Caught in the Middle

Larah is a normal 16 year old girl on holiday with her best friends in L.A. It was a coincidence when Larah and one of her friends decide to go to the beach to play volleyball and the boys of One Diection were there also. They spend the day with them and ends up in love with two of the boys. And both boys like her aswell! She makes many friends and loses friends on this journey. Who will she choose? This fanfic will keep you on the edge of your seat.


1. L.A.

I walked along the wooden sideboard above the beach in my wedge sandals. My long brown ringlets resting on my shoulders as I walked down the stairs to the beach with my best friend Shonnah. We were on a vacation at L.A. for the Summer. The sand crunched under my shoes and the sun beat down on my back. We sat over on a sand dune and I took off my singlet revealing my white bikini top underneath and I left my denim cutoffs on. We layed all our stuff on the sand and got out a volleyball. Shonnah and I went over to the net. Shonnah wore a turquoise bikini and wore her long straight brown hair in a highponytail. "You ready to play?" She called from across the net. "Yep! You ready for me to kick your ass?" I tease back. "In your dreams!" She yells then serves the ball. We hit it back and forth and were coming close the whole game. An hour later we were puffed and stopped playing. "That was a good workout!" She said. "Yep and I totally beat you!" I said poking out my tongue childishly. "Ok, if that's what you wanna think, but I know that I won," she replied. "NEVER!" I holler at her. "Rematch!" she said and we went and played again for another half hour. "Ok ok you win," she said laughing. I'll shout us ice cream," she says and goes and walks over to the mini icecream stand. I had a sip of water from my drink bottle and start to make my way past the other volleyball courts to the icecream stand. I walked past a volleyball court where a group of hot guys were playing and a few whistled at me. One of them served the ball towards a guy that was too busy staring at me to notice. "HEADS!" one of them calls to me as the volleyball flew my way and hit me on the head. Then everything went black.

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