Endless Love

Authors Note: Hey guys! This is my FIRST movella. I hope you all enjoy. I will be adding on chapters until the book is finished. Please comment, like, and favorite. Tell me what you think! Thanks xx :) FYI: If the paragraphing or anything looks weird, my computer kept messing up while typing this and I didn't notice it till I published it. It's still very understandable. (:

18 year old, Kaylee Jones, moves back to London with her American best friend friend, Bailey. While watching MTV one morning, Kaylee saw someone she knew. It was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. That was her ex-boyfriend. What happens when they are brought together one day? And what will happen when another one of the band members fall for her? Find out in my movella. :)


1. Welcome Home

Kaylee's P.O.V

I haven't been to London in over two years and being back home brings back some many memories with my mum and dad. I remember walking around the city and visiting Big Ben. That was my favorite spot to go to. I never wanted to leave London in the first place but when my dad got a really great job of in America, we had to leave. Which means I left all my friend, my home, and him behind.

My thoughts were interrupted when my roommate, and best friend, came bursting through the apartment door carrying a large box. "Come on, Kaylee! There's still a lot more in the truck!" She says as she sets down the box and flops out on our sofa. I laugh at her and at how lazy she was.

"We'd get done a whole lot faster if you didn't have to take a break every time you carry something in." I laughed. She just shrugged her her shoulders and followed me out to the truck.

After three hours we finally unloaded the moving truck. It only took so long because out apartment was on the third floor and we had a lot of things. We're two 18 year old girls, of course we have a lot of things!

The time was only 12:30pm so we decided to have lunch at Nandos. The place wasn't really busy at all. Which was surprising considering it was lunch hour. We did have to wait behind one person in line though. He was a blonde and by the way he talked you could really tell that he was Irish.

He was ordering quite a bit of food. I wondered if it was all for him. He didn't look like he ate a bunch.

"Okay, sir, just wait over there for your order" The cashier said. He just nodded and turned to look at us. His gorgeous blue eyes quickly looked over Bailey and I. He had this huge smile on his face when he looked over at Bailey. I glanced at her and her face was as red as roses and she was smiling like an idiot. I just laughed and rolled my eyes. .

Bailey's P.O.V

When his gorgeous ocean, blue eyes met mine I could feel my cheeks burn. It was a little embarrassing but I just smiled. "Hey" He said with his sexy, Irish accent. Which made me blush even more. "Hello" was all I could say. 

"Not from around here, love?"

"Uhm, no. I just moved here with my friend. I'm American." I felt stupid cause I stuttered a bit.

"Oh well nice to meet you. I'm Niall." He stuck out his hand. I shook it warmly and said "Why hello, Niall. I'm Bailey." My smile was so big. He chuckled as his order was being called. "I hope we'll run into each other sometime" He said smiling. I just nod.

"OOOOO, Somebody's got a crush!" I heard Kaylee yell while she winked. I didn't even realize she was back from ordering our food. "Oh, shut up!" I said and slightly pushed her. I could tell I was blushing. We received our order and went home.

Once we were home, we ate and unpacked some clothes and stuff. Before we knew it, it was 5pm. Kaylee and I were so wore out from the plane ride and we were not yet used to the time change yet. In America, it would be 12pm. So we decided to go to bed hoping we would sleep through the night. 

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