More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


3. One Thing

I wake up to Louis's sweet face peering down at mine as he gently shakes me awake. A small 
grin spreads across my lips.
"You wanna get in your bathing suit?"
"Yeah, just tell me where to go."
Louis takes me by the hand, which I'm starting to enjoy, and leads me up the  front walkway to a beautiful Californian suburban house. The cobblestone of the house lets out heat from the humidity, but it feels good against my skin.
He pushes open the front door to a huge living room, complete with huge lounge couches, beanbag chairs, and a big television. Off of this room is a long hallway, and Louis leads me to a small bathroom where I can change.
I change into my cutest bikini, intentionally picked by me when I went to my house. It makes my boobs look really good, my hips extra curvy, and it complements my belly button ring very well. I just want the other girls to forget about my awkwardness earlier and see a sexier side of me.
When I step out of the bathroom, Louis's face shows a mixture of surprise and pleasure. Once he picks his jaw up the floor, a small smile creeps on his face. But his eyes still scream disbelief.
I chuckle a little, "I forgot a towel."
"We, we ugh, have towels," he manages to stumble out.
He finds a towel in a nearby closet and I wrap it around my shoulders. It's big enough to cover most of my body. When we run into Jessie, Zayn's partner, I notice she isn't wearing a bathing suit.
"Oh, you're not going swimming?" I figure I'll be friendly with her.
Louis, walking ahead of us, still in shock, doesn't seem to hear us.
"Are y'all kidding? I can't show my body to them. It's One Direction! I'm not a super model!"
I shrug my shoulders, and when we finally come to the huge outdoor pool and jacuzzi, I see the other girls must feel the same way, even Martina, who is in all her clothes.
Then I notice the boys. They are all wearing their bathing suits, each of them with a miraculous body that exudes more sex appeal than one girl can handle. Harry is sitting in the jacuzzi, while Zayn, Liam, and all of the other girls are just sitting on the edge, dipping their feet in. I'm in awe of their bodies, and when I turn to see  Louis, he is stripping his shirt off, exposing his equally amazing body. I see he has changed into his bathing suit. Then I hear a voice from behind me.
"Excuse me." 
I don't need to look to know it's a sweet Irish voice that sounds heartbroken.
Niall, in his bathing suit, shirtless as well, and perhaps the most beautiful of them all, gets into the hot tub next to Harry, and Louis is on his other side. I decide I should join them.
I drop my towel, and place it on a lounge chair near me. When I turn, I see 9 people staring at me, all jaws dropped and eyes wide, minus one who remains smirking.
I feel my face get extremely hot as I walk closer. Martina gives me a death glare.
"Come sit here love," Louis says as he smiles.
Of course he moves further away from Niall, indicating I'm supposed to sit between the boy I can't even talk to and my newest friend. I swallow hard.
"Is it okay if I sit here," I ask Niall.
He nods silently, not looking up at all.
As I sit, I see that the girls are extremely jealous and angry about the looks I received earlier. When I look at the boys, I notice them all, except Niall, smiling at me.
Ohmygosh, I think, One Direction is staring at me. In a bathing suit. And smiling. And their magnificent bodies are glowing in the sunlight. I want to die.
"So, Emily," Harry looks at me, then Niall, "Wanna play truth or dare?"
"Uhm," I must be blushing, "Sure."
We start to play, and I'm really enjoying myself. I find out that Zayn never leaves the house without a comb and I see Liam do a dive that results in his swim trunks sliding off, which then results in him happily flirting with me. I discover Harry only eats red m&m's, and I see Corryn do a hilarious imitation of Niall, which makes me smile. Louis reveals that he's afraid of dogs without leashes, which I already know, and Niall reveals something I never expected, he's never had a real first kiss. He says he doesn't consider his middle school peck with Amanda Ferguson as a real kiss. So Harry decides to try a new truth.
"If you could kiss one of these girls," he looks directly at me, "who would it be?"
Harry, Liam, and Zayn start to laugh.
"As if we don't already know," Liam says, looking directly at me.
I look at Louis, whose arm is still around me, and he looks slightly uncomfortable.
Niall is looking down, his cheeks turning even more red than they usually are.
Louis decides this is a perfect opportunity to turn an awkward silence into a flirtatious One Direction moment.
"Obviously, he wants to kiss me," Louis yells as he reaches in front of me to grab Niall to give him a big kiss on the cheek.
Zayn, Harry, and Liam roll their eyes, meanwhile looking slightly disappointed. Niall is smiling for the first time in a while, and I can't help but smile either.  But when our eyes meet, his smile instantly fades, and I'm left wondering what I could've done that makes him look so upset towards me. I figure I must have embarrased him earlier with my awkwardness, but I just want to be his friend, at least.
Then it's my turn. I pick truth.
"Okay," Zayn starts, "who do you think is the cutest guy here?"
A laugh escapes my lips. Before I can answer, I notice all the boys, except Niall, sitting straight up with their shoulders back, putting their best model faces on. Harry curls a piece of hair with a finger, Zayn gives me that smoldering look he works so well, Liam winks at me playfully, and Louis squeezes my shoulder and gives me a big smile.
 "I can't decide," I insist, " You all look like puppies!"
"But who looks most like a puppy?" Zayn continues.
I sigh, "Liam, definitely."
Zayn and Harry playfully punch Liam's arms as they yell "Oohhhh".
Liam has a huge smile at his face as he blows me a kiss.
"But," I look at Niall, then down, "that doesn't mean I think he's the cutest. Why drink British tea when I can have coffee with some Irish creme?"
The boys turn instantly silent; and when I look up, I realize they are not staring at me, but Niall instead, who has a small smile on his face.
Now he must be making fun of me in his head.
Just then, Harry yells, "Let's play sing star!"
Everyone files into the house, except me, because I need to grab my towel, Louis, who is staying behind with me, and Liam.
As Louis puts his arm around my shoulder on our way back inside, Liam comes up behind me and wraps his arm around my waist.
"Hey Louis," he says, "Don't hog her, all right? Give us all an equal chance."
He winks at me, squeezes my waist once, then walks ahead of us into the house.
"I've never known Liam to be such a flirt. Maybe I have to keep my eyes on you."
I laugh a little.
It is then that I realize this is the single best job in the world, even if the flirting is all fake, though I'm confused why Liam would need to fake flirt. But I push those thoughts aside when I step into the living room.
I see Martina has already started singing with Zayn, and she seems to be enjoying herself, until she notices me. She looks from Louis to me, back to Louis, then looks me up and down. She does not look too happy anymore, but she continues to sing.
After a few turns between the other girls and the guys, Liam urges me to sing next.
"No, no thank you."
"Come on," Harry starts in, "I bet you have a great voice."
That damn British accent is so convincing, so I grab the microphone and decide to pick "Blackbird" by the Beatles.
"In honor of the great boy band One Direction," I say in my best British accent into the microphone, "I have chosen a song from the greatest band of all time, The Beatles." Everyone laughs and applauds.
Louis hops up, "I'll join you."
After we sing the first verse, Harry shouts, "Niall's turn, you've already had a turn Louis!"
Louis resists, but eventually allows Niall to sing before we reach the next part of the song. Niall looks less than thrilled, but as the song progresses, we both start to get really into it.
Although it's very intimidating to be singing with a member of the most popular boy band currently in the world, to a song by the most popular band EVER, I can't help but enjoy a duet with my Irish creme.
And then I see it; Niall has a big smile on his face. Our eyes meet, and for once, neither of us look away, but it feels as though we are singing to each other.
If I could stay right there in that moment, I would. It gives me hope that maybe we can be friends, because before I felt that Louis had made it awkward between us by asking him if he liked me. Being friends with him would make me incredibly happy, so, when the song stops, I pray that it has broken a barrier between us. That my awkward pose, Louis's question, and my flirty comment earlier could all be forgotten so we can just be friends.
I'm too focused on Niall that I don't notice everyone getting up to leave. Without thinking, I go straight for the bathroom to change, figuring our day is over.
When I step into the bathroom, I hear voices coming from the hall.
"We'll meet you there," a voice that sounds like Harry says.
"Niall," Zayn says, "you stay here with your girl."
"I thought she was my girl," Louis says.
"Sure wish she was mine," I'm pretty sure Liam mumbles, followed by a soft slap.
"Guys, that's not funny," Niall says, "She's not even interested in me."
"Yeah, that's not funny," Louis says.
My stomach turns. Was Niall interested in me, and had lied to Louis? Or is he so repulsed by me that the thought of us together makes him angry?
I hear footsteps fade out of the room, then I hear Louis.
"Ya want me to wait with her?"
"No, no, that"s fine," Niall replies, "I should probably talk to her anyway."
"Yeah, yeah, I guess. Just tell her we're all going out to eat."
I dress quickly, and I can't help but feel excited that Niall and I will be alone together. I comb through my hair, fish through my bag for my mascara, and add a little before opening the door.
"So what do you need to talk to me about?," I say as soon as I open the door.
I find myself face to face with one of the most beautiful sights God has ever given this planet. Niall's face has a certain glow to it, and our eyes are fixed on each other's, as they always seem to be.
I stand there, the breath taken out of me, until Niall finally breaks the gripping silence.
"I just need to know one thing," he says, "How do you feel about me?"
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