Caught in the Middle

Larah is a normal 16 year old girl on holiday with her best friends in L.A. It was a coincidence when Larah and one of her friends decide to go to the beach to play volleyball and the boys of One Diection were there also. They spend the day with them and ends up in love with two of the boys. And both boys like her aswell! She makes many friends and loses friends on this journey. Who will she choose? This fanfic will keep you on the edge of your seat.


4. Number

It was around midday when I woke up the next morning. I tried opening my eyes but had to squint from the sudden brightness. When my eyes had finally adjusted to the light, I turned to look at Shonnah. She looked so tired. Her phone was still in her hand from last night. I threw off my blankets and walked out of the room into the kitchen to make something to eat. I grabbed a bowl and poured two cups of self-raising flour, two eggs and two cups of milk into it. I mixed it all together and poured some of the pancake batter onto a hot frying pan. I flipped it and it was a golden brown. "Mmmmm yum, can I smell pancakes?" Shonnah asked walking into the room. "Yep. Theres more batter in the bowl, you can make some if you want," I replied. I rinsed my now empty plate and went to put the washing on. I grabbed my clothes from yesterday and put them on the floor next to the washing machine. Something small and white fell out from the pocket of my shorts onto the tiles. I bent down and picked it up, unfolding it. I smiled to myself as I remembered feeling Zayn touch the pocket of my shorts yesterday. A number was scribbled onto the peice of paper. I grabbed my phone from the bedroom and added it to my list of contacts. I sent a text saying hello then put my phone on the bedstand. I started making the bed when my phone buzzed. -Hey beautiful-Zayn, it read. A smile danced on my lips. -wd? I replied. It buzzed straight away. -nm wbu-Zayn, he said. -Just talkin 2 u. -U wanna do somfin 2day????-Zayn. Butterflies stirred in my stomach. -Like what? -Like hanging out at my place with the guys?-Zayn. -Sure, wb Shonnah? -Yeah definatly, Liam would love that-Zayn. I smiled silently to myself. -kk. I gave him the address for our hotel room so he could pick us up. -bye. I'll b there ASAP- Zayn.

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