Shelby was a small town girl, of Kenora Ontario Canada. She was 18, and had just finished school. In this town not much people went far, but Shelby had a dream, a dream that everyone but her believed would never come true. And maybe they were right, I mean so far all she's doing is working in a movie theater her dad owns, selling popcorn and candy. And it usually was a pretty calm job. And like most teens her age, she loved the amazing one direction. She wasn't a big fangirling type of person but she was in love with them, particularly Niall. Shelby never imagined that she would ever get to meet them but she never gave up hope. And one day it all came true, as she saw these beautiful blue eyes gazing at her from the end of the line at the movie theater. She could tell who it was from a mile, but why was he in Kenora ? Could this be how her dreams came true? Or will it all end in heart break.


1. Spilt popcorn

Two hours in, only three to go! Ya so working at the movie theater could be really boring sometimes but, I have lots of friends to work with! I mean all you do is hand popcorn, candy and soda out and put a fake smile on your face as you slip on butter that is painted all over the floor. The only time that I really enjoy working here is when I get to work with my best friend Michaela and when half my family isn't working there at the same time. It gets hard since my father manages the theater but there's also some perks like getting some special treatment and free stuff! Tonight was especially boring, I was working with the worst people ever, there snobby and think they're so much better than everyone. All I wanted to do right now was lock myself in my room and blast my favorite artist ever, apart from Cher lloyd of course, one direction. Right as I thought my night was going to be a torcher chamber for the rest of the night I looked up and saw the most beautiful eyes staring deep into mine from the end of my line. From that moment I was in love. But Ive seen those eyes before. And that's when it hit me, Niall horan from my inspirational band, One Direction was standing in my line. But it couldn't be true I mean this is only Kenora the smallest town ever possible and no one knows them here so he couldn't have had a concert here. But anyways it didn't take long before he was in the front of the line. I was staring at him like a lost puppy and I suddenly felt a warm hand tapping me on the shoulder, I look down and realize its Niall trying to get my attention. I had been so lost in his eyes I forgot that he was here for something and I had muted out everything he had said, so I quickly said "I'm so sorry what may I get you?" I felt my cheeks get red and he chuckled a bit and said "large popcorn with extra butter please, and a phone number would be nice.." he smiled a cheeky smile as Harry would and just stared at me. I felt frozen. I couldn't move. Did THE Niall horan just ask me for my number?! I had to do something I couldn't just stand there, so I laughed a flirty laugh and said "of course" I turned around and I was pretty pleased with my flirting. I went and filled up a yellow large popcorn bag with enough popcorn the it over flowed. I gave him extra butter as he asked and scribbled my name and number on a napkin and put it on the popcorn, then I swiftly walked over back to my till. Maybe it was a little too fast. Before I knew it I was face first on the floor. I slipped on butter. Great, just great. I just embarrassed myself in front of my idol and now love. Why did I have to wear such slippery shoes! I was still laying there as all these thoughts ran through my mind. I looked up to see my two snobby co workers looking at me clapping and laughing looking like retarded seals. I'm guessing that the thought never even crossed there mind to help me up, because a second later I found myself looking at Niall reaching a hand out to me. It took me a second to realize that he was trying to help me up, so I grabbed his hand and started to get all red like a tomato. When I got up I had a good look at him and found out that I didn't just slip, I spilt popcorn and butter ALL over Niall. I gasped while looking up and down the butter stained boy in front of me. Of course I was embarrassed but I couldn't help but laugh as he looked ridiculous. He giggled a bit and said "oh you think this is funny huh?" in a playful voice, I couldn't say anything so I just let out a big laugh that was a little bit to loud. And before I knew it I had some popcorn thrown at me. I looked up to see a grinning Niall. "that's it, it's on" I said in a sneaky voice. We bursted into a popcorn fight, by then everyone else was in the movies, well everyone except for four boys. WAIT FOUR BOYS. I paused in the middle of the fight and looked to where the four boys were standing patiently smiling, yep it was them... The rest of one direction. For one second I had totally forgot that I was just in a popcorn fight with Niall horan. I took a step back to look around the popcorn filled lobby and my dad, and my co workers staring at me angrily with there arms crossed. Oh no.
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