" Zayn. Don't ever say I deserve better. Especially when I already have the best. Don't ever say it again. If anything you deserve better. I'm just a small town girl. You should be with a star, someone at your level not below it!" I said
" Alex, I love you and I don't want anything more or less than you" he said hugging me
His hugs were big, soft, warm, and amazing.
" Thank you" I said
We started to walk back to the wood. He had his arm around my shoulder, and I was cuddled up next to his side.
" Do you think the driver will come back tonight?" I asked
" I'm not sure" Zayn said
" Well if he doesn't tonight then we will be sleeping on sand! And he'll have to come back in the morning right?" I asked
" Course!" he said
We started picking up more wood
" This is the last load you're taking I can tell your back is bothering you again" Zayn said concerned
" No, no its fine. I can do this" I said
My back was bothering me. It was true, but I couldn't tell him that! I had a really bad back ever since I can remember! I've had to even go to a chiropractor! But what Zayn doesn't know is that while he was away a few months ago I had surgery. I'm not suppose to carry more than 10 pounds. But he doesn't know that
" Alex, I can't let you" he said
" Zayn I'm fine really! And if I let you carry those huge logs on your own you'll be the one with the bad back!" I fought back
" When we get back to the pile we will see if you can go" he said
" Fine" I said stubbornly
" Alex I can't risk you getting hurt. Please don't be mad. " Zayn begged
" I'm not mad I'm just.. It's just I hate when people do that" I said with my arms full of wood
" What?" he asked
" When they treat me different because of what happened last year when I basically collapsed!" I yelled
" A it's okay! No one judges you for that! We just all are about you too much for you to go through that again" he said affectionately
" I know" I said dropping the wood in the pile
Zayn dropped his too. I looked out to the water and saw Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry all jumping around still trying to catch a fish, this made me giggle a little
" Okay now tell me really how badly does your back hurt" Zayn asked as he rubbed my shoulders
" To tell you the truth it does hurt, but I want to help you" I said turning around to face him
" I know, but Alex I can't let you" he said
" Zayn please. Let me help" I said looking into his eyes
I found out that every time I want something from Zayn you just have to stare into his eyes with kind eyes.
" Fine only once though" Zayn said knowing he caved
" I will race you to the log!" I said to him as I started to run
" Cheater!" Zayn called as he started to catch up
We raced all the way there and course Zayn won by a minute probably!
" Nice but I still won!" Zayn chuckled
" Mhmmm whatever!" I said
" Okay which one?" I asked
" That one" Zayn said pointing to a log twice as long as me!
" Okay" I agreed
I was kind of hesitant because of my back, but I had to try
" Ready?" Zayn asked
" Yeah" I said
Then we lifted. It was really heavy but I had to work through the pain.
" You okay?" Zayn asked after a few minutes
" Yeah I'm good" I lied
I could feel it coming on. My back was about to give out. I felt a sharp pain that made me shake
" Alex are you sure you're okay?" he asked again
" Yeah" I lied
Then my back gave out. I fell backwards. Then I knew it was happening again. I could barely move. Zayn was still holding onto the log. But when he saw me he immediately dropped it.
" Alex! Are you alright?" he asked panicking
" Truth or lie" I asked as I felt shirking pain
" Truth Alex! Truth!!" he yelled
" I don't really think I can move" I barely managed to say
" Okay I'm going to try to get you up okay? Just tell me if I hurt you" he ordered
He wedged his hands under my back, then slowly lifted me up to my feet.
" Can you stand?" Zayn asked
" Possiblely" I said putting one hand on my back
Then Zayn took one hand off my back and I could balance. But then he tried the second hand, and instantly caught me.
" I told you not to carry it!" Zayn said
" No Zayn really I'm fine" I said
" You can't stand Alex!" he yelled
" Just try again I can do it this time" I said calmly
" You're sure?" he asked
" Yeah" I said
He slowly let his hand come off of my back, which had been bracing me. Once both hands were off of me I caught my balance and stood on my own.
Thank goodness! I said in my head
" Yes" I whispered
" You're sure you are good?" Zayn asked scared a little
" Yeah I'm good but I can't lift it the rest of the way" I said disappointed
" Trust me, I wouldn't expect you to!" Zayn said
" Well how are you going to bring it the rest of the way?" I asked
" I'll just roll it" he said with a smile
" Oh Zayn" I said laughing
" Hey I'm your guy!" he said
" Of course you are!" I said laughing as I hugged him
He hugged me back.
" You're sure you can walk the rest of the way?" Zayn asked concerned
" Yeah I'm pretty sure" I said
I wasn't completely sure I could make it, but I had to try.
I started walking and Zayn started rolling the log.
I felt okay. So I kept walking. Then I felt a sharp pain. I didn't show any sign of it though. I fought through it.
" We are almost there Hun" Zayn said
I could tell he was worried about me. He always worried!
" I'm fine Zayn" I said as I smiled at him
Then I felt another pain. Didn't show any sign again. Then another. Then another. AH!
" Ah!" I screamed as I fell to the sand
" Alex!" Zayn shouted
He was instantly at my side. My head was resting on my knees.
" Alex! What happened?!" Zayn said worried again!
" Okay this time I'm going to need help walking back" I choked out
" Of course!" Zayn said
He shot up from the ground and gave me his hand. I held onto it and tried to pull myself up. I got to my feet.
" Alex you need to tell me. Why does this keep happening? Are you not telling me something?" he asked while he braced me so I wouldn't fall over
" Well, if I tell you, you'll be mad" I said looking down
" Alex" Zayn said in a serious voice
" Oh okay, while you were away a few months ago I had surgery on my back. And....." I trailed off
" And what Alex" he asked
" I'm not suppose to carry more than 10 pounds" I mumbled
" You what?" he asked
" I'm not suppose to carry more than ten pounds" I said clearer
" Alexandra! Why didn't you tell me!! You could damage your back permanently!" Zayn yelled
" I know I know. But The doctor said, if I do carry more than that and I do collapse than I'm not suppose to lift any weight for atleast 24 hours and my back will reposition" I said
" Okay than you can't carry ANYTHING" Zayn said
" Okay" I said
" Do you hear me? Nothing!" he said
" Okay okay. But I have a problem" I said
" What?" he asked
" I don't think I can make it to where we set up" I said
" That's fine, get on my back" he ordered
I put my hands on his shoulders to get a jump onto his back. I pushed down on his shoulders but they didn't move, but I did. I shot up into the air and hopped on his back then I wrapped my arms around his neck.
" I'm sorry Zayn" I said resting my head on his shoulder
" For what? I should be sorry for making you carry that log!" he said.
" I'm sorry you have to carry me and I'm sorry for bringing you guys here and I'm especially sorry for getting us stuck here" I said
Zayn was still walking and we were getting closer to the teepee we made out of wood
" Are you kidding? I don't mind carrying you, this is the most fun we've had in months, and the fun has just begun! Tonight is going to be amazing!" he said
" Really?" I asked
" The only reason it's going to be amazing is because I'm going to be with you" Zayn said
" Thank you Zayn. You are incredible" I said
" I know! How is your back?" he asked
" I think I'm fine" I said unassurringly
" Well do you want to try and walk or no?" he asked
" I'm gonna try to walk" I said
" Sure?" he asked
" Yeah" I said shakily
Zayn slowly lowered me to the ground. I put my feet down then got my balance.
" Are you good?" he wondered looking worried
" Okay. I'm good I can walk the rest of the way" I said with a smile
" Oh thank goodness" Zayn said wrapping his arms around me
" So you think the boys have caught anything yet?" I asked giggling
" Nah they won't for atleast another half hour!" Zayn said looking over to the boys
They were still jumping around spearing the water, then they would stay perfectly still, then throw a hissy fit!
" Zayn?" I asked
" yeah?" he asked as he wrapped him arm around me
" I need to ask you something" I said looking at me feet as we walked
" What is it Alex?" he asked
I could feel his eyes starring at me
" Why did you pick me out of all the stars you could've chosen to date, why me out of all people, a small town girl, instead of a pop star?" I asked
He stopped. Stared at me.
Then said " Are you kidding?"
I looked at him puzzled
" What do you mean?" I asked
" You're kidding right? I mean I've literally been in love with you since I met you Alex" he said
" I know that's not true. Why would any love me. I'm ugly, have way to many zits, and I'm basically wait no not basically I am a loser" I said
In my head I had about a million flash backs to all the teasing and bullying I went through over the years
" Alex." he paused " Don't"
" Zayn it's true everyone knows it! I am a nobody and I always will be! Nothing can change that!! No one likes me I'm a total loser! Everyone at school thinks I'm mute! That's how scared I get!! I mean come on! I'm a total loser!!" I yelled
We were both silent for a moment
" Nothing can change that" I whispered
" Alex. Please. Stop" Zayn said
" Why!" I yelled again
" Because, you are yelling lies to me" he yelled back
" What are you talking about?" I asked quieting my voice a little
" All those things you just listed are all lies" he said
" Not really" I saw looking into his eyes
" Alex, you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, and people who make fun of you are jealous of how amazing you are! And the only reason people think you're mute is because no one ever takes the time to get to know you," he said " Like I do" he whispered
" I'm sorry Zayn I don't know what got into me" I said looking down at the sand again
" Hey," he whispered " it's alright everyone has there moments, and oh I do love you Alex. Because you are you, beautiful, smart, funny, amazing, and my best friend who understands me. Besides the lads of course" he said lifting my head up so my eyes would meet his
I couldn't even say anything, the words were lost somewhere in my mind
All those moments of the bullying and teasing that were playing on replay in my head just washed away. Like a wave of Zayn came and washed them out.
" Please don't ever think like that again. You understand?" he asked
" Yeah" I replied
" Gosh Alex sometimes you are completely down right dumb" he said
" Yeah I know. It runs in the family! But all that stuff is true. But when I'm with you....all that stuff just goes away. It's something about you that makes me feel important and somebody someone cares about" I said
" Good" Zayn said with a smile
" It sounds cheesy right?" I said giggling
" Not at all, that's exactly how I feel Alex" he said while he pushed my hair behind my ear
Next he slowly slid his fingers down my cheek and then put both hands on my cheeks and kissed me.
This time I wasn't the clutz he was. We had been so involved in our conversation and kissing session that we hadn't noticed the boys had caught a fish! Niall had come up behind Zayn and had kicked one leg out from under Zayn. We both fell right to the ground. Crash!
" Niall! You fool! Alex is hurt!! If she can't get up again I will really break you!" Zayn said sounding ticked off
" Zayn it's fine just calm down! I can get up!" I said with a hint of giggling
" No Alex its not okay! He could've seriously hurt you!" Zayn yelled
" Alex? What's wrong? How are you hurt?" Liam asked coming over to me
" Guys I'm fine really! Zayn's just over reacting because of what he saw" I said
" Alex what happened?" Niall asked sounding really serious and concerned
I'd never heard Niall's voice like that. It was really....really odd.
" Really guys it's nothing" I said
" Alexandria!" Harry yelled
" What happened!" Louis added in the same tone
" Once in a while when I carry something really heavy my back gets really weak and I basically collapse and I sometimes on rare occasions can't get up" I said
" Alex are you sure you're okay?" Zayn asked putting his hand on my shoulder
" Zayn I told you I'm fine okay? Can we just please drop it?! This is why I hate telling people this, because they treat me like I'm an invalid or crippled or something! Like I'm different than everyone else!" I yelled
I started to run. Run towards the water. When my feet hit it, it was ice cold. Once I was knee deep I dove in. The same feelings came. The rush of coldness, and the stinging sensation of salt.
When I came back up I rubbed my eyes and pushed back my wet salty hair.
I let out a big Ahhhh.
I looked back at the shore and saw the silhouettes of the boys. Then I looked out into the ocean. I loved how it just went on forever and ever. Or so it seemed.
" Hey" I heard a voice say
It made me jump
" I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you" the voice said
I turned around and saw it was Liam
" Hey Liam" I said through a sigh
" Are you alright? And I don't mean with the back thing I mean are you really okay Alex?" he asked
" Honestly? No I'm not. I have a really important problem" I said
" You don't have to tell me but you know I'm here if you need me. I know you always talk to Niall and Harry and Zayn more than me but I am here for you Alex" he said
There was a silence for a few seconds. All we both could hear was the crashing of the waves.
" I don't think I'm good enough" I blurted out
" Good enough for what Hun?" he asked
This is why I love Liam he is so sutle and a great listener. He always knows just what to say.
" I don't think I deserve Zayn" I said looking into Liam's eyes
" Alex trust me you two both deserve each other. He loves you very much. The only reason why he was so worried about you was because he loves you" Liam said
" How do you know? Did he say something?" I asked
" No but when I see you and Zayn I think of me and Danielle. You two are totally in love just like us. Zayn feels the same way about you as I do Danielle." he said
" Thank you Liam" I said going over to give him a hug
When I got to him I wrapped my arms around him and he did the same to me
" Anytime" he said " If you ever want to talk just know I'm here"
" Thank you" I said giving him one last squeeze
" Ready to go back?" he asked me
" Yeah. I need to tell them I'm sorry for yelling at them. Oh and Liam! I'm sorry for yelling at you too" I said sorta ashamed
" It's alright Alex, everyone slips once in a while" Liam said in a quiet voice
" I bet you never do. You're so calm and relaxed" I said with a giggle
" Nah I slip sometimes too! Come on let's go back" he said wrapping his arm around my shoulder
We sloshed through the water back to the shore. When we got onto the sand Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry were all sitting down in a little circle. When they saw me they all jumped up like kangaroos.
" Alex! I'm sorry it's just I was so" Zayn said but couldn't finish because I cut him off
" Zayn its okay I get it you were worried. But I'm really sorry for yelling at all of you. I slipped and I shouldn't have. You guys were just worried. I'm really sorry" I said looking at each of them
" A you don't have to be sorry at all! I shouldn't have pushed you and Zayn down! I wasn't even thinking! It was a stupid mistake. I'm sorry" Niall said in a very worried tone
" Okay now that is over with who's ready for some food? We caught a fish! Now let's fry him or her up!" Harry said chuckling
" Alright! I'm starving! Attacking water is harder than it looks!" Louis said with a smile
" Okay, you guys have to do one more thing though. Lift those logs and make them into a teepee. Then I'll light it while we still have a little sun" I instructed
" Yes ma'am" Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis all said in unison
They all started walking over to the wood when I grabbed Zayn's hand and pulled him the other way.
" Zayn, I'm so sorry I yelled. It's just my whole life I've been treated differently, but when I'm with you I feel like someone. And when you started saying that stuff it made me feel awful! I'm so sorry please forgive me" I said
All those words came rushing out like a waterfall.
Zayn just looked at me.
" Zayn please forg-" he cut me off
In the middle of my sentence he put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. He soft and warm lips touched mine. I felt sparks.
In that moment for sure I knew he was the one no matter what.
He released my cheek and leaned back and our lips parted.
" That was a really good way to shut me up" I said pushing my hair behind my ear
" I knew it would quiet you for a moment" he said smiling
" Can you forgive me?" I asked
" Of course, I was never mad. Everyone slips. Just like Liam said everyone has there moments and slips." he said holding my hands " Now, let's go start the fire. I'm starved"
We walked back over to the teepee the boys made.
" So Alex how do we start it!" Louis said holding his hands out towards the pile
" Don't worry I've got it covered but I do need two rocks" I said giggling a little
We all started searching for two rocks. Finally Harry found two down by the water.
" Awesome! Now watch and learn" I said
I knelt down to the pile of wood, put one rock in each hand, and began to rub the two together near the wood. After a few try's finally there were a few sparks.
I put the rocks right upto the wood and the whole log went up in flames. I stepped back and marveled the fire.
" Well done" Liam said clapping for me
" Thank you thank you" I said giving a big grin
" Where is the fish!" Niall exclaimed " I'm ready to eat it raw I'm so hungry!"
" Even though it sound absolutely disgusting I agree with Niall!" Harry said
" Louis, you have the fish right?" Zayn asked him
" Yes I have the fish! Dun dun dun dun! Super fish!" Louis yelled pretending to make the fish fly
" Great, now I need a stick about three feet long" I said
We all started to look around again. This time Liam found it.
" Perfect Liam! Now just stab the fish with the stick and just hold it over the fire! That simple!" I said
" Man A where'd you learn all this stuff?" Niall asked in amazement
" This is going to sound pretty pathetic but I was a girl scout when I was little" I said turning red with embarrassment
But thank goodness it was getting dark so I don't think they could see me turn as red as a tomato.
" Haha, pff! Nice dude you picked up a good one! Hey sweetheart can I buy some of your cookies? Or have you advanced to brownies? Hahaha!" I heard a very familiar voice say
I turned around and saw it was.... Of all people it had to be.....
I jumped up and looked him straight in the eye
" You have a lot of nerve talking to me! What are you doing here!" I yelled
" What's wrong babe? I am your boyfriend and all!" Ryan said with a big mocking grin
" I told you I was done. Get out of here before I get really pissed off. And you don't want to see me pissed off." I warned in a tone bad guys in those movies use
" Aw how cute my little angel has turned into the devil. Now come on hotness come out into the water and surf with me" Ryan said nodding his head towards the water
At this point all the boys were standing up behind me
" Who is this tool?" Niall asked
" You haven't told your friends about me babe? Well that's rude" Ryan said giving a fake sad face
" Why would I even want to think about you never mind talk about you! Oh and this tool is my EX boyfriend Ryan!" I screamed
" What she means by ex is we are taking a little pause in our relationship" Ryan explained to Niall
" Okay yeah sure. NOT! I gave you everything and what did you give me in return? A text that you were suppose to send to Brad! Saying what? Let me think? Oh yeah! Just had the most amazing night with Jillian now off to Alex's house!" I shouted at the top of my lungs
" Yes so what I made one mistake! Everyone makes mistakes" Ryan argued back
" You're kidding right? Don't make me laugh! Just get out of here Ryan! And on your way out go jump off a bridge or something! Oh wait you probably have a stop at a few girls houses first!" I yelled
" C'mon baby! Let's go swimming" he said putting his arms out for me to hug him
" Get away from me!" I screamed
Now Ryan was coming closer and closer to me until I was locked like a prisoner in his arms
I shouted at the top of my lungs when Zayn stepped in and pried me out of his arms
" That's it!" I yelled then started swinging at Ryan
" You are coming with me!" Ryan said lifting me over his shoulder
" Zayn! Help! I can't go in the water please!" I shouted
All five boys were running after me and finally caught up. They tried to pull me out of his arms but it didn't work. I wouldn't let go of Zayn's hands though. Finally I thought of something. I full force bit Ryan's neck like a fricken vampire! After he shouted ow he let go and I fell to the ground
" Ah!" I said as my back slammed against the sand
You'd think sand would be soft right? Not when falling like seven feet from the ground!
I couldn't move. Sharp pain shot through my spine all the way up to my neck.
All the boys except for the tool surrounded me saying Alex are you alright?!
My eyes were shut and I let out a groan. I could hear Zayn yelling at Ryan. I couldn't quite make out the words though. I came to my senses and tried to get up. But when I opened up my eyes the only one around me now was Louis and Liam.
" What happened?" I asked putting my hand on my head
" Ryan dropped you hun. You're going to be fine" Liam said pushing the hair out of my eyes
" Can you guys help me up? I need to kill that tool" I said
" Course love" Louis said
They both got up and put the hands out to me. I pulled myself up and it took me a minute to get my ground, but when I did I saw Ryan pull his hand back ready to punch. And I saw who was I front of him. Harry.
I ran as fast as I could with all the energy I had and knocked Ryan right into the ground or should I say sand. Same thing right? Yeah.
" Alex! Are you okay?" Zayn, Niall, and Harry all asked me in unison
" Yeah I'm fine now that I took that tool down" I said with a big smile
Zayn held his arms out to me and mocked Ryan by saying " Come here hotness"
I pushed Zayn's shoulder then went into his arms.
Ryan started to get his focus back.
" So how's the little devil treating you now jerk!" I said standing over him
" Alright alright enough! I'll leave now that I think you broke my shoulder Geeze!" Ryan said walking away
" Yeah get outta my sight and back into Jillian's! Moron!" I yelled after him
Harry came over to me and said " Thanks A I wasn't even paying any attention. I could've gotten knocked out!" then he hugged me and I hugged him back
" Hey, I'd do anything to knock down that guy" I said to him with a big teethy grin
Then Liam, Louis, and Niall all came over to high five me.
" Charred fish anyone?" Niall said in a cookers voice
" Me" we all shouted
" Alright let's go" Zayn said putting his arm around my shoulder and pulling me in close
We came to the fire that was still burning bright red, orange, and yellow blended together.
I sat down in the sand, Zayn sat on one side of me and Liam sat on the other.
" You guys I'm really sorry for that, Ryan just doesn't know when to quit" I said as I drew random swirls in the sand
" Alex its okay really, you didn't know he was going to be here" Liam said putting his arm around me and pulling me in to lean on his shoulder
" Yeah it's not your fault" Zayn said pushing Liam's arm off me and putting his own around me
I giggled
" What? I am your boyfriend here!" Zayn said giving a chuckle
"Ahhhh what time do you think it is?" Lou yawned
" Well, the moon is about where the sun is when it's 11:00am so it must be 11:00pm I'm guessing" Liam said
" I think I'm going to sleep, if the limo shows up wake me, or atleast try to" Niall said as he layed his head on the sand and shut his eyes
Harry, Liam, and Louis all shut there eyes as well and said good night
" Alex? Are you tired?" Zayn asked
" Well that depends are you?" I questioned
" No not at all really I was just going to watch the fire" he said quietly
" Okay then neither am I" I said with a slight yawn at the end
" Alex, you've been going all day, it's alright just shut your eyes" he said rubbing his hand softly on my cheek
" Zayn, you are leaving tomorrow. I want to spend every minute that I can with you" I said intertwining my fingers with his
" I want to spend every minute I can with you to Alex but come on you need some rest" he said patting the sand next to him
I shook my head and whispered "no"
" Fine, then come here" he said opening his arms to me
I crawled into his arms and he wrapped them around me, but then he layed down on the sand and I went down with him. So there we were starring at eachother as we layed in the sand.
" Shut your eyes love" he said pushing the hair out of my eyes behind my ear
" What will you do if I fall asleep?" I asked putting my hand on his chest
" Watch you" he said putting his hand over mine
" Gee that's not creepy at all" I said with a tiny giggle
" Well you asked" he joked
" Okay I guess I am really tired, so I guess I should go to sleep" I said
" Yes you should" he agreed
I snuggled into his chest as close as possible and then Zayn whispered " Can I ask you something?"
" Ah. So first you want me to sleep then you start talking to me. I will never understand you Zayn Malik. But yes you can" I said sleepily
" That's the thing Alex, you are the only one that understands me. So....." he trailed off
" Well?" I said barely keeping my eyes open
" Will..."
Will what? I thought to myself!
" So?" he asked
" So what? Are you going to ask me?" I asked rubbing my eyes
" I just asked you Alex!" he said with a chuckle
" Oh I'm sorry, one more time?" I asked
" Okay..will you marry me?" I heard him say
I flipped over so I was facing him again. I looked into his eyes and said " You're kidding right?"
" Wow thanks that's a real confidence booster!" he joked
" I'm sorry but are you serious?" I asked sounding confused
" Yeah Alex, I am because I want you all to myself, I don't want you with anyone else but me" he said
" Zayn of course I will but"
" Oh no not but" he said sounding like a five year old getting sent to his room
" Let me finish. Of course I will but, we can't get married for atleast four years! My mom would flip if she ever found out at my age I was married! So yes I will marry you but until the wedding in like four years nobody can know you asked me. Kay?" I said
"Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! Atleast we are engaged so nobody else can have you and I know that" he said with a smile
"Alright, goodnight Zayn, I love you" I whispered snuggling up it him again
" Goodnight Mrs. Malik I love you too" he whispered back
I giggled then drifted off to sleep

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