Caught in the Middle

Larah is a normal 16 year old girl on holiday with her best friends in L.A. It was a coincidence when Larah and one of her friends decide to go to the beach to play volleyball and the boys of One Diection were there also. They spend the day with them and ends up in love with two of the boys. And both boys like her aswell! She makes many friends and loses friends on this journey. Who will she choose? This fanfic will keep you on the edge of your seat.


2. The boys

All I could see was black. I was covered in the black sticky stuff. There was no escape. I tried as hard as I could to free myself but that didn't happen until I felt a sudden cold sensation. It drenched me from head to toe. I started to get my vision back but it was blurred and the voices I started to hear was distorted. Soon a group of attractive boys and Shonnah swam into focus. I looked down at my shorts and bikini top which were soaked with water. "Why am I so wet?" I asked puzzled. "You wouldn't wake up any other way," Shonnah said. I looked at the boys not knowing who they were. They seemed strangely familiar but I couldn't place it. "Who are you?" I asked them. They gave each other quick glances that obviously had meaning to it but I ignored it. "My name is Niall," The blonde one said. He had the cutest Irish accent ever. "I'm Liam," One of the brown haired ones said. I couldn't help my eyes flitting down every few seconds to his abbs. He chuckled. "I'm Harry," A cute curly haired boy said, his dimples showing. "I'm Zayn," the tan one said. His hair was perfectly styled and his smile was shy. "And I'm Louis," the last boy said with an adorable yorkshire accent. His eyes a brilliant shade of greeny blue. Something in my head clicked and I looked at them with disbelief, my mouth gaping open. It couldn't be them. One Direction. These sorts of things just didn't happen to me. "Hi," I said dreamily like an idiot. "Hey," they said in unison laughing. "I think we owe you girl some lunch, after all we just knocked you out," Louis said winking to me. I laughed and said "That's ok. You don't need to do that." "We insist," Liam said. "Well, if you insist, I guess we have to," I replied. Zayn held out his hand to help me to my feet. I took it, my hand wrapped in his. "Thanks,"I said to him, brushing the sand off of me. They led me and Shonnah across the road to the nearby restaurant. "A restaurant?" I asked, my eyebrows raised. "What?" Harry asked. "You guys don't need to take us to a restaurant, we can just get hot chips. You don't need to waste your money on us," I told them. "We have plenty of money. And it's definetly not wasting if it's on you two girls," Niall said. "Fine, if you say so," I gave in. We sat at a table near the back and the waiter came over. It was a boy and for that I was gratefull. "What will you guys be having today?" He asked. Niall had the biggest appetite I'd ever known. He ordered nearly everything on the menu. I got a plate of nachos to share with Shonnah. I sat next to Louis and Shonnah who sat next to Liam. They kept smiling at each other and blushing. They were so cute. The waiter gave us our food and we dug in and everyone talked except for Niall who was too preoccupied with his food. Louis was telling me a joke which made me laugh. My head was bent low and my hair was in my face. I looked up at Louis. He reached out and tucked a peice of hair behind my ear and I blushed. I looked away and saw Zayn glaring at Louis. Whatever that was about. When we finished we all headed back to the beach. We raced over to the rushing water and sat on the sand. The crystals peircing my skin. It was sunset. The sun setting over the water gave the beach a beautiful look. This day couldn't get any better.


A/N      Sorry guys it took so long to post. I  lost all the writing I did. I'll try to post more as soon as I can. If you like this stry so far PLEASE like it.

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