Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


32. What?

I woke up with a pounding headache and the familiar voice of my mum, which I probably got the headache from. "Oh good she's awake!" I hear my dad say. "Morning babe" I hear Liam say. I open 1 eye and see a room full of people and doctors with white coats. Liam, Eleanor, mum, dad, Anne, and Gemma are all surrounding me, each one has a worried face.

 "What...Happened?" I ask uncertain, El and Liam exchange a glance before looking back over to me. "You broke your nose 2 days ago and have been on-and-off awake." Mum says causally. "MY NOSE!?!?" I yell at her, my nose is my best feature!

 "Well, it can be fixed." dad says, a arm around mum. "Well than fix it and we can get the hell out of here!" I say, angry. Gemma stifles a laugh and Liam calmly rubs my arm. I hiss at him to stop it and Eleanor breaks out in hysterics. "We will need to put a brace on your nose, it will go inside your skin and eventually will disintegrate once it has done its job. Like stitches." The doctor says. "Right, cause getting a stick stuffed up your nose is JUST like getting stitches." I say harshly. "At least it's not up your ass." Gemma says, I can't help but smile at that. 


"The surgery will be in a few hours. You can talk with your family and we will pick you up when its time." The nurse says. All the medical people leave and Im starting to remember what happened.      FLASHBACK  
I blacked out for a second and re opened my eyes to the dude that punched me. The man from the front counter picked up my phone and told the police where the shop was. The cops came and arrested the man, who turned out to be a nation-wide robber had killed many people.   I got put in the ambulance along with the jogger that got shot and was driven to the hospital. Eleanor had been called and then she called Liam who called my mum who told my dad who told Anne who called Gemma that told Robin that they would go to visit me since I wasn't able to go to Manchester or London now.   Liam quit the camp early to stay with me for the nights so I lwouldn't be alone. And that's all I remember.   PRESENT    
"Thanks for coming guys." I say. "Its not a problem, sweet." Anne says with a smile. "I'm so sorry to say this, but I thought you would wake up yesterday so we all have to go back to London and Manchester." Mum says in a sad voice. "But me and El can stay." Liam says, I smile at him. "Our plane is leaving in a hour. We are sorry to leave, bye lovey!" Anne says, Gemma gives me a hug, mum gives me a kiss, Anne gives me a kiss, and dad just pats my back. I always knew he wished I was a boy.   After everybody left, Eleanor offered to get some food. "I'm starving, you guys want some food?" she asks. Me and Liam nod our heads like young children and she walks out of the room. "So, how was the training?" I ask. "Hard, but fun. I met new people, it was cool. How is Lucy?" Ge asks, I scoot over on my bed and Liam lies next to me. "Fat." I laugh, he wraps a arm around me and we start talking about random stuff. "Hey...What's today?" I ask, being in a hospital for 2 days is confusing. "February 10th, why?" he asks. "Shhhhiiiit." I say. "What?" He asks again. "Huh? Nothing..." I say, innocently. "Whenever a girl does that it's something important." he says, questionably. "Nothing, my birthday is in 4 days..." I say quietly. Yes, my birthday is on Valentines day. Got a problem with that?   "That's Valentines day!" He says excitedly. Obviously. I would say something rude and start ass-y, but its Liam my sweet boyfriend so I don't. "Yeah, Im aware of that." I say. "Then why are you upset? Valentines day AND your birthday? That's like...Double everything!" He says, Liam is getting all happy and it's making me laugh. "It means I'm getting older though...I'm turning 19!" I complain. "Remember when I first met you and you had basically just turned 18? Just think of it as we have known each other for 1 year!" He sings. That's true.   "True dat brother." I say, I lean back and turn on the telly. "Want to watch somethin'" Liam asks, he pulls out the box of hospital films.   "What about a scary one?" I ask, it most likely won't happen though since its Liam that is picking it out. "Hehe, found the perfect one!" Liam smiles and puts on Toy Story 3. Son of a bitch, he has made us watch this film so much I know every single fucking line. It's for Liam. Just make him happy. It's for Liam. I keep thinking but when the music starts in the beginning I can't help but sigh. Before the first scene, Eleanor walks back in with mountains of food in her hands.   "Think you got enough?" I sarcastically say to her, commentary to all the food she got. "Maybe. I'm pretty hungry!" she shrugs. I shake my head and laugh and feel a sharp pain in my nose. "CRAP!" I yell loud enough for the lobby to here. Liam is immediately by my side while Eleanor is just pulling out all the food, ignoring my pain. "What's wrong babe?" Liam asks in his deep voice. "My nooooose." I cry, Liam lays beside me once again and try's to comfort me by rubbing my hands. The pain goes away but I'm still clutching my nose so nothing would touch it.   "Could we change this to something else?" Eleanor pleads. I mouth out 'Thank you' and she gives me a satisfied nod. "But we love this film!" Liam pouts. "Correction- YOU love this film." Eleanor laughs, Liam turns to me with big brown puppy eyes. "Sorry babe." I say with a frown. "Fine than. Lets watch one of your film choices then."  "Paranormal 2!" Eleanor cheers. Liam lets out a moan but I agree anyways. "Sorry!" I say and give him a peck on the lips.  It wasn't so scary since I had watched it before and knew what was going to happen. I didn't flinch when the mum gets dragged away and pulled into the closet or when she starts attacking once she is possessed. It's kind of funny since I know these people are actors/actresses and even though they play a family, they probably don't even know eachother. Liam keeps tightening whenever blood shows up on the screen, while El is focused on her food.  
After the film ends Liam and El have fallen asleep. A doctor walks into the room with a surgeon, "It's time for your sugary." the doctor says. I would wake Liam up but he  looked pretty sexy while he slept so I let him be. They took me to a cold room with bright lights and pointy needles. "Just lye down, and put on this gas mask." The surgeon says. Where did the doctor go?  I knew that the gas from the mask he gave me was doing weird stuff because I couldn't feel my body and I started talking weird.  
"Your handsome." I start off to the the assistant surgeon. He gives me a weak smile and goes back to  giving the head surgeon supplies.   "Is it hot in here or is it ME?"  "Why is my life so hard? Where is Kevin.....And....Harry?" I mumble.      "You smell."  "Let's be best friends."  "Whyyyy areeee youuuu guyyyyssss igggnoooringgg meeee?"  "Am I ugly?"  "Eleanor got FAAAAAAAT."  "Shh...Don't tell her."  "Louis and Harry are best friends...They had a bromance. I was the 3rd wheel."  "Those BITCHES."  "But now they are dead...They went bye-bye...Whooooops! I'm feeling all tingly..."  I said some other stuff, but I finally passed out. I started to hallucinate, but it was very unclear.     I was on a bus, a big one. In London. It's the bus from the One Thing video, but I'm all alone and there is no driver. "Hello?" I ask. "Hey, what's up?" I hear the familiar voice of Louis say. I turn my head and he is sitting right next to me, smiling. "Well...Uh..." "You and Liam had sex yet?" He asks causally. I'm silent but I can't help but smile at Lou again. "What's it like in heaven?" I ask like a little girl. "It's cool. Lots of hot girls." he says with a smile. "Awesomeness...But I guess that's more exiting to you than me." I laugh. "Dudes too." Louis is suddenly right next to me, so close I can feel his breath. "Where is Harry...?" I ask innocently. "I don't know, guurl. I'm not god or nothing." He says in a sassy voice. "How can I be sure of that?" I ask. "I don't know that either, bitch, do you think when you die you get smarter or something?" he says with a shrug. "Well, I'm pretty drugged up with whatever the doctors gave me so I don't exactly know what I'm....saying." I say, I'm starting to feel dizzy so I clutch my head tightly. "What's wrong, Claire?" I hear him ask. "My heeeeaaddd. I feel dizzy, are you doing something?" I lye my head on the seat cushion, shutting my eyes tightly. "Claire! Claire! Can you hear me? Hellooooo Claire!"  "God damn Lou YES I can hear you!" I hiss at him. My eyes open again and I see the familiar face of the assistant surgeon looking down at me. "You were out pretty hard." he says. "Who's 'Lou'?" He asks again. I feel pretty numb but I can tell slowly the feeling is coming back. "My friend" I simply say before I see Liam and Eleanor walk into the room.  
"It's allliiiivvvveee!" Eleanor jokes, Liam comes up with water in one hand and a mirror in the other. "Hey babe" He says sweetly. "Hiiii guize!" I say as if I was plugging my nose. "Want to look?" Eleanor asks, handing me the mirror. "Mkay. Can I have some water please? I feel light-headed..." I say. Liam gives me a cup of water while Eleanor hands me the mirror. I hold my reflection up to my face as I take a sip of water, "HOLY SHIT!" I spray out all my water onto my chest and Eleanor bursts out laughing. "Sorry....It's.....Funny!" She says between gasps. Liam gives her a harsh look and gives me his hoodie, "Here love" he says. "Shut up El." I say sweetly, right before I pour the rest of the water on her head. "You..You..Look like- Hah- Jumbo- The...Flying eleapha-ahh...nt." She pants. Liam rolls his eyes are happily smiles at me. "You look gorgeous, as always." He gives my a kiss on the head.  "So, what's up for dinner?"    


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