Who knew

Alex is in a world full of popular people. She wants to be one! So she dates a boy who cheats on her then her three best friends Zayn, Harry, and Niall come to help her get over him. Then when two of the boys leave something amazing happens! She had always loved him and he always loved her. They just didn't know it! Now they have to keep there love a secret but it doesn't work well. Want to know what happens? Then go on and read Who Knew!


1. The Break-up

" No Ryan you listen to me I'm done with your games! What did you do! Are you kidding me? You went behind my backhand cheated on me! Oh yeah that! We can't fix this so bye! Forever jerk!" I yelled into the phone
Ryan was my boyfriend also the captain of the football team. So why am I so surprised he would cheat on me with a cheerleader is beyond me.
I picked up my iPhone and made a group text to my three best friends Zayn, Niall, and Harry. And before you ask yes they are part of One Direction! We met at a concert and I had backstage passes so we talked for a while. We exchanged numbers and now we are best friends! Crazy right? Yeah I think so too.
Me: hey ):
Niall: what's wrong Alex?
Me: one word Ryan! :(
Harry: he cheated on you again didn't he!
Me: yeah).:
Zayn: why would you ever go back to that scumbag?!
Me: to fit in and be popular ):
Niall: pretty dumb reason A!
Me: yeah I know):
Zayn: I'm sorry Hun):
Harry: I'm sorry too):
Niall: I'm really sorry to Alex):
Me: thanks you guys wanna come over?
I waited....and waited.....but no reply for like ten minutes. So that was a no probably. Maybe not though! Hopefully not. Because its been like three days since I've seen the boys! I miss them! Especially Zayn. I've always had a MAJOR crush on him. But he just thinks of me as a friend sadly.
Then I heard a rustling noise. I went out on my balcony and looked down at the tree to see if people were climbing up it. I saw three heads! YES! I thought to myself. When they all got on the balcony I said to them " You guys do know there is a front door right?"
" Yeah but this way is much more fun!" Niall said
" Of course!" I said winking at him
" It's true!" Harry said laughing
" Yeah the run from here to the tour bus then up the tree is our exercise for the day!" Zayn said laughing
" Oh really? Is that your trick to staying fit?" I asked them giggling
They all nodded
" mhmm" I said
Niall came over to me first and put his arm around my shoulder and said " So you finally dumped that jack-of-ass dude?"
" Yeah" I said
" high five A" he said with a smile
I smiled back and wacked his hand
( by the way A is short for Alex which is short for the dreaded Alexandria. Ew I hate my full name! Alex or A is more my style)
" ow!" he said jokingly shaking his hand
Then Harry said " Alex the truth is, is that Ryan didn't deserve you! I don't think any guy does because you're to good for any of them!"
" thanks Harry" I said walking over to them to give him a big hug
I loved it when Harry hugged me, his hugs we always big and warm. I felt safe in his arms.
" So what'd you say to him A?" Zayn asked
" Well I said I was done playing his game. Then he asked what he'd done. Then I yelled you went behind my back and cheated on me. And he said oh yeah that's right. Then I said no there's nothing we can do to work it out bye forever jerk." I said with a smile
" Nice job A!" Zayn said with his hand up for me to high five him
I jumped up and could barely reach but made it.
" Lads I don't want to say this but we have go and get some rest before our concert tomorrow" Niall said
" Yeah you're right" Harry said
They all hugged me good night and climbed back down the tree. I watched them all run off into the darkness.
Then about ten minutes went by and I had gotten ready for bed when I heard some rustling.
Someone was climbing up the tree! Who on earth would be climbing up my tree?! The boys had gone home I watched them! I'm freaking out here!! So I guess I'm going to be brave and go look but first I should get a bat. I thought to myself.
I ran to my closet grabbed the wooden bat and opened the French doors going to the balcony. I tip toed over to the tree looked down and saw..... Zayn!

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