Shelby was a small town girl, of Kenora Ontario Canada. She was 18, and had just finished school. In this town not much people went far, but Shelby had a dream, a dream that everyone but her believed would never come true. And maybe they were right, I mean so far all she's doing is working in a movie theater her dad owns, selling popcorn and candy. And it usually was a pretty calm job. And like most teens her age, she loved the amazing one direction. She wasn't a big fangirling type of person but she was in love with them, particularly Niall. Shelby never imagined that she would ever get to meet them but she never gave up hope. And one day it all came true, as she saw these beautiful blue eyes gazing at her from the end of the line at the movie theater. She could tell who it was from a mile, but why was he in Kenora ? Could this be how her dreams came true? Or will it all end in heart break.


6. new romance

Harry's POV
i woke up at 1PM the next day with a sore back from the floor. i was really hungry so i went to look in her fridge for something to make for breakfast. i opened her fridge to find a whole lot of bacon, wow this girl sure does like her bacon. i opened up up three packs of bacon and started to place it in the pan when i heard someone singing, i walked to where i heard it from and it was from the shower. i put my head against the door to hear it better, it sounded beautiful. she was singing 'a team' by ed sheeran. i got stardled when i got a tap on the shoulder from a small hand, i turned around quickly to see shelby looking confused by my actions. before she could say anything i "is that michaela?!" she giggled before saying back
"ya, it's obviously not me i sound nothing like that!" i put my ear back against the door when suddenly the door whipped open,michaela kinda jumped as i fell to the floor in front of her to her feet, "um did you hear all of that?" she questioned as i got up from the wet floor "yeah... you sound beautiful" she started to blush then she whispered "thanks.." as she looked to the ground. "theres some bacon downstairs i made if you want" i said, as soon as the word bacon came out she looked up with a sparkle in her eyes, wow i just noticed how beautiful she was. we went down stairs and ate a lot of bacon while having a conversation about her love for bacon.
Shelby's POV
I woke up in nialls arms, and i could get used to that. two days ago i would have never imagined dating a member from one direction, or even meeting them. and just yesterday i had a popcorn fight, played truth or dare, went swimming and had a sleepover with my inspirations, one direction. so anyways now it was 1:30PM so i decided to scoot out of bed and go wake some people up and make breakfast. when i walked out of the bedroom door i saw harry shirtless with his ear up against the bathroom door. so i tapped him on the shoulder and found out that he was listening to michaela sing in the shower. it has always been michaelas dream to become a singer and she was really good, it all started in grade 6 when she did her first talent show and ever since then shes been going in any compitition and has been doing really well. maybe this could be how it all begins for her. after harry fell flat on his face in front of michaela ;i went down stairs and found a pile of bacon, harry must have found her stash. i took a piece and walked over to the living room and found louis, zayn and liam in the same place i found them before. i laughed then jumped on louis who was on the couch, he jumped then screamed "KEVIN!!!" I laughed at that from the beginning because that's also my dads name. After he carried the 'n' for a while he picked me up off of him and threw me onto a pile of pillows beside a lime green chair. Thanks to Louis screaming everyone was upend ready to go get bacon, so we walked into the kitchen but instead of finding bacon, we found Harry and michaela making out hard core. All of us couldnt help but laugh our heads off. I mean it was cute but, really in the kitchen? Even through our laughing they still never stopped so I stuck my arm over they're heads and got the pile of bacon that was now only a couple of pieces, that Niall ate in a heart beat. Now I was getting disgusted with both of them who were just sitting there giggling at eachother so I hit michaela across the head, as soon as I did that she turned around. I thought she was going to kill me but instead she just pulled me off to the room. "GUESS WHAT!?" she exclaimed with the biggest smile on her face.
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