More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


13. Save You Tonight

When Ryan finally stops yelling, I try to calm him down. "I'm sorry Ryan, we'll straighten this out." "I told you to keep the whole thing secret!" "I know Ryan, but we were just picking Zayn's girlfriend up from the airport. The boys were all there, except Louis." "Why wasn't Louis there?" "He said he had errands to run. We went on a date later that day." "Let me talk to Louis." "Uhm...about that..." Niall grabs the phone and nods at me. He starts to talk to Ryan about the whole thing. The airport, how Zayn's girlfriend only wants fame, and the car accident. I fear what Ryan will say, but I am relieved that Ryan is no longer yelling at me and grateful that Niall took the phone. I sit on the couch for a few minutes and when Niall is done talking he sits beside me and hands me my phone. "Everything will be all right Emmy," he assures me. "Are you sure?" He grabs my body awkwardly and pulls me into his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and nestle my head into his chest. I let me eyelids drift shut. Niall starts to talk to me as he strokes my hair. "Em, I just wish we could be together. You can have feelings for Liam, that's fine, I just want you to be with me." I sigh deeply, which he probably takes for uncertainty. He kisses the top of my head. "I just wish I knew what I wanted." When I say that, he picks me up and proceeds to carry me up the stairs. He brings me into his room and sets me on the bed, then leaves the room. I slowly drift into sleep. I awake to a pull on my arm as I see Niall taking my shirt off. "What are you doing?" I ask him groggily. He snickers, "Putting your pajamas on silly. Although I am a little tempted." "Here, let me help." I stand up and struggle to get all my clothes off, but he helps me. When I'm completely undressed to my underwear, I hold my hand out for my pajamas. He steps back a little and looks me up and down. I blush instantly. "You're so beautiful," he tells me. I smile slightly, "Oh stop." I go to grab for my pajamas but he steps back further. I step closer but he runs out of the room. It's funny how awake I become. I run out of the room after him and see he's already down the stairs. He holds them high above his head and laughs. I run down the stairs and into the living room. He starts to run all around the house and I chase him everywhere. He goes into the kitchen, down halls, into the in-home theatre, the sauna, and eventually back into the living room. I finally catch up to him and tackle him to the ground, desperately trying to grab my clothes. All the running has drained the energy out of me, so I give up, just laughing as I lay on top of him. He starts laughing too. Our laughter is interrupted by the sound of a door opening, and we both turn to see Harry and Zayn standing in the doorway, jaws dropped. I grab my clothes quickly and cover myself with them. "Naked wrestling! Liam: 1 point for kissing. Niall-" Harry pauses and turns to Zayn, "Zayn, how many points does Niall get for naked wrestling?" "I'd say about 10," Zayn replies happily. "Shut up," I tell them with an eye roll, before leaving the room and walking up the stairs, still embarrassed. I go to Niall's room and throw my clothes on, then start for Liam's room remembering what he told me. I pull the blankets back on his bed and get in it. I'm happy to find that it's cozy and warm and smells like Liam. Niall's head pokes into the doorway. I turn my back to the door, pretending to be angry with him for his parading. He comes and sits on the edge of the bed and rubs my back. "I'm sorry Emmy," he says, but I ignore him. He turns his body and pulls back the covers to spoon with me. I get too happy that he's cuddling with me, so I decide not to pretend to be mad anymore and turn around to face him. He rests his hand on my cheek and strokes it softly with his thumb. "I need to ask you something," Niall says slowly. "What?" I ask, letting my eyes drift shut as I grow tired. "Can I kiss you?" he says, and I don't want to look at him, so I keep my eyes closed. "Niall..." I breathe deeply, remembering how he doesn't know about my kiss in the elevator. "Please. You kissed Liam and said that felt right and made you think you might have feelings for him. What if it's better with me?" I sigh, my eyes still closed, "Niall, it's really late. We have rehearsal in the morning. I need sleep and so do you." "Please Emily." I open my eyes and see pleading eyes staring back at me. "Please," he says again. I reach my arm underneath his and grab his face softly like he's doing to mine. 'I must be crazy,' I think as I pull his face closer to mine. Our lips meet softly, and I close my eyes. I feel his other hand grab my face as his first hand moves down to my waist. He pulls my body closer to his. The kiss itself feels wonderful and glorious. My heart starts racing and it takes every muscle in my being not to smile and ruin the kiss. And I think I feel something I've never felt before, though I'm unsure. He releases his lips slowly and I open my eyes. "Wow," he says immediately, to which I reply with a small grin. "Niall," I start to say, but then change my mind. I close my eyes and slowly drift off. "What?" he asks me before kissing me on the forehead and getting out of the bed. "I really want to be with you," I tell him. I hear a door close softly, and I fall asleep. I'm awoken by someone shaking me gently. "Emily," I hear a sweet British voice say near my face. I open my eyes. "Louis!" I nearly jump out of bed and give him a huge hug, "I missed you!" "Whoa, disabled being attacked!" he yells, to which I laugh at. "Oh goodness, you didn't hear did you?" "About the dancer slut and Zayn's girlfriend? Yeah. It'll be all right. We just gotta explain to the press." I give a slight nod, then move onto other things, like dancing. "Ryan told me to try the best I can. It's not like the fans will be unsympathetic." I agree, then command him out of the room so I can change for dance rehearsal.  I say a small prayer that Martina isn't there or that Ryan kicked her off the tour. I take a cab with Louis and Harry, and arrive around the same time as everyone else. I make eye contact with Liam as he gets out of his cab, and we smile at each other immediately. What have I gotten myself into? I decide it's best to not think about Liam, Niall, or even Louis at this point, but to just focus on my dancing. While I'm stretching, I notice Martina walk in behind an annoyed Ryan. "That's it, I'm done," Ryan announces to everyone, "The girls are off the tour." I'm too shocked to speak but I stand quickly and freeze. WHAT? "I'm sorry girls, but Martina has ruined it for everyone. Her little stunt is threatening to jeopardize the whole band and I can't take that chance. I may keep one of you for WMYB," Ryan says, indicating the What Makes You Beautiful number,"but that's for the boys to decide." I look around to see the look of shock on each boy's face, and lock eyes with the first one who looks at me, Louis. I give him a pleading look, and he nods his head before walking with the other boys towards Ryan, where he takes them backstage. Martina leaves shortly after, but not before giving me a death glare and mouthing something I can't comprehend. I sit and wait, and the other girls wait too, but slowly they leave one by one, I'm guessing losing their hope in getting chosen. They must have easily recognized my friendships with all of them. Louis comes bounding out from backstage with a big smile on his face. When he sees it's just me left, he runs towards me, picks me up in a bear hug with his one unbroken arm, and whirls me around, causing me to laugh uncontrollably. He sets me down with the mad smile still on his face. "We gotcha Em, you're in. It was an easy choice, all the boys pulled for you." I return his crazy smile and hug him again. "Yes! Thank you Louis!" "It wasn't just him, ya know," an Irish voice says from behind me, and I turn to see a smiling Niall. "Yeah, seriously," Liam says as he and the two others join us. "Sorry, thanks guys," I say, rolling my eyes kiddingly. "Let's celebrate!" Harry shouts loudly. "Pool party!" Zayn shouts, and I give him a confused look. "Don't we need to rehearse?" "You already know the number, Em," Liam says. "Right, so a pool party just the six of us?" "Nah," Harry says with a mischievous look on his face, "I think we had something else in mind." After stopping by my house for clothes, where I feed and let Lil Payne go to the bathroom, we stop by the grocery store to buy food for the party. Niall and I decide to go inside, since he's the expert on food and he doesn't want to get too mobbed with the other boys, who wait in the cabs. We walk around and Niall puts just about everything in our cart- chips, soda, cookies, anything. "My gosh Niall, save some for the children." He laughs, which makes me smile, until I see an girl angrily staring at me. Niall must notice her too, "You're fine, she's probably just a jealous fan." We walk towards her so we can get through the aisle, but she starts to walk closer to us as well. Niall gives her a big smile, but she isn't paying any attention to him. "How could you do this to Louis?" she yells at me, then splashes her drink right in my face. I gasp loudly, and Niall stands there shocked unsure of what to do. She walks away with a smug look on her face and I turn to Niall with my jaw dropped. "We need to talk to Ryan," I tell him, to which he replies with a nod. After we get everything we need and check out of the store, we get into our cab, which we share with Zayn. "What happened to you?" he asks me with a laugh. "Don't ask," I tell him. "Angry Team Louis fan," Niall says simply. Zayn nods his head, "We gotta talk to the press." "We will," Niall assures him, though it is really meant to assure me. We arrive at the house and the boys clean up while I set up all the food. I also change into non-soaked clothes. It takes us a little while, but after everything's done, I hear the door bell ring. "Are these our other guests?" I ask no one in particular as I open the door. When I turn towards the open door, five people stand in front of me and I nearly pass out. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and...Demi Lovato all stand in front of me. I move quietly out of the way as they approach the boys, all greeting each other. A celebrity party. I'm going to be at a celebrity party. I rush upstairs to put better looking clothes on over my bathing suit. I also text two of my best friends from back home, Stephanie and Sandra, who of course flip out like I am internally.  Steph and I are huge Demi Lovato fans, and I'm about to burst at the seams with excitement thinking of how my favorite singer is downstairs. I pull myself together as much as possible and get downstairs. When I go to the living room, I see only Louis waiting for me. "They're by the pool," he says when he notices the look on my face as I wonder where everyone went. We walk out to the pool together and I see 10 times more celebrities than there were before. Singers, actresses, it's all very overwhelming. I scan the whole area to try to find Demi, and Louis notices my searching. "Who are you looking for?" he asks me with a worried look on his face. "Not who you think," I tell him, figuring he's thinking of either Niall or Liam, "I'm a huge Demi Lovato fan." I finally spot Demi near the pool and I walk towards her slowly. I gather my thoughts and gain as much courage as possible so I can speak to her like a human being. When I'm about two feet away from her, I open my mouth to speak. Before words can come out, I feel two hands push me into a short free fall, followed by cold water surrounding my body. I flail my arms rapidly to reach the surface to no avail. I try to move my legs but my feet feel tied together so I'm unable to move them. I lose the air in my lungs slowly as I try desperately to reach the top. Suddenly, I feel two strong arms wrap around me and pull me up. I gasp for air when my face hits the surface and open my eyes to see Louis holding me. When he pulls me out of the pool, he lays me down and I see shirtless Niall and Liam standing over me. I rest for a short while, then sit up slowly to see Harry and Zayn escorting Martina, Eleanor, and that Heather girl from the hospital out of the yard. Liam gives me a towel, and Niall leads me upstairs to his bedroom, where he gives me one of his shirts to wear. I'm too struck by the day's events to tell him I have my other clothes. He leaves me alone in his bedroom to change, and when I'm finished I hear a knock on the door. "Come in," I tell the knocker, and Louis comes into the room. I notice his clothes are soaking wet and he has a towel wrapped around his shoulders. He sits on the bed beside me. "It was Martina?" "Yeah, no surprise there. Are you okay?" "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you Louis." "I really care about you Emily. That's why I didn't hesitate to jump in after you. Niall and Liam were pulling their clothes off to jump in. By the time they had their clothes off, you would've- well, I couldn't take that chance. Emily, please, why can't you give me a chance like you did Liam?" I look deep into his eyes and see honesty and friendship and love. He really cares for me, I see it, but I've been so distracted by Niall and Liam, I haven't considered any feelings for him. Maybe Niall was right about kissing- that it can determine your feelings. But I don't know if I want to kiss Louis. "Thank you for saving me Louis," I tell him. "I would save you anytime Emily. I wouldn't just save you tonight," he says as he leans in towards me.

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