Caught in the Middle

Larah is a normal 16 year old girl on holiday with her best friends in L.A. It was a coincidence when Larah and one of her friends decide to go to the beach to play volleyball and the boys of One Diection were there also. They spend the day with them and ends up in love with two of the boys. And both boys like her aswell! She makes many friends and loses friends on this journey. Who will she choose? This fanfic will keep you on the edge of your seat.


3. Two of them

I looked behind me and saw Zayn sitting by himself. Away from us all. I got up and sat over next to him. "What's the matter?" I asked concerned. "I don't like water," Zayn said stiffly. "I'll sit with you," I said giving him a smile. "Thanks, you don't have to," he said. "I know... But I want to," I said quietly. He looked at me and smiled. I looked out at the glimmering water. The sand was inbetween my toes and the water rushed up to meet my feet. "Let's play volleyball!" Niall yelled loudly to us all of a sudden making me jump. Zayn laughed at my reaction. The boys stood up and looked at us. "That is, if your up to it," Harry said teasingly. "Please, we could beat you on our worst day," I scoffed. "Game on then," Zayn said. "Alright let's go," Shonnah called out. We got up and followed the boys over to a nearby volleyball court. "Me, Larah, Shonnah and Liam versus the rest," Zayn said. Louis glared at him over this, but Zayn didn't notice. What was with them and glaring at each other?! I walked over to our side of the court and picked up the volleyball. "I'll serve," I called out to everyone. I threw the ball and hit it to the other side. "I call quits," Niall called out. "I'm hungry." "Of course you are. Come on, let's go get some hot chips," Liam suggested. "Okay," we agreed. Liam walked over to the fish and chip shop to order a large chips while we went and sat back down on the sand. Zayn sat beside me and so did Louis. "Where are you from? Because you don't sound american," Louis asked. "Australia. And where are you from, might I ask, because don't sound american either?" I replied. "That's because I'm an english lad," he said goofily. "Just to let you guys all know ... but we totally won that volleyball game," I called out. "Hahahahaha NO! In your dreams," Harry, Niall and Louis yelled back. "In my dreams, sonny boy, you would lose by even more then you did today," I said giving them a sweet, innocent smile. They opened their mouth to reply but were cut short as Liam arrived, wafting the smell of the chips up their noses. Niall lunged for the bag but Liam pushed him away. Liam set the bag of chips on the ground and we tucked in. It was by now, twilight. The stars, only just coming out, but twinkling overhead. "We best get going, thanks for today," I said getting up. "It was our pleasure," Zayn said. Shonnah got up and we started to walk away when they called out "Just wait! We havn't said goodbye yet!" Liam called out. They got up and walked over to us. I saw in the corner of my eye Liam giving Shonnah a slip of paper. Niall gave me a massive bearhug then Harry did, then Liam, then Louis and then Zayn. When Zayn hugged me I felt him touch the side pocket of my shorts but I ignored it. "Bye guys, it was lovely meeting you," I said as me and Shonnah walked away. "Wow, what a day. WE MET ONE DIRECTION!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "Ssh! They probably heard that," I hissed at her as we walked along the boardwalk towards a taxi that was looking for passengers. In the distance I heard roars of laughter, proving that they had heard. I mentally face-palmed myself. We got in the taxi and rode to our nearby hotel. I had a hot shower and changed into shorts and a singlet, with my hair in a messy bun, when we got to our room. So did Shonnah. We watched movies until it was late enough to go to bed. We watched The Hunger Games (making me drool over Cato) then we watched Red Riding Hood and the Twilight series (once again making me drool over Edward). I hopped into my double bed that I was sharing with Shonnah and drifted into a dreamless sleep. It felt as if it was only seconds when a clicking noise woke me up. The room was dark and I couldn't see a thing. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It read 2:30am.  Then I looked at Shonnah beside me who was on her phone. Texting. I groaned and rolled over so that my back was facing her. This was going to be a long night.

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