Shelby was a small town girl, of Kenora Ontario Canada. She was 18, and had just finished school. In this town not much people went far, but Shelby had a dream, a dream that everyone but her believed would never come true. And maybe they were right, I mean so far all she's doing is working in a movie theater her dad owns, selling popcorn and candy. And it usually was a pretty calm job. And like most teens her age, she loved the amazing one direction. She wasn't a big fangirling type of person but she was in love with them, particularly Niall. Shelby never imagined that she would ever get to meet them but she never gave up hope. And one day it all came true, as she saw these beautiful blue eyes gazing at her from the end of the line at the movie theater. She could tell who it was from a mile, but why was he in Kenora ? Could this be how her dreams came true? Or will it all end in heart break.


11. Dinner for 10..

I couldn't stop thinking about my stalkers,why would they want to stalk me!? They don't know me! My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, I looked up to the clock witch said 5:59, right on time. I called out to michaela and went to answer the door. Niall and Harry looked amazing, Harry had a plain white shirt on with a black blazer and Niall was wearing a cream colored shirt with a grey vest. They each walked in with roses in hand. As soon as michaela came down we left to go to the resturant. Michaela and I both expected to be in the van again but to our surprise when we walked out the door, we found a long limo stretched out before our eyes. Before even thinking me and michaela ran to the black limo, with the boys on our tails. They managed to get to the limo in time to open our doors for us. We all got in and headed off. The whole ride there I asked about the boys and how there work was going, I hadnt seen them in a while. The ride there was long but still really fun. We got to a resturant called "rea's" 30 minutes later. I had never heard of it before but it looked really fancy. The night was amazing and seemed to go by so fast, but the whole time it felt like someone was staring at me, it was probably just my mind playing tricks with me. A hour or so later michaela and I arrived back to our hotel room, I changed into a pair of blue pyjamas shorts and a white tank top with my hair in a messy bun while michaela was having a shower. I decided to check up on my twitter and instagram witch hadn't been touched since the night I met the boys. As soon as I opened my instagram I found pictures of me and Niall at the airport, cafe and resturant. I had forgotten about all the fan pages of one direction that I followed, that now had pictures of me, and looked to a orange bar at the bottom of the screen. I was getting likes and follows and comments like crazy. Also a lot of hate. I couldn't stand it so I went to my twitter, witch wasn't any better. I was getting called nasty names, and rude comments about how I was an apparent "gold digger". I wasn't happy at all. I went to the side table near my bed and grabbed my phone to text Niall, then I realized, I don't have his number. Great. I went to my next best thing, twitter. A year ago Liam followed me, I remember it being the best day of my life. I messaged Liam giving him my number and telling him to text me. I thought it was a hopeless plan and that he probably had a lot of fans tweeting him. A couple of minutes later I felt my phone vibrate under my blankets. I look at my phone and read a message 'hey Shelby it's Liam what's up love?" I told him everything and he was very supportive. I finished a nice conversation with him and went back on my instagram to take a better look at the photos. For the most part they were very nice about me and Niall. But the photos seemed a little suspicious to me, the view was coming from a table that was in front of us. I remember there being three people at that table who weren't talking at all, they weren't even eating. I kept scrolling down and found another photo this time coming from behind the table I was at, and it was only me. The table we were at was a 'U' shaped table so all of our backs were facing the table behind us. I know someone was there because, well there's photos and at the beginning of the night someone brushed against my hair. I know for a fact there were absolutely no press there, there's no magazines or news papers who have any of these photos. They had to be fans. Or stalkers. I'd prefer fans. I calmed myself down and went to bed, or at least tried to go to sleep, michaela was in the shower for so long singing about love. Her shower finally ended and I fell asleep.
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