Endless Love

Authors Note: Hey guys! This is my FIRST movella. I hope you all enjoy. I will be adding on chapters until the book is finished. Please comment, like, and favorite. Tell me what you think! Thanks xx :) FYI: If the paragraphing or anything looks weird, my computer kept messing up while typing this and I didn't notice it till I published it. It's still very understandable. (:

18 year old, Kaylee Jones, moves back to London with her American best friend friend, Bailey. While watching MTV one morning, Kaylee saw someone she knew. It was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. That was her ex-boyfriend. What happens when they are brought together one day? And what will happen when another one of the band members fall for her? Find out in my movella. :)


11. Guilty

"Kayleeee...wakey wakey....Kaylee wake up!" I nearly fell off the couch from someone screaming into my ear. I heard a familiar husky laugh, it was Harry. "I'm sorry, love!" He said and continued to laugh.

I groaned loudly. "What time is it?" I asked pulling the covers over my head. Surprisingly the couch was comfortable last night.

He laughed some more "7am."

"What!? Why'd you wake me up this early!?" I nearly shouted.

"I was hoping we could go get breakfast before we picked up the car. I'm starved and I know if I fix food here the boys will be running down wanting some. Especially Niall. So pleaseeeee." He drug out the "please". 

That caused me to laugh a little. "Fineee" I groaned into the covers. I stood up and put my hair in a messy bun since I was still in my clothes from yesterday. I walked up to the bathroom and made sure I was okay to be seen in public. Especially with Harry Styles.

I wiped off the rest of the of my makeup that was running down my face and heading down stairs. "Let's go" I said putting on my shoes. 

He took me to a quiet, nice, little cafe. It was just your typical "grab a morning coffee and go" type of place but we decided to stay. Harry ordered some scrambled eggs and bacon and I ordered french toast. I wasn't really that hungry but I ate anyway. I felt sick to my stomach as I kept replaying last night in my head. Harry was going on and on about something that happened on stage with the boys one time. I wasn't really paying attention because I was lost in my own thoughts.

"Kaylee?" Harry asked snapping me back to reality. 

"Yeah?" I acted like nothing happened. 

His eyes grew sad. "Are you okay?"

No, no I wasn't okay. I was terrible. I felt super guilty. He was just a heat in the moment type of thing but I still felt like it was the worst thing in the world. He has a girlfriend and I kissed Harry that same day before that. Ugh, am I really that slutty?! I thought about just telling him there but it would make things awkward and I didn't want to lose such great friends.... 

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" Lies, all lies. I could tell he didn't believe me but he just shrugged his shoulders probably not wanting to make me upset. He took a sip of his drink. We sat in silence after that.

My phone buzzed. The screen read "New message from: Baileyyy Booooo ;)" I laughed at her caller ID.

From Bailey: Where in the world are you!? You didn't run off did you!?

From Me: Ha, no, I'm with Harry. We wen't to get Lou's car. I'll have Harry take us home when we get back. I really need to talk to you. xx

I pressed send. I had to tell her everything. Maybe it will help me a little. She wouldn't tell. She's my best friend. I looked up at Harry and his eye brows were pushed up. "Just Bailey" I said putting on a smile to show that I was "fine". He just nodded and made his mouth in the shape of an o and drank his drink some more. My phone buzzed again.

From Bailey: Oh alright? Will do then. Have fun. xx

I locked my phone not bothering to answer her. By then Harry was ready to go. The car ride was pretty much silent as well. More awkward then nice like the car ride last night with Lou.

I drove Lou's car relieved that I didn't have to ride with Harry anymore. I felt much more relaxed without him there. I blared the radio loud, singing and dancing to every song. One Thing came on the radio and I laughed turning it up louder. I rolled down the windows so I could get some air. I'm assuming Harry heard the music cause he honked his horn behind me and gave me a thumbs up. This made me laugh.

When we got back to the flat Bailey and Niall were the only ones awake. I asked Harry to take us home and I gave Niall a hug goodbye. I was kinda glad I didn't have to say bye to Lou. That would have been even more awkward. Today was just not my day.

The car ride was still silent. I didn't want to say anything and accidently let something slip. So I just stared out the window like usual. This guilt was killing me. I said bye to Harry and quickly got out of the car before he said anything more than a bye. I think he was upset with me but I didn't wanna stick around.

I flopped down on the sofa and groaned loudly into the cushion. Bailey ran and jumped on the couch nearly sat on me but luckily I moved before she sat on me.

"What'd you wanna tell me?" She asked all excited like it was something good. 

"Oh...right" I mumbled. "Well, uh, I kinda kissed Harry last night." I said keeping my voice low. 

"Oh my God! YAY!" Bailey cheered but I wasn't even breaking a smile. "What!? Aren't you excited?" She practically yelled. 

"No, I'm not." I sighed and told her everything. From what Lou and I talked about to what happened in the car. "Tell me what to do!" I sobbed onto Bailey's shoulder. I was only crying because I felt so guilty. She hugged me tight like any best friend would. 

"You just need to choose, Harry or Lou" She started. "Either you love one or you don't."

I looked up at her. I liked them both, but love? I don't know. I've only been hanging out with Harry for a few days and I loved Lou once but that was two years ago. Did I still have feelings for him? Or did I love Harry? I really didn't want to have to choose... 


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