More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


8. Taken

I push past Louis before giving him a chance to respond, mostly because I'm so angry I don't want to speak to him right now. But then I remember Liam. "Wait, Niall," I tell him when we're a few feet from Louis, "I have to talk to Liam." When Harry and Zayn hear this, they know it's their turn to have their talk with Niall, and explain how things have to be fair. I approach Liam cautiously, but finally grab his hand to take him out of Louis's earshot. "What's up babe?" Liam asks when we're finally separated from the group. "Liam, I have to tell you something." "I think I already're in love with Niall." "Well, I wouldn't say in love but..." my voice trails off. "It's okay, I get it," he reassures me, "You feel for him what I feel for you." He grabs my hand at the last part. I'm stunned by his sheer honesty, but pleasantly surprised at how sweet of a guy Liam is. "I promised you a date," I smile at him, "and it wouldn't be fair to cancel. I still would like that date if you're willing to still take me." "But what about Niall?" "Harry and Zayn are talking to him now. We've got to be fair." The biggest smile spreads across his face as he nods his head. We confirm the time and he gets his own cab. I wonder where he's headed, but I decide not to ask. Before he gets into the car, I tap his shoulder. "I won't do anything with him, not today." I'm hoping he knows what I mean by that, that I won't kiss Niall. I can wait. I've waited this whole week, which seems like a lifetime when you spend nearly every moment with the guy of your dreams. Niall is so sweet and genuine, he's the perfect guy for me. Seeing him smile literally takes my breath away every single time. There's just something about him I can't get enough of; I knew it from the first moment I saw him. But Louis tried to keep us apart; he lied to me. I have no clue why. It's not like he knew about us fake dating yet and how that would jeopardize it. I just don't get it. Louis seems like such a great guy. He's always making me laugh, even when he doesn't try. And he's always such a perfect gentleman. But I'm so mad at him right now I don't even want to think about him. I prove my anger when I walk past him towards where Niall, Harry, and Zayn are standing. They grow quiet when I get close to them, but since my anger is getting the best of me, I don't care that I've interrupted their conversation. Niall's face lights up at the sight of me, which gives me goosebumps and butterflies all at the same time. The three of them all decide they want to go swimming at the house, so they invite me over as well. Louis tells them he has things to do, so he'll meet up with us later. As the four of us file into a cab, Harry says, "I think Niall wants you to wear that swimsuit from last time." We all chuckle at this, and Niall blushes, then we have a lengthy conversation about all of their reactions to when I wore it. Conversations like this always make me want to die, but I decidedly  love Niall's smile as he comments on how much he enjoyed my bathing suit. We stop by my apartment so I can pick up my swim stuff, but before I exit the car, Niall stops me. "Why don't you get stuff to spend the night?" I look from Harry to Zayn,  wondering if they actually told him about my date with Liam. "Well I'll be out pretty late," I hint to him. "Yeah, I know," he looks up into my eyes, "but I want you to come home to me." My heart floats to the sky as my brain starts to comprehend what he's telling me. Either he's really insecure about the whole Liam thing or he likes me a lot more than I thought. Either way, he wants me to come home to him. And I obviously want to too. I lightly kiss his nose and run upstairs to grab a bathing suit, not the same bikini, but still a cute one, and stuff to sleepover. My heart has never beat faster and my stomach has never been so knotted. I remember to grab black clothes for my date, so I decide on a cute black halter dress, which complements my dark hair well. I also grab makeup and hair products since I'm going to be swimming. When we return to the house, we have a very enjoyable day together. We swim, eat, and even play some video games, which is basically what I do with them everyday. Liam joins us after some time, which is pretty great, but I really just want some alone time with Niall before the date tonight. At around 7, Niall grabs my hand and leads me away from the living room, where all the boys are playing video games. I'm not sure where we're going, until he leads me outside, to the front steps. He sits down on the top step and playfully invites me to sit beside him. When I do, he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. "I figured we'd want some alone time," he says turning his head towards me. I smile nervously at him, because I'm afraid he'll want to kiss me. As much as I've been dying to kiss him since we first met, heck, since I first saw his beautiful face on tumblr, I can't kiss him now. I made a promise to Liam, and I keep my promises. He must notice my nervous smile, because he gives me a questioning look as he says, "Something wrong Em?" "No," I insist, "I really want to be alone with you too." I smile at him, and hope that Liam trusts me enough not to interrupt. "So, you excited for your big date?" I can tell he's hoping for a certain answer, and I'm unsure about whether or not to oblige, so I decide honesty is best. "I don't know, Niall. I just wish I knew you liked me sooner." "You couldn't tell? I was always staring at you. Seeing you with Louis killed me, so did seeing Liam flirt with you." "I'm sorry," is all I can think to say. "It's not your fault Emmy," he assures me, "it's Louis's." We sit in silence for a while, and I eventually rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes as he strokes my hair. It must be pretty soothing, because it doesn't take long for me to fall asleep. While I'm asleep, my mind wanders about Louis, and I realize it's not worth it to be angry at him. He must have a good reason for lying, perhaps he was trying to protect me. I think of how I'll probably forgive him if he has a good enough explanation. I don't think I'm asleep for very long, but when I awake, I hear Niall's beautiful singing voice. I want him to keep singing, so I remain quiet. "Hush little Emmy, don't say a word, Niall's gonna buy you a mockingbird..." I wait until he completes the song, then let out a small giggle. He clears his throat. "How long have you been awake?" he asks me. "Long enough to know you're the cutest, sweetest thing ever," I say as I give him a big kiss on the cheek. After that, we spend a good while talking. He asks me about dancing and I ask him about what it's like to be in a band. We talk about how excited we are for the tour, and I give him the 411 on how to be a great actor. I really enjoy talking to him, and I think of the possibility of loving him. But not now; it's way too soon. I had once thought I was in love too soon; but it was simply blind youth betraying me. I have never been in love, but I had believed I was. And I swore to myself I would never say those words again until I know the true meaning, and until my heart feels it more than my mind thinks it. So for now, I don't love him. But that is okay with me. By the time our conversation ends, it is about 9 o'clock. Niall kisses me on the cheek before I go upstairs to get ready. I get into my dress and black pumps. I curl my hair and put hairspray in it, then touch up my make up. By the time I finish, it's about 9:45. I descend down the stairs to see all the boys, including Louis, watching t.v. in the living room. They all smile at the sight of me, which makes me blush. But Niall's smile soon fades, I'm guessing at the remembrance of where I'm going. Louis's smile drops too, most likely because he's angry with me. The boys all line up at the door except Louis, who remains seated on the couch. Liam is closest to the door. When I give them a confused look, Harry proclaims, "We want hugs goodbye!" I laugh at this, then give them each a hug as they say something funny to me. "Use protection!" Harry shouts. "Don't be home late!" Zayn yells next. "Always say no," Niall whispers, to which I give him a small smirk. "What about you?" I say, turning to Louis. He walks over to give me an awkward hug. As he pulls away, he says quietly to the ground, "Have fun," then sits back down on the couch. Liam then hands me a white rose, which I didn't notice he had earlier. He then takes my hand and leads me outside, where something huge is waiting for us. What it is has my breath taken away instantly.

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