17 year old Evelyn Raeys started training to fight in order to protect her and her brother,Ed from a murder who comes from a killing groub called LTHD,also known as "Let Their Happiness Die".To make money she decided to get a job as a body guard/protector since she was really good at that type of stuff.She finds herself as One Directions bodyguard and along the way LTHD decides a new target or lets say 5 targets to murder.What shall happen with Evelyn?


1. The dream

I was in a dark room,hidden in a bag.I made a little hole to see what was going on.I heard footsteps.A man came in the room with something in his hand.It was a knife.He was holding something big in his other hand.It was...Mummy!!I looked closely at her.She was..dead.Her throut was slit open.I started cruing wuietly but stopped myself.I heard a loud weeping from the closet.Eddy!He has seen what happened.The man trned to the closet and was about to open it when a figure came and said,"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FAMILY YOU FUDGING ANIMAL!!"Daddy!!He went to the man and pierced him in the back with a knife.The man turned to daddy.He punched daddy in the nose.I gasped quietly.I saw blood dripping from daddy's nose.He tried to pierce the man again but the man pushed the knife out of his hand.The man started pummeling daddy.I cried hard.I didn't care if the man heard me.Daddy fell to the ground beside mummy.All of a sudden I hear police sirens."Shiz!"The man said.He ran to the door.But before he left,he turned around and said,"I'll be back."

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