More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


5. Up All Night

I wake up to three texts from numbers I've never seen before.

Text 1: hey beautiful <3 its louis, call me when you get up and we'll make plans for the day.
Text 2: good morning :) this is niall. hope u slept well,  I'll talk 2 u later.
Text 3: we need to talk, ASAP. 

Needless to say, two of the texts make me smile. The other one scares me a little, so I decide not to respond to her. I also notice a voicemail from Ryan, the director, with a list of rehearsal dates. I write down the list, not that I need to, because the boys attend every rehearsal and I'm pretty sure that I'll be spending a lot of time with them, or at least Louis. He also talks about the interview, which is next week after the first rehearsal. He suggests I not do too much for the next week, maybe go out with Louis, so I'm ready for the big day. He also gives me each girl's number, just in case I need to contact any of them, which I'm guessing is how Martina got my number.
I decide to call Louis before I do anything.
He picks up, "Hello gorgeous, how did you sleep?"
I can't help but smile, "Pretty good, how about you?"
"I slept all right, really excited for next week."
I laugh, "And why would that be, sweetheart?"
"Because I can show you off to the world!"
I giggle, "Awh, you're so sweet darling." I love this flirty stuff, even if it is fake.
"So me and you are gonna go on our first date tonight. Get dolled up and I'll pick you up at 5. Movie and dinner sound okay love?"
"Date, this soon? Wow, that sounds great, yeah of course. How dolled up?"
"Pretty nice. I'm going to get a haircut, how do you think I should get it?"
I'm surprised he cares what I think.
"Not too much, I like the length now. And keep the facial hair, it's sexy," I say without thinking.
"Well," if I could see him, I'm sure he'd smiling, "facial hair it is then."
I'm blushing like crazy.
"So, I'll see ya at 5 then?" I ask.
"Yeah, what are you gonna do for the day?"
"Well, I don't know...maybe hang with the boys..."
He laughs, "Oh, so we're the boys now?"
"Pretty much. Wait, aren't we like friends now?"
"Definitely; they love you. Especially Liam."
I roll my eyes. "Whatever," is all I can think to say.
"Just let me know what you're doing, so I know you're okay. I probably can't meet up with you guys, have some errands to run. But let me know."
I agree, say goodbye, then hang up.
I really want to see Niall.
I call the number he texted me from.
"Hello beautiful," it is not the Irish accent I expected, but definitely British. 
"Uhm, who is this, Harry?" I jokingly guess, although I know who it really is.
"No, it's Liam. I'm guessing you want to talk to Niall."
"Yes please."
"But wouldn't you rather talk to me?" He's flirting again.
"No, but I'm sure I'll talk to you later. I was gonna see what you guys are doing today."
"Well, babe, that can all depend on you."
"Give me my phone!" a sweet Irish voice yells in the background.
I hear some groaning, some muffled noises, then eventually a huge grunt as it appears Niall grabs the phone.
"Hello," his voice makes my stomach tie into a knot.
"Hi Niall," I have a ridiculous grin on my face, "Thanks for the text. Um, I was just wondering if you'd maybe want to hang out today."
"Well, we were about to go pick Zayn's girlfriend up from the airport then I'm not sure. You wanna share a cab with me and Liam?"
"That sounds great. When should I be ready?"
"Is half an hour enough time?"
"Uhm," I run straight to my closet to pick out an outfit, as that usually takes me a while, "Yeah, yeah. You know where I live?"
"Yeah, Louis told us when he dropped you off last night."
"All right, I gotta get ready. See ya soon." I hang up.
I finally find a cute enough outfit for the day, a tight navy blue mini skirt, with a melon colored T-shirt, and white vest over it. I also have matching melon pumps and a melon head band.
I hop into the shower, wash everything quickly; when I get out I moisturize my face and put my contact lenses in. I see I have enough time to get more detailed with make up today; so I apply eyeliner below each eye, then to the top. I also have a pretty eye shadow that matches, so I apply some of that too. A thin layer of concealer ensures my face is one complexion, and a bright blush is added to accentuate my cheeks. After brushing my teeth, I put on some shiny lipgloss.
Happy with my makeup, I finally get dressed, making sure every crease is flat and every wrinkle unseen.
I quickly towel dry my hair the  add mousse to scrunch it. I blow dry it just enough to get obvious volume, then put my headband on.
I'm really happy with my appearance; I want to look really good for Niall. The only clothes he saw me in yesterday were my dance clothes, which consisted of yoga pants and a T-shirt, and a bathing suit.
Just then, I hear my phone ring.
I answer it, only to discover it's not Niall again.
"Heeeey Em love! Your chariot awaits you!"
"Harry?" I laugh, making my way downstairs already, "I thought I was going with Niall and Liam?"
"Don't sound so disappointed love, your lovebirds are riding with you. But they need to follow us. I just wanted to be the one to call."
"Well thank you very much," I say, almost out the door.
"Niall loves you!" I hear Zayn yell before Harry hangs up.
When I get out my door, I see four of the most adorable creatures God has ever created standing there.
My eyes go immediately to Niall, who is wearing a light blue polo that makes his eyes sparkle. I'm in awe of how gorgeous he looks.
And apparently, they feel the same, because I am greeted with whistles and Niall is receiving "congratulatory" high fives, which make him blush like crazy. These boys are insane, they'll do anything for a laugh. If they should be high fiving anyone, it's Louis. He's the one who gets to date me.
I walk towards them, and Niall opens the cab door for me to get inside. As I'm crawling in, I hear Liam say,
"Why can't she sit in the middle?"
"Because," Niall replies, "she's already in."
When I look out the window, I see Harry pretending to smack someone's butt, which I'm assuming is in reference to mine.
Niall gets in the cab with a big smile on his face and he rolls his eyes at me. I just giggle.
As we're driving, Niall tells me that the drive to the airport is a pretty long one, so I take off my shoes. As Niall and Liam start talking, I feel Niall's hand reach towards mine, so I interlock our fingers and smile down at our hands. I figure this a friendly gesture, because I know he's not interested in me, he probably just wants to comfort me since I was blushing earlier. When Liam notices, he decides it's a perfect opportunity to flirt with me again.
"So, Emily, what would you say if I asked you on a date?"
Figuring he's joking, I say, "What? A date with THE Liam Payne from One Direction?! How can a girl get so lucky?"
Niall laughs at this, but Liam continues on, "Oh babe, you know you cannot resist this puppy face. Dump that Irish creme of yours and get yourself some British tea!"
"Ya know, the Boston tea party happened for a reason."
He laughs, and Niall looks a little confused.
"I'm guessing you're not too good on your American history."
"I'm good on my Irish-American history..."
I giggle and tousle his hair; I assure him that I will tell him later what that means.
"I have a question for you Em," he says, "What's with all the make up? I think you're fine without it."
"You mean she's beautiful. Goodness Niall, learn how to compliment a girl."
I blush instantly; I know Niall's just shy because he doesn't want to make things awkward for us.
"Don't you have a girlfriend Liam?" I ask suspiciously.
"Nah, Danielle and I decided to call it quits. We just don't feel the same anymore, and I never see her. But I'm flattered that you're so concerned with my love life."
I roll my eyes at him.
The cab ride there is pretty fun, and I can feel myself becoming closer to the boys. I love how close we've become since just yesterday. I just click so well with them; they always make me laugh and they seem to feel the same way about me. I decide Liam's flirting is just an invitation to be his friend, and I really like the idea.
Because honestly, how can you not enjoy Liam Payne flirting with you or constant attention from One Direction?
We jam out to some Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran, and we joke around a lot. I can see that Liam is a really nice guy and Niall is really sweet. I also confess to Niall one thing we have in common- eating. We discuss our favorite foods, meals, and desserts. I tease them about the Nickelodeon prank, and I obviously make fun of Niall for his lack of reaction.
"Your poor wife!" I tell him. 
"Oh, don't worry," Liam said, "Food doesn't give birth."
I laugh loudly, but inside I start to think of how amazing it would be to be Mrs. Horan. Then I remind myself not to be fan-girly. Besides, Louis is my "boyfriend" now, so I couldn't act on my feelings anyway, even if Niall did feel the same way.
When we arrive at the airport, I realize we have to wait about half an hour for Zayn's girlfriend to arrive.
"I'm getting food," Niall proclaims. "Wanna come with Em?"
I'm starting to like this nickname he's given me. "Sure, what are we getting?" I say as we walk away, giving a small wave to the boys.
"I don't know, I'm just hungry."
"Let's go to Cinnabon!" I exclaim as if I'm a small child.
He laughs and smiles at me, "Sounds great, you're paying right?"
My expression drops. "Uhm, I only have enough money for me..." I blush in embarrassment.
"Em, I'm kidding. You'll never pay for anything as long as you're with me."
"You sound like Louis," remembering how he told me that he will never let a girl pay on a date.
"I still can't believe you guys have to fake date."
"Yeah, me either. But it's all right, I'm sure I'll get a lot more twitter followers."
"That's true, I guess."
Just as we arrive at the Cinnabon stand, a group of girls approach. 
Shocker, I think as Niall starts posing for a picture.
"You're Louis's girlfriend!" one screams, even though I'm standing directly in front of her. I give a small nod and smile.
"Why are you with Niall if you're dating Louis?" another asks, again yelling.
"We're just getting a bite to eat. The other boys are here too," Niall tells them.
"Except Louis, he had stuff to do," I tell them.
"You're not as pretty as Eleanor," one proudly claims.
"Don't say that," Niall nearly snaps at her, then softens, "please."
Eventually, the girls disperse, most likely to go on a hunt for the other boys.
"Don't listen to them," Niall says once they leave, "you're beautiful."
He says it with slight hesitance and looks remorseful as soon as the words leave his mouth.
I smile at him, reassuring him that it's okay for him to compliment me.
After we grab our Cinnabon, we sit at a nearby table.
"Thank you," I manage to get out through a mouthful of cinnamon bun.
"Mmm," he mumbles, licking the icing off his fingers.
Our eyes meet, and we burst out laughing at the other's appearance.
Once I finish my bun, I pick up a napkin. "Here, let me get some off of ya," I say as I wipe messes of cinnamon and icing off his face.
"Thanks," he says after he swallows as well.
We sit there smiling at each other for a while, then his cell phone rings.
After a short conversation, he looks up at me and tells me Zayn's girlfriend has arrived.
We manage to get back to the boys in about 5 minutes. 
Before we meet up with them, Niall whispers, "You're dating Louis, don't tell her it's fake. Can't take that chance."
I nod my head silently, and figure I'll ask the question later of why I have to lie to her.
Once we approach, I notice a pretty brunette girl standing with my boys, her arm wrapped around Zayn's waist.
She extends her hand out to me, "You must be Emily, I'm Jillian. I've heard so much about you." She is obviously British; her smile doesn't seem like the friendliest.
"Yeah, nice to meet you." I give the best fake smile I can.
An awkward silence follows these greetings, so I try to break the silence.
"So how did you two meet?
"Oh Boobear, do you want to tell them the story?"
Everyone, including myself, cringe at hearing Louis's nickname given to the wrong boy.
Zayn looks up, and I notice he doesn't look as happy as he has.
"We knew each other back at home. I chased her for the longest time; it wasn't until we got second at X Factor that she finally decided to give me a chance."
I look around at the other boys, and I'm a little relieved to discover they see through her just as I do.
"That's...nice," I finally say, "you must've been pretty happy, huh Zayn?"
My question makes him seem uncomfortable, but before he can answer, she chimes in,
"Of course he was! He wanted me for soooo long and I didn't really notice him too much, but trust me, X Factor definitely made me take notice."
Now, it may seem like I'm really similar to her, but I'm not. I'm not just hanging out with the boys for their fame. At first, it was just a way to get close to Louis since we would be dancing together, but once I got to know all the boys, I realized I really love spending time with them. They're the sweetest nicest boys ever and they seem to like me too; it's really great.
After we drop Jillian off at her apartment, which she informs us Zayn has paid for, the boys decide to go their separate ways. I'm about to hail a taxi when Liam grabs my arm.
"What are you doing?" he asks me.
"Going home," I answer him.
"Why, gotta hot date?" I don't think I'll ever get used to that beautiful accent.
"Well, yeah, later."
"Come hang out with me."
When I turn, I see Niall has already gone. I was hoping he would be the one I could hang out with, but in reality, how can I say no to a puppy face like Liam?
"Uh, okay," I tell him, "what are we going to do?"
"You'll see," he winks at me.
He hails a taxi and opens the door for me, reminding me of Louis.
As we drive, the silence starts to get to me, so I stare out the window.
It is then when I notice how beautiful California is and how grateful I am that I moved here. I've always wanted to be an actress, but I found myself loving dance at college, so by the time I graduated, I was given this audition. I moved to California, praying this would work, but knowing that if it didn't I would always have acting. The boys moved here around the same time I did, I had read in a magazine. Their American tour is set to be their most successful, and their Californian home is just temporary until they are to set off for their tour. And I, the lonely actress from New York, am going with them. It's the deal of the lifetime.
"We're here," Liam announces.
"What is this?" I ask, looking at a grayish dirty looking building.
"You ask too many questions, don't you trust me?"
"Of course I do Liam, but-"
He cuts me off, "Shh," is all he says.
After he pays the driver, he grabs my hand and runs towards the building. He looks like a small child running to a candy store. I can't help but laugh the whole way.
When we enter the building, my nose is immediately hit by an awful stench. Then I notice where we are. 
"Awh, an animal shelter?"
"Yes ma'am," he turns to the woman working at the front desk, "We'd like to see a puppy please."
The woman leads us into a large room, where the stench increases along with the noise level.
"Pick a dog and bring him to that room," she points to a small cubicle looking room, "let me know when you're finished."
Liam thanks her, then tells me, "Well, pick one out."
A big smile spreads across my face as I walk around.
One cage I walk by contains a small cocker spaniel poking his nose out. His eyes are a chocolate brown color, which matches his fur.
"Ooh, let's play with him!"
"Okay," Liam smiles at me.
Liam takes him out of the cage and brings him towards the room.
I walk there too, and sit on the bench in the room, my arms outstretched.
He places the puppy in my arms; he feels like a warm pillow and I pet him gently, talking to him like a baby, which makes Liam laugh. The puppy starts to wiggle, so I place him on the ground.  He pees all over the floor soon after.
"I'll go get something to wipe it up with," Liam says as he walks out of the room.
When he returns soon after with paper towels and a spray bottle, I am playing with the puppy again, cuddling him up to my chest. I don't even mind the dog fur all over my cute outfit.
"You seem to like him," Liam says as he wipes up the pee.
"Are you kidding? I love him," I say to him excitedly.
"Good," he smiles at me once he's finished, "He's yours. Now you have two puppies to love."
I place the puppy quickly on the ground and embrace Liam in a tight hug.
"Oh my goodness Liam! Really?"
"He's all yours," he pulls away but is now holding my hands, "What are you gonna name him?"
I think really hard, then think of a funny name, "Lil Payne!"
We laugh together, then stop for a second, just staring at each other.
"Go on a date with me," he says.
"Are you bribing me with this puppy?" is all I can think to say.
"No, I just want you to know how I feel about you."
"And how is that?" I raise an eyebrow at him.
Just then, there is knock on the door.
"We need you to finish the paperwork sir," the front desk lady says through the door.
Once we finish the paperwork, Liam calls another cab for us. As we wait for it, Liam buys a collar, food, a leash, and a food/water bowl for Lil Payne.
We file into the cab once it arrives. The first few minutes are silence, then Liam says, "I really like you."
I have a near heart attack, "What..."
"I really want to go out with you."
"But the fans...I'm dating Louis."
"I'll make it a total secret, I promise. And you won't regret it. It will be late at night and we'll wear sunglasses and black clothing. Not even our driver will know. Please give me a chance."
"Liam, I just don't know..." I'm in so much shock. Liam likes me?
"Please Emily, at least think about it."
I don't know what to say. I don't really like Liam in that way, but how can I deny a date with anyone from One Direction, especially when they're practically begging me?
"I'll have to talk to Louis," I finally say.
"Okay," he sighs, "but don't tell Ryan."
I agree, and just then we pull up to my apartment.
"Thank you for everything Liam."
"You're welcome Emily," he smiles sweetly at me, "Do you want help bringing all of Lil Payne's stuff upstairs?"
"No that's all right," I say, still thinking about what he said earlier. How he feels about me.
I rush upstairs as fast as I can in pumps, set everything up for the puppy, then check the time. 4:30.
I use a lint brush to get all the dog fur off my outfit, touch up my makeup, then play with Lil Payne, avoiding dog hair as much possible.
At 5 o'clock exactly, I hear a knock on my door. I open it up to see a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a beautiful British man hiding behind it.
"Hello darling," he says before kissing my cheek.
"Are these for me?" I ask as he hands me flowers.
"They are," he says with a smile as I smell them.
Lil Payne scoots over to Louis and starts to bite on the bottom of his pants.
"Whoa, pup," he says as he picks Lil Payne up, "I thought you said you don't have pets."
"I just got him today. Liam got him for me."
"Well," he doesn't look too thrilled, "That was nice of him."
"Yeah, it was. I named him Lil Payne," I say as I laugh, ignoring the apparent discomfort on Louis's face.
"How'd you know which apartment is mine?" I ask him.
"It's amazing what a door man will let you know when it's Bring Your Child to Work Day and she's a One Direction fan."
I laugh; then he grabs my hand and leads me down the stairs.
"We're going to be late if we don't hurry darling."
The cab ride reminds me of how it feels to have a great best friend. Louis and I chat unceasingly until we reach a small park.
"What are we doing here?" I ask him hesitantly.
"Well, you said you like theatre. How about an outdoor show and some dinner after?"
I give him a huge smile and after we exit the cab, a big kiss on the cheek.
We have a wonderful evening. The show is amazing, and he takes me to an awesome Italian restaurant, my favorite, where I order my favorite dish, penne a la vodka.
There are some fans that notice us, which is good, and I think they like us together because they respect our date and don't interrupt. It just feels like a nice time with my best friend.
On the cab ride home, I finally get the guts to ask about Liam.
"Liam wants to date me," I say bluntly.
"What," he says, "But we're dating, ya know, to the public."
"I know, but he says he'll keep it really secret and private. He seems to really care about me."
"I thought you like Niall."
"I do, but he doesn't seem interested in me. I could like Liam."
"I can't believe you would do this to me."
"Louis, I thought you were my best friend. Don't you want me to be happy?"
"Why can't you be happy with me?"
"We aren't really dating. I could have a real chance with Liam."
"I can't believe you would do this to me."
"It's just one date Louis; and I don't understand why you're getting so upset."
"Whatever, we're here."
I get upstairs and dress in my pajamas. I'm so upset with Louis I don't know what to do. So I make a decision.

Hey Liam, it's Emily :) I would love to go on a date with you.

I figure he'll receive the text in the morning, so I settle into bed. Then I hear my phone go off.

I've been up all night wishing for that <3
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