Shelby was a small town girl, of Kenora Ontario Canada. She was 18, and had just finished school. In this town not much people went far, but Shelby had a dream, a dream that everyone but her believed would never come true. And maybe they were right, I mean so far all she's doing is working in a movie theater her dad owns, selling popcorn and candy. And it usually was a pretty calm job. And like most teens her age, she loved the amazing one direction. She wasn't a big fangirling type of person but she was in love with them, particularly Niall. Shelby never imagined that she would ever get to meet them but she never gave up hope. And one day it all came true, as she saw these beautiful blue eyes gazing at her from the end of the line at the movie theater. She could tell who it was from a mile, but why was he in Kenora ? Could this be how her dreams came true? Or will it all end in heart break.


10. All mine

We left the cafe and made our way back to the van where Paul was sleeping. After we woke up Paul by screaming Louis style, we went to our hotel room where we were staying. Me and Michaela went to our room witch was across from Niall and Liam's room. It had been a long day and I was exhausted so I layed down on my bed and tried to fall asleep, the bed felt like a pillow and I was just about to drift off before I got interrupted by a knock on the door. I yell to michaela to get it but she was to busy making bacon in the surprisingly big kitchen. So I roll off the bed onto the floor and drag myself to the door. I opened the door to Niall and Harry's smiling faces so I tried to put on a grin but I was honestly to lazy. There smiles faded but quickly re appeared as I gestured them to come in. They hadn't said anything yet. I went to the kitchen to find michaelas face in a big bowl of bacon, asleep. By then I had got some energy, so I grabbed michaela and brushed little pieces of bacon of of her face as I pulled her to the living room. The boys were mumbling when we got in as Harry finally said "hey guys!! So how was your first experience in a recording studio!?" michaela started saying random things before I grabbed a glass of cold water off the table and poured it on her head making her jump. When michaela was tired, she would make no sense at all. The water made her wake up fully and she sat down beside Harry with a towel on her head. "sooo, anyways, me and Harry were wondering if you two would like to come to dinner with us tonight?" Niall continued. The answer was pretty obvious in my head, so I basically screamed "of course!!". "great well be here at 6 to get you, is that alright?" Harry said. I looked at the time '5:06' ok one hour I thought to myself. "yeah that's great!" michaela said as they got up and headed to the door. after they left I ran to my bed and grabbed my suitcase pulling out a red strapless dress from abercrombie then a pair of converses. I wasn't much of a person to wear heels so these were the next best thing. I went and had a shower after michaela, then I blow dried my hair and curled it. I walked out to see michaela in a blue lace dress from Delia's and a pair of beige high tops with her hair straightened and parted in the middle. She looked really pretty, she wasn't wearing any makeup but a bit of mascara. We both never really liked makeup. I went and got changed then I went to get a glass of water. I looked at the time '5:45' ok well I still have 15 minutes so I went to the balcony and looked over the town, it was beautiful out. I was looking over the streets when I saw something familiar, 6 black hooded figures. It freaked me out so I went back inside toget michaela to show her, we went outside and I couldn't find them. It was like looking for Waldo . Michaela thought I was going crazy but I know I saw them. Maybe it wasn't 'our' stalkers.. I think they were 'my' stalkers..
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