Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


9. Our Dinner Date

" Hey! Well it took you long enough!" Harry shouted
" Oh yeah? You try walking a mile in under a half hour in sandles!" I yelled to him
" I will! Can I borrow a pair of yours?" Harry asked jokingly
" Course!" I said to him laughing
" So let's say in twenty minutes we leave?" Louis asked us
" Yeah! That's plenty of time" I said
I went over to my bag and started digging through it
Thank goodness I put in my teal strapless dress with the silver flats!
I almost didn't!
I ran to the bathroom so I would be the first one in
Of course I was the first one in because the rest of the boys were STILL picking out there clothes
The door shut and I started to brush my teeth, next I slid into my dress, then I put my hair into a side braid.
I put on one little swipe of lip gloss and came out of the bathroom. When I came out all the boys were in there own versions of tuxedoes.
Apparently they have no problem changing in front of each other!
They all looked up and Zayn said " Wow Alex you look incredible!"
" Thanks" I said with a small grin
I was still kinda upset about the whole ' fan kissing Zayn' thing. Plus I was kinda sad Zayn wouldn't be my date. I loved him I really did but to see him kissing another girl? Yeah that's unforgivable unless he really proved to me that he loved me too.
" All of you look amazing! Much better than me!" I said looking at all of the boys
" Well we do clean up good don't we!" Harry said coming over to me
" Course you do!" I said giggling as he put his arm around my shoulder
I wrapped my arm around his waist and he looked down at me
He mouthed the words " You look gorgues A"
" Thank you" I mouthed back
" So how are we gonna get there without someone having to walk?" Liam asked
" I got a limo to come pick us up" Zayn said looking over at me
I could tell that me not being his girlfriend was eating him inside.
But I dont care he needs to show me he loves me
" Thanks Zayn" I said trying not to look into his eyes because then I will be in a trans
We heard a honking noise and it sorta made me jump
Harry's arm was still around me so he didn't let me jump off the ground to far
" Geeze are you a little jumpy today?" Harry asked laughing a little
" Just a little" I said winking at him
All of us walked outside towards the limo
" Where to?" the driver asked
" Oceans Seven" Niall told him
I was sitting in between Harry and Niall. Plus I was right across from Zayn.
It was a ten minute ride and the whole way I was totally silent.
Everyone else was talking and laughing
Not me though.
All I could think about was when Zayn had kissed me in the ambulance. It was so amazing. He probably thought right then we were back together but man was he wrong!
When we arrived the driver helped me out of the limo.
We all walked in together. And when we reached the desk I said " Reservation for Alex Night"
" Ah yes of course right this way" said the lady with the name tag that read Dana
Niall came over to the seat I was about to pull out for myself then he put his hands on the chair before me. He pulled out the chair and whispered in my ear " I'm sorry for before it never happened. Oh and please take a seat"
" Thanks. And of course it never happened. And could you do me a favor?" I asked him
"Anything" he said
" Could you sit next to me so that Zayn can't?" I asked him in a pleading voice
" Sure but this is crazy! You and Zayn belong together" he argued
" Please Niall" I begged
" Yes" he said sitting down next to me
Harry was on the other side of me.
We were at the table directly in front of the big stage where they usually have live music but apparently not tonight
Zayn sat right across from me AGAIN! What was this guys problem! Seriously!
Then Louis said " Wow look at those roses! Eleanor would love those!"
I looked at them then I saw they looked just like the ones Zayn had gotten for me.
I felt tears coming on.
" Please excuse me" I said as I ran off to the bathroom trying to fight the tears
As I came to the bathroom I ran into one of the stalls and just started crying my eyes out
" A! A! Come on talk to me is anyone in there?" I heard a voice sounding like Harry's
" No!" I sobbed
" Okay I'm coming in!" he said
I came out of the stall and he was walking towards me
" Someone could come in here you know!" I said as I cried
" Nah I locked the door. Now what's wrong?" he asked as he wiped my tears away
" I miss Zayn and Niall kissed me. And the roses! Then your concert! " I said still sobbing away
" Woah! Slow down" Harry instructed me
" Okay I miss Zayn terriblely! And on the walk home Niall and I took he kissed me! When Louis mentioned those roses I looked at them and saw they looked just like the ones Zayn gave me that night you guys came over. Oh and at your concert when Zayn was kissing that girl yeah that moment keeps replaying in my head" I choked
Then Harry lifted me up and put me sitting on the sink
" Hun you need to calm down" Harry said as he hugged me
" I can't. Because Zayn kissed another girl!" I cried out
" I know and he is killing himself inside because of it!" Harry said looking into my eyes
" by the way I've never seen you cry so much I thought you were tough not weak!" Harry said laughing
" Shut up Harry!" I said to him laughing a little
" Okay. How about this. You and I go back to dinner and act like nothing ever happened okay? Just say that you thought you forgot your credit card and that I went to the bathroom and we met up outside Kay?" he asked
" Kay. And Harry thank you for always being there for me" I told him
" Hey you're one of my best friends! I'm required to be there for you" he said jokingly
" Yeah well you're one of my best friends too" I told him
" I'm honored" he said bowing
" Shall we?" I asked 
" We shall but you should probably go out first" Harry said
" Yeah you're right" I agreed
I started to walk out to our table, but when I looked around no one else was at any other tables..
This place was packed like literally ten minutes ago!
Where was everyone?
I walked over to our table and then I saw no one was there either..
Then music started to play.
I could recognize the song anywhere! 
It was ' Gotta Be You'
Then there was a light on the stage and Liam came out
He started singing the song.
Then Harry came and started to sing.
Then Liam again
Then Zayn. He came out on the stage and started singing right into my eyes
It was incredible
He jumped off the stage and came over to me and started singing " girl can we try one more one more time"
He gave me his hand and I stood up
The song ended and all the boys came jumping off the stage
" Please A. I'm so sorry. Without you I feel like dying" Zayn said as he held my hands
He wasn't looking into my eyes. I hated when he did that!
" Can you look at me and tell me that?" I asked
He lifted his head up and looked right into my eyes
" Alex you are everything to me. If I lose you I won't know what to do. Please Alex. I love you" he said to me
" I've been waiting for you to say that to me all day" I said to him
" So????" Harry said
" Will you go out with him again???" Louis asked
" Really? Shut up!" Zayn said chuckling a little
" Sorry" Harry and Louis said in unison 
" So Alex, will you go out with me?" Zayn asked
I looked at him wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him
Man, did I miss Zayn
I pulled back and he said " So is that a yes?"
" I'll have to think about it" I said smiling
" What will it take for you to say yes?" he asked
" For you never to kiss another girl unless its me" I told him
" It would be my pleasure" he said bowing
Then Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis all started clapping
I looked over at Harry and said " You knew and didn't tell me!"
" Hey what can I say I can keep a secret" he admitted
" Thank you guys" Zayn said to the boys
" Trust us we wanted to do this more than you did! That's only because we hate seeing you so unhappy!" Niall said
" We hate seeing you unhappy too A" Liam said
" Thank you" I said to Liam as I went over to hug him
When I hugged Liam Niall joined in, then Louis, then Harry, and finally Zayn
" Is anyone else as hungry as I am?" Niall asked as we all still were hugging
" Let's eat!" Louis yelled
" Well duh we are at a restaurant!" I shouted
We all went over to our table and this time Zayn pulled out the chair for me and sat next to me
" This is perfect" I said looking around at everyone
" Yeah it really is" Zayn said putting his arm around my shoulder
We all ordered, ate, ordered dessert, and then went to the tourbus.
Tonight was my last night with the boys until they got back from Australia so I was going to make it count!
" Bill please!" I said to the waitress
" Of course miss! But are you really paying for all of these boys?" she asked
" Yeah I am" I said rolling my eyes
" Okay" she said in an odd tone
When she handed me the bill I saw how much it was and of course I'd never seen so many numbers on a bill!
I had to pay with my debit card!!
I only had $700 in my account! Oh mom is going to kill me! But it's okay because they are worth it
I went over to the waitress and said " Is there any way to lower the price?"
" Actually yes there is. If you get those guys to sign this picture than I will take $300 off of the price" she said
" Won't the owner get mad?" I asked
" I am the owner honey and no I wouldn't be mad" she said
" okay thank you so much!" I said as I took the picture from her
" Hey you guys do you think you could all sign this picture for me please!" I asked with the sweetest voice and smile I could do
" Yeah sure" they all agreed
" I love you guys thank you!" I said once they were all done signing it
I casually walked back over to the waitress and said " Here now can you take off $300? Please I have to pay with my debit card and I only have $700 in my account"
" Sure thing honey!" she answered
She glided over to the cash register and typed in $242.74
" I thought only three hundred?" I asked
" Nah, sweetie it's alright" she said
" Thank you so much" I said
" Don't mention it now have a lovely night!" she said with a big smile
I went back to the table and Zayn smiled up at me
" We good to go?" Liam asked
" Yup! Let's go" I said
All of us walked out to the limo
I walked over to the driver and whispered " Could you drive us to the beach please no matter what anyone else says"
He nodded
I slipped into the car without anyone noticing I went to the driver
" To the bus" Zayn said
He nodded again but I knew we were headed for the beach

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