More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


12. Same Mistakes

We call Harry, who notifies the hospital staff that the elevator is stuck, although he does question what took us so long to call.
They don't take too long to fix it, and soon Liam is calling a cab.
Once he hangs up, he says, "I'll pay for it, don't worry."
"I was supposed to sleepover at your house," I say sadly.
"Oh..." he looks confused then just decides against asking, "well why don't you go home, sleep in my bed, and I'll stay here over night with Louis."
"Are you sure?" I ask.
"Of course babe," he gives me a soft kiss on the forehead, "you need rest, we have rehearsal tomorrow."
"Oh right, how can Louis dance if-"
He cuts me off, "We'll figure that out later. Let's just get through the night."
The cab arrives, and as I enter, he kisses me gently before closing the door behind me and giving the cab driver the address through the window and giving him money.
As the driver rolls away, I think about the mess I've made with my relationships. I don't know what I want. I've never been the person to live in the moment, but that kiss with Liam felt so right. But Niall, he could be the one. Then again, I guess Liam could be as well. And then Louis, I don't want to lose him as a friend. I just can't even consider the possibility I may have feelings for him too, so I'm just need to assume I don't.
I text Liam, asking him to ask Harry to go to my apartment to feed Lil Payne. I tell him the password and where the food is and also inform him to make sure the guard knows he's part of One Direction.
Liam assures me Harry will take care of everything, then texts me good night.
"goodnight emily<3 sweet dreams, I had an amazing night tonight, best kiss ive ever had"
The last part makes me forget to breathe, and when I finally do the first thought that comes to mind is how stupid I was to kiss him.
"liam, i need to straighten this out. im not sure how i feel right now."
I wait for his reply.
"i know you do, but i want you to have all the info before u make a decision"
"that doesnt make it any easier"
I feel bad for saying this, but I know that honesty is the only way to get through to him.
"i just need to know if i have a chance"
That text makes me feel really guilty so I want him to know exactly how I interpret our situation.
"after that kiss, I'd say your chances are pretty good ;)"
I arrive at the house, thank the cab driver, exit the cab, and walk up to the door. I'm not sure if Niall is home or not so I try to open the door with no luck.
I knock softly at the door and wait to see if it opens.
When it does, I'm face to face with beautiful blue eyes that appear puffy and blotchy and a mess of blonde hair. When he sees it's me, he promptly shuts the door, but I catch it before it closes fully.
I walk through the doorway to see bags of junk food on the floor and the television on.
He sits on the couch without looking at me. I close the door behind me.
There's a brief moment of silence until he finally says, "So now you want to be with me?"
He cuts me off as he stands up quickly, "No, don't apologize to me! I should be the one apologizing right? Stupid me for actually believing someone could care about me! Stupid me for actually letting myself fall for someone for the first time ever!"
His yelling makes me angry, and I snap.
"You're right, you should apologize Niall! For letting Louis trick you! For not telling me how you felt! For caring about me SO much that you'd give Liam the best damn advice to sweep me off my feet!"
"Well I'm glad it worked! I hope you're very happy together!"
"Ya know what? It did work! And I did kiss him! Because Liam's not afraid to show me how he feels about me, unlike you!"
"You want me to show you how I feel about you?"
"Yes! Or at least make it clear damnit! I'm not even sure how I feel because you're so confusing!"
"Well fine! I love you! Okay?"
He sits back down, and I can tell he's about to start crying again, which makes me start to sob for the second time this evening. His words still haven't sunk in.
He gets up and wraps me in a hug. I push him away quickly.
"No Niall. I can't do this."
Tears pour down his cheeks as he grabs my face with his soft hands.
"Why did you kiss him?" he chokes out in a harsh whisper.
"I don't know, it just felt right. He told me how you gave him advice and it just made me realize that you must not really care about me. And he seemed to care about me a lot. And I thought maybe I feel the same for him."
"But I do care about you Em. Didn't you hear what I just said? I-I love you."
This makes me sob harder and I break from his grasp to go sit on the couch.
I cry for a good few minutes, thinking the whole time of what I need to do or say.
"No you don't," I say suddenly, and he looks over at me confused.
"Yes I do," he assures me, "from the first moment I saw you."
I swallow and take deep breaths to calm myself down. I look into his eyes from across the room.
"That's not love Niall; you've only known me for a week. That's not love."
"You obviously don't know what love is Emmy," he says smiling at me.
"Yes I do. It's when you know everything about someone, you know all their flaws and imperfections and qualities and you love them anyway."
"Not necessarily Em. Sometimes you just know; sometimes you just feel it. I love you Emily, I know it."
When he finishes his sentence he walks slowly towards me. He reaches forward with his hands, which I grab, and pulls me up to stand in front of him.
He lightly pushes my head down to rest on his chest, places my arms around his shoulders, and puts his hands on my hips. We start slow dancing as he starts singing,
"Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed, 'cuz I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart. I tore it apart. And girl, what a mess I made upon your innocence, and no woman in the world deserves this, but here I am asking you for one more chance. Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape and rewind oh, but if you walk away I know I'll fade 'cuz there is nobody else."
I laugh a little, softly, when he stops, then whisper into his ear, "You're so cheesy Niall Horan."
"I love you Emily."
I close my eyes tightly, really trying to focus on the feelings in my heart.
And for a moment I feel it, I feel what he mentioned before, the love. But then I remember my kiss with Liam, and the feeling passes.
"I still don't know Niall. I wish I did, but I don't."
"Do you like Liam?"
"I don't know. I really enjoyed our date. It was just nice to know a guy cares about me so much to put in so much effort."
When I finish my sentence, before Niall can reply, we both hear my name. It's coming from the television, which is still turned on.
"...back up dancer for One Direction was seen with 1D member Niall Horan the other day at a local airport. Emily revealed today that she is currently dating another 1D member, Louis Tomlinson. Could 'More Than', as referred to by 1D and their fan base, really be getting her fair share of One Direction? Stay tuned as we interview Jillian Roberts, girlfriend of 1D member Zayn Malik, along with back up dancer Martina Sandul, on their side of the story."
I look at Niall with my eyes wide, and find him doing the same.
"Oh. My. Gosh," is all I manage to say.
My phone rings, and my heart sinks when I see who's calling me. Ryan.
"Hello?" I say when I answer the phone. He starts yelling immediately.
"I hire these girls! I give you fame! I do everything in my power for people to like you, and what do you do to me? You all make the same mistakes!"
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