Shelby was a small town girl, of Kenora Ontario Canada. She was 18, and had just finished school. In this town not much people went far, but Shelby had a dream, a dream that everyone but her believed would never come true. And maybe they were right, I mean so far all she's doing is working in a movie theater her dad owns, selling popcorn and candy. And it usually was a pretty calm job. And like most teens her age, she loved the amazing one direction. She wasn't a big fangirling type of person but she was in love with them, particularly Niall. Shelby never imagined that she would ever get to meet them but she never gave up hope. And one day it all came true, as she saw these beautiful blue eyes gazing at her from the end of the line at the movie theater. She could tell who it was from a mile, but why was he in Kenora ? Could this be how her dreams came true? Or will it all end in heart break.


8. 2 hour drive and a trip to England

Shelby's POV
I never thought twice before running upstairs to pack, I know it's not my house but I kept a lot of clothes here and I could always borrow some clothes I needed. Plus I had all my stuff I needed from last night. I packed every single clothing item I had there and stole some stuff from her closet. Michaela still hadn't come up stairs so I had imagined that she was like kissing Harry or something. But as I walked out of the room, michaela was heading in with a smile across her face. I ran down stairs and found the boys standing by the door. I through my bag at the floor in front of them, it was a pretty small bag with very little clothing but I guess I could always buy some more clothes in England. Niall picked up my bag as I ran to the kitchen and got my purse and my phone. I quickly texted my mom and told her everything and that I was going to england with the boys and michaela. I was 18 now and I moved out of my house into a small apartment so I had some freedom. My mom was fine with it. Michaela came running down the stairs with a huge suitcase so I imagined she had everything with her. I laughed at the sight and harry grabbed her bag and her hand and walked out the door, followed by Liam, Louis and zayn. I looked at the door and then at Niall who was staring at me once again. I just stared ar him too, he kissed me passionately then walked out the door with his arm around my waist. We walked to the black van and hopped in the middle, Louis was driving, Liam was in Shot gun and zayn, Harry and michaela were in the back again. We had to quickly drive to the boys hotel to get they're clothes. Ironically it was across from my apartment, so I ran and got some more clothes and anything else I needed. When I walked out, the boys were back in the van waiting for me so I quickly ran to the van and put my huge suitcase into the trunk. By the time i got into the van, Niall had got his guitar out and was strumming some cords. I got in and he kept going and started to sing 'stereo hearts' to me. Before we knew it we were on the highway on our way to winnipeg singing songs the whole way. two and a half hours later we reached the airport and were going through security. We got on the plane and we had to figure out how we were going to sit, we decided with me and Niall, Harry and michaela, Liam and louis and zayn by himself but opposite seats to Louis and Liam. The flight was long and I was starting to get tired. I decided to lay my head on nialls shoulder and take a nap, I woke up with nialls head on mine and we were landed, everyone started to get off and I woke up Niall. "Niall wake up hun" I said moving my head all he did was moan and rub his eyes. We got up and walked off the plane. All of us met up by coffee shop where we each go ta coffee and talked about the flight. Michaela and Harry were holding hands and I was on nialls back when we walked out of the airport. As soon as the boys stepped foot out of the airport we were mobbed by fans, it had been my first encounter with these crazy directioners. Of course I was a huge DIRECTIONER at one point and I was just as crazy, so I understood them completely, of course my fangirling was from being a computer screen. These girls were screaming like there was no tomorrow. I started getting scared when a couple of girls were giving me death stares, if looks could kill, I'd be dead and buried. Niall put me on the ground and grabbed around my waist and pulled me through the crowd. I was scared, I kept my head down and made my way to a van that was waiting for us. The windows were tinted and they're was a security gard by the door. It was much bigger than the one we had before so we were all in the back as two security gards were in the front. England was very pretty. I had never been here before but I had always dreamt about it. We all just talked the whole way to the recording studio.
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