Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


25. Giving In


Today I gave into accepting that they are gone. Harry is going and I'm pretty sure Liam is too. I put on a black dress that doesn't look too goth, the boys would have preferred me not looking scary. I put my hair up in a bun with random strands hanging out. Ironically I don't wear any make up, which I think is a better cleaner look for me. I put on black boots that Niall once called cute, I put on a friendship ring Zayn gave me, and I have on the same red underwear that Louis accidentally saw when I was getting dressed. He laughed at them, and the only thing I wanted to hear was his laugh. It makes more sense to me.

  I stare at myself in the mirror. It looks like the great depression hit me, 21st century style. "Are you ready?" mum asks as she peers her head into my room. I just nod and follow her down to her Volvo that she kept from America. It smelled like her perfume, which calmed me. "Can I turn on the radio?" she asks. The last few weeks I refused to listen to the news, the worlds hottest boyband members dying must be very intense. I hope this funeral is private, because a ton of girls that cry over the deaths of boys they never met will drive me insane, and it won't be the only funeral I'll be attending.

 The car is silent except the loud ticking of the speed dial moving up and down from mums bad driving. We pull into the cemetery park, and I suddenly recognize the lake from my dream. "I'll be back at 3 o'clock." she says as she gives me a kiss on the cheek and pulls out of the parking lot. I take heavy steps to the group of people I recognize as Niall and Zayn's family. Eleanor and Liam walk up to me. "Have you seen Harry?" Liam asks. Liam looks tired and Eleanor looks like she has gained 10 pounds from eating ice-cream. I see Harry's familiar expensive car pull into the lot and we watch as he walks our way. I got introduced to everybody's family's. Zayn's was big and probably my favorite. Everybody here seemed so depressed, nobody smiling and nobody looking another person in the eye. Everybody is told to sit down, and I realize Perrie is not here. "We have gathered here today for the deaths of Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson." the priest says. Liam lets out a small gasp and I clutch his hand tightly. The priest talks about the boys life's and how they had loving friends and family. He talks about their fame and how in all of it they kept so down to earth. How God welcomes them to his kingdom of something or the other, and how much everybody will miss them. People go up to say their speeches, most nobody could understand from the cries that over flowed the speakers voice. I didn't write a speech, but nor did El, Harry, or Liam. The speeches were over and it was time to say our goodbyes. I walked up to Zayn's pale body. "...Vas Happin? I miss you...And your amazingly useful hair supplies. Your amazayn. And I love you as a friend." Im quite for a second. "And you always smelled pretty good. Hey look, I still have the ring on! " I talk to him as if he would reply. "Here..." I slip off my necklace and stuff it into his hand, closing his fingers so he clutches it. "From one friend to another. Rest is peace..." My voice cracks as I shed tears, but I move on to Niall next.

 "Hey. It's me...Claire. Your my best Irish friend buddy, and I will never meet anybody like you again. I hope they have Nandos in heaven cause I don't want to hear you bitching all the way down here." I joke. I'm silent for a second. "I'll miss you. I'll miss your braces too, the fans could tell you were not some spoils celeb because of them. And that's good. Bye Nailler...Rest in peace." I give him a kiss on the forehead, the tears flowed freely now.

 Next was Louis.



"Louis...What can I say...Your Hilarious and sassy and amazing. You wouldn't believe how much I have cried recently. It really fucks up your face. You better watch over us, because with Dani gone and all of our mourning to weaken us who knows what would happen. I'm sorry nobody ever told you what really happened with Harry and Eleanor. I'm not going to tell you either...That's one of their jobs. Don't worry, I'll eat no more 'Kevin'. And I'll turn back to normal eventually. You can't believe how much everybody misses you. You didnt have to die, you were so young. I love you Lou...Rest in peace." I finished up with tears melting out of my eyes like a waterfall. I walked over to a bench where Liam, Harry, and Eleanor sat.   El scooted over a bit for me and gave me a small smile. All 4 of us sat in silence that was suddenly ruptured by a little blonde girl running down the sidewalk. Perrie. "Oh my god! I'm so late!" she says as she runs up to us. Obviously.   "You might be able to say goodbye still." El says. Suddenly, I see a familiar young boy walk up next to Perrie, wrap his arms around her, and kiss her.  
"You guys, this is my new boyfriend, Dylan." She says. "Dylan?" Harry asks. I could tell he sounded a little angry.   "What do you mean your 'New Boyfriend'?! Zayn only died 3 weeks ago!" I yell. We are at the middle of the cemetery so nobody really heard me.   "...But I started going to his school...and it all just clicked." She says as she kisses him. Dylan never looks me once in the eye, and if he did and looks could kill, he would drop dead.   Harry's face was hot with anger, and I saw Liam steaming up a bit too. "Zayn died and you just go find another man? You don't even care you whore!" Harry yells. I could tell he was on the brink of breaking down, and I grab his hand before he slams it into her face. "And Dylan...You knew that Zayn died!" I back Harry up.   Dylan finally looks up at me. His face is strong and twisted with meanness. Liam suddenly starts to run to him with anger, when suddenly Dylan punches him in the face. "You asses!" Eleanor says, she helps Liam up and pulls him back to the bench.   Dylan just looks different. He looks like some evil crazed manic that just came out of a horror movie. Like somebody that killed someone.   It suddenly all clicked in my head.


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