Endless Love

Authors Note: Hey guys! This is my FIRST movella. I hope you all enjoy. I will be adding on chapters until the book is finished. Please comment, like, and favorite. Tell me what you think! Thanks xx :) FYI: If the paragraphing or anything looks weird, my computer kept messing up while typing this and I didn't notice it till I published it. It's still very understandable. (:

18 year old, Kaylee Jones, moves back to London with her American best friend friend, Bailey. While watching MTV one morning, Kaylee saw someone she knew. It was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. That was her ex-boyfriend. What happens when they are brought together one day? And what will happen when another one of the band members fall for her? Find out in my movella. :)


30. THANK YOU! :)

Hey lovelies! 

Thank you all so much for reading this fan fiction! I'm sorry if it was boring or sucked but I tried my best. I would like to hear all your feedback!! (: Thank you again! I love you all! You're the reason why I write. 

Also, if you haven't read my other fan fiction 'Take Me Home' , you should. There is a little contest that goes a long with that one....(: 

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't believe this story has over 2000 views. I never imagined that. 

Much love,

-Jess (: 

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