Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


34. Sued, Screwed, and Pure Awesomeness


"Claire..That's not your brother..." Liam says to me. "Ya it is!" I say, I take a second look at the man. Oops.   "Oh...No its not..." I drift off, I feel my face turn bright red and hear the man chuckling. "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Olly panicked as he ran up to the man.   "Yeah, but unless you have a butt load of money for me, your sued." the man says calmly. "We didn't even hit you, wuss!" I say loudly. The man shrugs and walks over to Ollys car, taking a picture of the license plate. "But your not even hurt!" Liam says angrily. "Baby...We all know that." I say sweetly to him.   "Listen. I'm sorry, but you guys were the reckless drivers..." The man says, walking up to Liam. "Your a big ass." Ed says, I turn away and get back into the car. "Guys...This is pointless. Listen dude, can we just like...Drop this and we can all go back to our plans?" Eleanor asks, annoyed. "Fine..." Liam murmurs. We all just ignore the man yelling behind us as we continue our drive to pick up Nicola and Ruth.   **After The Fun park**  I lye lazily on the couch, playing games on my phone and humming to myself. "How's it going?" Eleanor asks as she sits down next to me. Ed, Olly, Nicola, and Ruth all got dropped off and we headed back to our apartment. Liam and I are going out for lunch in 15 minutes and I was already ready to go.  Liam walks into the livingroom, grinning. "What's got you so jolly?" I ask, yawning.  "Josh is visiting!" Liam says in amazement. Josh is the only One Direction 'member' that we are still in contact with. Since 1D broke up, he went to go be a drummer for random singles now. "Really? When?!" I squeal. Josh is like me older brother, too. "Tomorrow evening he will arrive!" Liam says. "Awesomeness! Ready to go, babes?" I ask him. He nods and we make our way outside. "Bye! Have fun!" El yells behind us, I wave my hand behind our backs and she is quiet. "Where are we going?" I ask Liam, he just grins and shakes his head. "Oh-kaaaay." I say.   Liam pulls me past the car, and we walk into the center of town. "Where are we going!" I beg him. "Can't tell, just stay quiet!" He says to me, wrapping his other arm around my shoulders. I shrug and he keeps leading me through town. We walk up to the park, and I gasp at the sight of a picnic table set up with sandwiches, plastic cups, and a wrapped box with a bow on it.   "Liam! Thank you!" I say as I run up to the table. "No- Claire, that's not mine!" Liam laughs, pointing to a couple walking up to the table, looking surprised at me. Like a 19 year old girl standing on a picnic table is weird.   I slowly jump off the bench and scuttle back to Liam that waves to the couple, dragging me away. "Oops!" I laugh, Liam just pats my back and pulls me far away from the city, deep in the trees of that park. "Now, close your eyes." He says to me. I do so, and he leads me a few steps farther, taking lots of turns.  "Okay- Open up!" he says. I do so and see millions of painted red stones, all of them lying on the ground in the shape of a heart. In the middle of the heart, stood a grinning Liam. He had a present in one hand, and a picnic basket in the other. I noticed in the trees near by hung streamers, wind chimes, paper flowers, and a huge banner that read 'Happy 19th birthday/Valentines day, claire!!!'  "Oh my god..." I murmur, letting everything soak in. "LIAM! I LOVE IT!" I scream in joy, jumping up and down, on the brink of tears. "Good, cause it took forever." He laughs. I run up to him as he picks me up in his arms and hugs me. "Nobody has ever done this to me before!" I say in his chest, "Why? You deserve this and so much more!" He kisses me on the forehead and then leans down to kiss me on the lips.   "I'm hungry." I complain. Liam sets me down and we both sit in the grass. He pulls out sandwiches from the basket, along with juice boxes. "Juice boxes? Seriously?" I laugh at him. Liam shrugs and pulls out the straw, starting to drink the juice. I follow him and do the same. 2 official 19-year-olds drinking juice boxes in the park. We couldn't be more awesome than this.  
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