More Than One Direction

When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things take a turn when Niall seems smitten with her as well, and what will happen when Liam seems to like her too? Will Louis's or Liam's feelings get in the way of a seemingly perfect couple? Or will Emily discover that perhaps what she's been looking for has been dancing by her side all along?


17. *Author's Notes* (MORE)

Okay guys, so I know I've been posting a lot of notes lately but I just really want to make things clear and I know more people will see it instead of just a comment.

So here's what's going on:
One boy is very much ahead, like 20-30 votes ahead. So get voting!

I am almost done with the first chapter but I will NOT post until I'm about 250. I'm only at 210ish now so keep favoriting if you want to read the sequel.
(This is just a good way of knowing who actually cares whether I write a sequel or not.)
So my chapter will stay unpublished until I have around 250.

I'm really happy with all the positive feedback I've been receiving. I'm always happy to take requests about your fan fics or anything you have published that you want me to read. Also, if you want to read some GREAT fan fics, look on my favorites list. The ones on there are great!

Also, be sure to read my other fan fic, "Waiting for You". It's really fun and there is going to be a lot of drama like this one had!

So remember, keep voting and keep favoriting and stay tuned for my sequel, entitled "Choosing One Direction".
Love you all!!!

Emily xoxo <3
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