Endless Love

Authors Note: Hey guys! This is my FIRST movella. I hope you all enjoy. I will be adding on chapters until the book is finished. Please comment, like, and favorite. Tell me what you think! Thanks xx :) FYI: If the paragraphing or anything looks weird, my computer kept messing up while typing this and I didn't notice it till I published it. It's still very understandable. (:

18 year old, Kaylee Jones, moves back to London with her American best friend friend, Bailey. While watching MTV one morning, Kaylee saw someone she knew. It was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. That was her ex-boyfriend. What happens when they are brought together one day? And what will happen when another one of the band members fall for her? Find out in my movella. :)


5. Awkward

We had only been at the flat for twenty minutes, but I wanted out of there. Only Bailey seemed to be having such a great time with Niall and I didn't want to ruin that for her.

"Excuse me" I said and walked out of the room to do some wandering. I went to the kitchen and slumped over the counter. I couldn't help but think how Eleanor hated my guts just because I was Louis's Ex. I don't really care what people think about me but this just really hurt me and got to me. Just then there was a knock on the wall.

"May I come in?" The boy with curly hair and green eyes smiled and let himself in. He walked over the fridge. "You want something to drink?" Why could I not remember his name?

"Uhm sure." I said as he passed me a can of Coca-Cola. "I'm sorry, but what your name again?"

He laughed a little bit and took a seat beside me. "It's Harry"

"Oh yeah! That's it. Well, Hi Harry." Oh dear god, why do I keep embarrassing myself?! I wish I could just leave already. "Is there a reason you followed me into the kitchen?"

"Not really. I just wanted to see if you were alright."

"Well, I'm fine." I said kinda snappy. The smile on his face disappeared. I sighed, "I'm sorry. I'm just having a really bad day."

"Well, I'm a good listener". The look on his face was serious. I was gonna say something but my mouth just closed right back up. "Okay, that's fine too."

"Sorry" I said frowning at him. He smiled. "Don't worry about it, love". That put a smile on my face.

Harry's P.O.V 

She had such a great smile. It complimented her bright blue eyes and brown hair. She was really pretty. No doubt about it.

"Alright, but if you need anything let me know." I smiled and starting walking towards the door. "Wait." She said and I paused and turned around.

"Do you think you could help me unpack the rest of my things back at my apartment? I'd have Bailey help me but she's having such a great time with Niall and -" 

"Of course I'll help you." I said interrupting her and she smiled a thanking smile.

I walked her back the the living room. "Hey guys. I'm gonna go help Kaylee unpack the rest of her things at home so Bailey can spend time with Niall." I told the boys. They all said okay as their eyes remained glued to the tv. Bailey jumped up a bit with glee and Niall held her hand to show he was happy too. She blushed. But Louis was slumped over in the corner of the couch staring down at the couch cushion. He was probably thinking about Eleanor. With that, we left.

I was worried about Louis. He was my best mate. Eleanor isn't to happy with him. But they'll work things out, right? 

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