Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


37. JayJay

I wake up to the all too Lucy biting on my toes. "Not right now you annoying cat!" I growl. I roll out of bed and slump to the living room. Liam is asleep on the couch, with his phone up to his cheek. I sit next to him and stanch the mobile from his limp grasp. I love Liam with all my heart- But every good girlfriend snoops, right? Well if you say no...Then fuck you, cause I do.

 Looks like he was texting somebody named Jay Jay. What the hell? I scrolled through the conversation.

JayJay- hey Li! were still hangin 2nite, rite?

Liam- course. claire doesnt no, i hope she doesnt find out

JayJay- i hope so 2. 2nite @ 11, rite??

Liam- yup. c u then!!(:

 I blinked away a few tears. Liam was sneaking out with some slut. He couldnt do this! I quickly set the phone back near his face and stood up.

 "Oh...morning beautiful." he says, rubbing his eyes. I turn my head and send him daggers through my eyes. Liam blinks a few times and finally realizes im angry. "Youve got a lot of nerve, you know that?!" I hiss. Liams mouth practaclly drops, and he starts walking toawrds me, "Caire...What are you talking about?"he says. Im crying now, and scoot up against a wall. "Oh, you know what im talking about, Payne!" He tries to hug me, but without hesitation, I punch him square in the gut. "I really dont!" Liam clutches his torso and is practacly on the floor. "Why dont you ask 'Jay Jay' while your out at fucking 11 o'clock at night!" I cry and feel my shirt start to get soaked with tears.

 Laim stands up properly and before he says anything, I run to my room and slam the door behind me.

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