Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


27. Without A Trace


 **1 day later**

 "Hello?" I answer my phone.

 "Its Anne...Claire...Harry went missing. Please come over with your folks right away" She says on the other line, and hangs up.

 I sprint downstairs and grab mums hand, pulling her outside and running to Harry's house. "Whats going on?" Mum asks, surprised. "Harry's missing." I say.

We run into Anne's house and see her hunched over the kitchen counter. "Anne!" I rush up to her and she falls limp, collapsing into my arms. "Harry is gone. Ge won't answer his phone and he isn't anywhere possible." she wails. I help her up and set her down on the seat while mum picks up the house phone. "Should I call 999?" mum asks. Anne shakes her head violently and snatches the phone from mums grasp. "Don't call anybody. Nobody can know. He might show up, I know he will." Anne has so much strength in her voice I trust her. Harry will come back, he is probably just out somewhere mourning over the boys. "It's okay Anne, he'll come back. Should I tell Liam or Eleanor?" I ask. Me and Eleanor never argue anymore. Well...No usually. "They can't tell anybody." she sounds as if she is threatening me.   Mum says she wants some time with Anne alone to calm her down. I head outside and text Liam first.   'Harry is missing. His mum just told me.. call me soon'   Next Eleanor.  'Anne just told me Harry is missing.i have a shift at the juice stand today, meet me there with Liam @ 2'    I stuffed my phone back into my pocket. The mustache case still looks brand new. "Oh god Harry...Just come back." I tell myself. I walk through his yard back to my house where I feel safe. First Jack, now Harry. What is going on?  
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