Endless Love

Authors Note: Hey guys! This is my FIRST movella. I hope you all enjoy. I will be adding on chapters until the book is finished. Please comment, like, and favorite. Tell me what you think! Thanks xx :) FYI: If the paragraphing or anything looks weird, my computer kept messing up while typing this and I didn't notice it till I published it. It's still very understandable. (:

18 year old, Kaylee Jones, moves back to London with her American best friend friend, Bailey. While watching MTV one morning, Kaylee saw someone she knew. It was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. That was her ex-boyfriend. What happens when they are brought together one day? And what will happen when another one of the band members fall for her? Find out in my movella. :)


29. Epilogue

"HA! I SCORED AGAIN!" Kaylee shouted in Louis's face as she done a happy dance. 

"You have your fun now but truth is, I'm letting you win." Louis smirked back at her. 

"You only wish." Eleanor joined up giving Kaylee a high five. 

"It's okay, babe. Lou just can't take a loss." Harry came up and wrapped his arms around Kaylee's waist. She giggled in response. 

You can guess that everything is better now. It's been a couple weeks since Kaylee chose Harry and Louis was taking it pretty well. Kaylee went back to being best friends with Louis while him and Eleanor got back together and are happy again. Bailey and Niall are better than ever and are getting serious. To him, she is his princess. Zayn found a girl named Perrie from a band called Little Mix, and sadly, Liam and Danielle broke up but Kaylee practically forced them back together. Now they are happy again. Payzer forever <3 

Kaylee has taken up her dream in becoming a writer and is currently working for a newspaper branch. Everybody supports her along the way. Her and Bailey still live in that apartment but plan to move out soon to a home near the boys. 

"Hey babe, come here." Harry pulled Kaylee along to the side while everybody continued to play the game of football. 

"What's wrong?" She asked him. 

"I wanna give you this." He pulled from his pocket a tiny little jewelry box and handed it to her. She opened it in awe. It was a tiny little ring. Not to big and not to small. 

"Uh, Harry...." She started. 

"Don't worry babe! It's not an engagement ring, it's a promise ring." He told her and she laughed. "Because one day I am gonna marry you." 

She slipped on the ring and admired it. She looked into his eyes and kissed him hard on the lips.

"Indeed you will, Styles, indeed you will." 

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