More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


14. Stole My Heart

Louis's face gets extremely close to mine, and I feel his warm breath on my face. I don't know what to do, so I just sit there, frozen, unsure about how I feel about the situation.
When Louis gets about an inch from my face, the door opens, which startles Louis and I into jumping a little.
I look up to see Demi Lovato, the most beautiful girl in the world, the girl I've wanted to be like forever, standing in the doorway, blushing.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you two love birds," she says.
So even celebrities know the celeb gossip.
"It's fine," Louis says before clearing his throat and standing," Em, this is Demi. Demi, this is Emily."
I stand up shakily and offer my hand out to her, but instead she wraps me in a hug.
"Girl, any friend of 1D is a friend of mine, especially Louis's girlfriend!"
I feel like I'm gonna throw up if I speak, so I just nod my head and smile.
"I told her you're a fan Em."
"I've been dying to meet you!" she tells me excitedly.
"What?" I choke out.
"You're so pretty and I'm so happy for Louis!"
Demi Lovato just called me pretty. I'm gonna die.
Give me a few months to mentally prepare myself to meet One Direction and possibly tour with them, and I'm set. But give me 2 seconds to realize I get to hang out with Demi Lovato, and I can't handle it.
I practically burst at the seams, "I'm pretty? But you're so beautiful! You're like my favorite person in the world!"
From then on, Demi and I really get into talking, and I grow more and more in love with her as I realize how awesome she is. I don't even realize when Louis leaves the room, but when another person steps into the room after a while, I take notice.
"Hey Em," Niall says as he walks in the room, "Louis said you were up here so I just wanted to check up on you. Oh...hey Demi."
A look of near shock spreads across his face, but Demi gets happy immediately.
"Nialler! Awh I missed you!" she says, standing. Then she kisses him.
And I'm not sure who I hate more- her or him.
I remember the tour and Ryan and how Niall and I have already been exposed to the press and I decide to hide all my pain and jealousy.
I give them a small smile, excuse myself, and leave the room.
I go downstairs, grab all of my stuff, and leave. I've been in town long enough to know where my apartment is, so I walk in the direction. I have very little money, so I don't get a cab.
I just want to get home before anyone can notice I've left.
I walk a good distance and find a nearby park. There's a man with a hot dog cart, so I get a hot dog and sit for a while.
When I've finished my hot dog, I stand to leave when I notice a cab pulling over to my side of the road.
The first thing I see pop out of the car is a thick set of curls. Harry must've followed me here.
I know it's not fair to ignore him, but I don't want him to convince me to go back. I'm easily impressionable.
I walk away from him in the direction of my house, but he starts to follow me and eventually catches up to me.
He doesn't say a word, just walks alongside me.
When we reach my apartment, I walk up the steps and he still follows me.
I go up to my apartment, let Harry and myself in, and head to the bedroom to change.
When I come out, I see Harry playing with Lil Payne. It makes me laugh a little, which makes Harry notice I'm there.
"What happened love?" Harry asks me.
I find it really sweet that he came here, and I know I can trust him, so I tell him everything. About Niall, about Louis lying, about my TWO kisses with Liam, about Louis liking me, about Niall loving me, about Liam's super romantic date, and about my confusion. He listens intently, which I am extremely grateful for. And by the time I get to the end, I'm a sobbing mess. Harry grabs me and holds me in his lap, where I cry into his chest.
"And...and now...Niall...kissed Demi..." I say between sobs.
He rubs my head softly, "Shh, it's okay Em. They aren't together."
"Then...then why did...she kiss him?"
"They're like unofficial I guess. He seemed to really like her until you came along. Guess he forgot to give her the memo."
I can feel his chest move slowly as he takes a deep breath.
"Yeah, Em, I'd say you're in deep. But you can't be mad at Niall for the kiss. You kissed Liam, remember?"
"I'm not mad, just upset. I was at least honest with him."
"About both kisses?"
"No..." I slowly let my voice fade.
"Listen More Than, I know you're confused about your feelings. Maybe you just need a break from all of us for a while to gather your thoughts."
When Harry says this, I realize it's a great plan. I nod my head in response, and he steps out of my apartment quietly to leave me alone.
I'm not sure how long it'll be until I'll see him again, so it makes me sad to see him go.
I fall asleep not long after Harry leaves. When I wake up, I check my clock. It's the day after Harry left, and it's about 4 at night. It surprises me how long I was able to sleep. I guess emotional confusion is really exhausting.
I check my phone and see several messages, from Niall, Louis, and Liam. I even see one from Harry checking up on me, so I decide to only reply to his.
I tell him that I'm fine and that he can tell the other boys I'm all right. I hope he's told them the reason for my absence, how I'm trying to sort things out. I still don't know.
I let Lil Payne out for a walk after realizing that my emotional confusion has caused me to neglect him and forget that I own him.
When I return from the walk, I look at my phone and see I've received even more texts from my three boys. This makes me extremely emotional, so I start to cry again and crawl into my bed.
I cry myself to sleep, and I awake to the sound of my phone ringing.
I'm afraid to answer it, but if it's Ryan, I can't miss it. So I pick it up reluctantly.
"Hey More Than," Harry says, "How are you?"
"What time is it? What day is it?" is all I can think to say.
"It's Wednesday morning," he says.
"What day was the party?" I ask, still in a dazed set of mind.
"Monday love," he informs me, "How's the thinking coming?"
"Still thinking," I mumble as I get up and throw on some clean clothes.
"I think they're on their way to see you."
"What?" I ask in disbelief.
"They all left. Didn't tell anyone where they were going, just left. I wouldn't doubt one of them at least going to check up on you."
I let out a large grunt, "I don't want to see any of them."
"You'll be okay, Em, I know you will."
"Thanks Hazza," I tell him, "You're a great friend."
We exchange goodbyes and I hang up the phone. I decide to clean myself up a bit, so I shower, brush my teeth, comb through my hair, and put some make up on. I sit on the couch and watch television, unsure of how exactly you think of how to choose between three wonderful guys.
Louis is so reliable and gentlemanly. He always has a good attitude and makes me feel confident in myself. He would never disappoint me.
Niall is amazing- sweet and funny with a great fascination for life. He takes my breath away with a single glance.
Liam is romantic, and really cares about making me happy. He tries do hard to get my attention and knows how to tell me how he feels.
Three amazing guys. How do I choose just one?
My thoughts are ceased when I hear a knock at the door. Must be one of the boys.
I drag myself to the door, dreading every moment of it, and come face to face with a bouquet of flowers and a wonderful guy behind them.
And just then, I remember what Niall told me, how sometimes you just know. And I don't know if it's all the crying I've been doing, or the flowers, or the way the light coming from my apartment hits his face, but right then, I just know.
He's the boy that stole my heart; he's the one I want to be with.


I've been asked to write a sequel.
And I've purposely left out who the chosen one is for a reason- I want you to decide!
Leave your vote in a comment and by the time I'm ready to write the first chapter of the sequel, whoever has the most votes will be the guy for Emily ;)
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I love each and every one of you and I'm so grateful for my success.
I hope you enjoyed and THANK YOU!
Love, Emily
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