More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


9. *Author's Notes*

Author's Notes

Hey fans! I just wanted to leave a few notes for everyone.
Okay, first off, now that school is starting I will probably be able to post only like once every 2 weeks. I'm in a few college leveled courses so my work load is a TON, and on top of that I'm in a musical performance right now and we have a lot of rehearsals. But I will update as quickly as I possibly can!

Secondly, I really want to know who you guys think Emily should end up with, or any other suggestions you may have about where the story is going.
If you have any questions you want to ask privately my email is:
Just make sure the subject line says something regarding movellas or something.
My twitter is:
So you can reach me on there as well. I will follow anyone on there that makes a comment on my story.

Thirdly, I have started writing a fanfic with my friend Heather. I have published it on my account, so if you get the chance to read it, please do so and let me know what you think. There is not a lot written yet but there is some pretty good stuff that will be happening.

Lastly, thank you so much for all the positive feedback! It really means a lot to me because I have a great passion for writing. I really appreciate every one of you that reads, favorites, likes, or comments. Thank you! Please don't give up on this story! There is a lotttt of drama and interesting plot twists to come and I would hate for anyone to stop reading because I don't update often. (In case you can't tell, my chapters are very long so it takes me a while to write and proofread.)


Love, Emily M. Horan
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