Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


2. It's Zayn!

Zayn you nearly scared me to death! What are you doing!" I said to him
" Give me a sec A, climbing a tree with one hand is harder than it seems!" he yelled up to me
Once he finally got up to the balcony he put his foot on the railing and it slipped I ran over and grabbed his hand. I pulled him up and he said "Thanks A, and hi"
" Hey Zayn! What are you doing here? And why were you climbing the tree one handed?!" I asked him
" Okay to answer your questions, I'm here to see you and because I was carrying these" Zayn pulled a bouquet of roses all different colors out from behind his back. They were the prettiest roses I've ever seen! They were beautiful!
"Oh Zayn! They are gorgues! What did you get these for?" I asked
" They're for you" he said
" These are so beautiful!" I exclaimed " Thank you" I said hugging him
" Your welcome" he said hugging me back
" I don't mean to be rude but what are you doing here?" I asked
" I came here to tell you something" he said
" Oh! Well I just have to run and get a vase with some water for these roses. You wanna come?" I asked
" Sure" he said
We went down the stairs and I turned around to make sure he was still there. When I turned around he grabbed my shoulder and said " Alex"
" Yeah?" I asked looking confused
We were standing on the landing to go down the last flight of stairs to get to the kitchen. So I was pretty close to falling down the stairs! But I knew Zayn would catch me.
He grabbed my waist pulled me closer and started kissing me! Zayn Malik was kissing me!! Oh my gosh!!
I pulled back then ran down the stairs to the kitchen, trying to figure out what I was going to say. Zayn of course ran after me.
I got out a vase and started filling it with water.
Then Zayn came up behind me and said " So that's it I kiss you, you run down stairs, and now you don't speak?" he asked
" Look Zayn" I said but I couldn't finish cause he cut me off
" A look I really like you, I have since the day I met you. And what I just did there on the landing was something I've wanted to do forever."
I wanted to say so badly I've always like you too and I've wanted you to do that forever! But instead I said " Zayn look I do really like you but I love you too much to ever have a relationship with you. Because if we ever did get together if something happened between us and we broke up we wouldn't be friends anymore and that would crush me. I wouldn't be able to stand myself if we weren't friends!"
I wanted to kiss him again so badly! But I had to resist! But I just couldn't!
I put the flowers on the table, I looked into his eyes, I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him!
It felt amazing! Finally after two years of wanting to kiss him so badly had finally come true!
Then I pulled back and whispered " I really like you Zayn"
" I really like you to A" he whispered because he knew if we made to much noise my mom or dad would come in and start screaming at us and we'd have to face the wrath of them!
Then my phone started to ring and the song 'Gotta Be You' started to play and Zayn started whisper singing to it.
" It's Harry," I said " He's wondering if I've seen you should I tell him your here?"
" No!!!" he said as he took out his iPhone
" I'll text him and say I went to the store to get uh... Um.... Candy!" he shouted
" Wait why don't you want him to know you're hear?" I asked
" Because then they'd rush right over hear and I wouldn't be able to do this or ask you this" he said
First he kissed me then he said " A I really like you and I hope you feel the same way, so will you go out with me?"
" Yes" I said immediately
He smiled at me and I smiled back.
"Can I tell you a secret?" he asked
" Anytime" I said
" Okay this is going to sound really weird but I've always been jealous of Harry and Niall, because of all the time they spend with you" he said
"Really? I've always been jealous of all of the girls that go to your concert!" I said
" Oh Alex! Haha! If you're so jealous than how about you come to our rehearsal and concert tomorrow?" he asked
" I'd love to!" I exclaimed
" But the thing is, is that you'd have to stay in our tour bus tonight and tomorrow night because the rehearsal starts at ten in the morning and we don't come home till like one in the morning" he said
" That's fine, I could tell my mom that I'm going to sleepover a friends house tonight then I'm going to your concert tomorrow and I'm sleeping in the tour bus tomorrow night!"
" Great! Go ask her and I'll go hide in your room" he said
" Wow! I didn't think you were this sneaky Zayn Malik!" I said laughing a little
" Mhmmm well I am!" he said walking up the stairs
I ran into the living room and said " Mom, can I sleep over Kelly's tonight then go to one direction's concert tomorrow and sleep in the tour bus tomorrow night? Please please please!!"
" Fine as long as you call me tomorrow then again tomorrow night then the next morning okay?" mom asked
" Okay mom, thank you thank you thank you!" I said kissing her on the cheek
Then I ran upstairs and then shut my bed room door so my parents wouldn't hear Zayn and I.
" She said yes!" I told Zayn
" Yes! " he shouted
" okay let me just pack some clothes and then we can go" I told him
" Wait! Don't you think we should keep us a secret?" Zayn asked
" Yeah" I said
" So what am I going to say to the boys when I bring you to the bus?" he asked
" um after you went and got candy you walked back to my house and asked if I wanted to come to the rehearsal and concert tomorrow I said yes then you asked if I wanted to sleep over in the bus!" I told him
" you are a genius!" he said
I giggled and bowed
Once I got my bag packed Zayn climbed down the tree and waited at the bottom. I ran down the stairs and hugged my parents goodbye, then went out the door where Zayn was waiting for me.
" Hello beautiful" he said cooly
" Heyy" I said
Then we walked down the sidewalk hand and hand. Then when we got near the bus we just walked side by side so the boys wouldn't know there was something between Zayn and I.
When we walked in all four of the boys stood up and looked relieved.
" Zayn! We were about to file a missing person report! And what is Alex doing here?" Louis asked
" Hey Louis! Nice to see you to!" I said
" Sorry A" he said
" It's all good" I said
" we were all so worried!" Harry said
" Okay first off I'm fine and second A is here because I invited her to our concert and rehearsal tomorrow."
" Cool!" Niall said as he smiled at me
" Alright but why didn't you text us where you were going?" Liam asked
" My phone died" Zayn said
" Well now that Zayn is here we can all get some sleep" Harry said yawning
" Yep I'll just go show A where she's gonna sleep then I'll go to bed too" Zayn said
Then Zayn walked me back to the back of the bus and showed me my bunk then whispered " Turn off the sound to your phone"
Then he walked over to his bunk and shut out the lights
Zayn: hey I'm sorry the boys were so uninviting
Me: It's okay I get it it's midnight and they have a concert to do and so don't you so get some sleep!
Zayn: I don't wanna sleep I wanna talk to you(:
Me: Well good luck with that cause I'm going to sleep c: hehe
Zayn: fine good night love, sweet dreams
Me: night Zayn<3

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