Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


4. Building Up A Relationship.


 I drove with Dani and Eleanor to the park where they would be filming. It was a really horrible drive considering the whole time Dani was talking like a maniac and Eleanor was glaring at me. "And then I finally decided to go with- Oh! We're here!" Dani says, I watch her add a extra layer of lip gloss to herself and hop out of the car. It was me and Eleanor now.   

  I probably could have thought of a good thing to say to her to confront the fact that now I had a little thunder cloud over my head, but I feel a bit intimidated. I just hopped out of the car instead, that must have really showed her! (Haha...Kidding...)  

 "We are starting by the stairs over here! Boys! Are you guys ready?! Come on! Make up done?!" yelled a director. I looked over to the 5 boys and started laughing, I mean, seriously? Louis's shirt looked a bit too tight, Harry's shirt...I'm sorry but, horribly horrible job you did there picking it out, Styles. And Liam's bottoms? Just don't look down there girls. Truth is...All of the boys just didn't look normal...And I have to tell Harry, right?   

 "Whats up with all of this?" I say to Harry, motioning his whole outfit. His face was blank so I guess he didn't understand. "Okay...Nevermind, just, here" I fix his hair a bit, but he just ruffles it with his hands to make it worse. I mouth out 'Jerk' beside the camera which makes him smile, then the music starts and they start lip singing to the music. They are really bad...  

 By the end of the first part of the song, we headed to the grassy part where the boys got to play with toys- Balls, trucks, hollahoops, stuff like that. God is looked fun...     

 While the boys were busy playing and making the video, me and Dani were talking about girl stuff, “Um..Im now getting the hint the Eleanor doesn’t like me…” I say to her, Louis wobbles by trying to juggle, while Harry is showing him how. Dani looks over to the boys and smiles, Harry throws one of the plastic balls he was juggling at me. “Throw it to me!” He yells, I toss it back at him, expecting he will loose control of the other balls and drop them all. Nope. It lands into his juggling loop thing and he walks away, “Show off!” I yell after him, he turns around and sticks out his tongue.  “Because…Um…Well you see…Harry used to like Eleanor…And um…Uh..Well…Oh god, come here, we can’t say it with the boys around.” Dani says, I follow her under a shady tree and sit down beside the trunk. “Okay…Eleanor cheated on Louis with Harry. They kissed…And she spent the night at his flat when Louis wasn’t home…and you might guess what happened there...You can’t tell ANYBODY. She still has feelings for Harry, but Eleanor wont break up with Louis because…Um…Because she uses him for his fame. Oh my god…You can’t tell anybody! Okay? I shouldn’t even know this! Can I trust you?” She looks panicked and starts whispering. “Harry wouldn’t do that…How do you know?” I say, Harry would have told me? Right? He tells me about all of his girlfriends… “Its complicated. And Harry is a good person…I mean, sure, at any chance he gets…He probably would get in bed with a girl for the fun of it…But he only liked Eleanor  before it all happened…Everybody was drunk that night and…Okay, no details. Now that you know-““Yeah, I won’t tell anybody…” I cut her off. Harry? God...Why Eleanor? I mean, for a model, she isn’t even that pretty!    

 “Girls!!! We are heading to the bus to film now!” Zayn yelled from the park parking lot…Park parking lot… that’s fun to say…Sounds like a tongue twister…Park Parking Lot…Okay, I should stop now.        

 Me, Dani, and Smelleanor have to stay at the bottom of the bus while they film the boys on top. I talk to Dani most of the time, and when Eleanor has something to say, she doesn’t even look me in the eye. Whatever, I don’t need to look at that Whore’s eyes anyways.    




 “LOOK, ZAYN! IT’S A MIRROR!!!!!”    

  Were some of the things I heard the fans scream outside the bus, we just drove around London so it showed in the video. I finally blocked out Dani’s blabbering and Eleanors glaring and focused on my phone, I open up to my twitter account;    

 'w/ @Harry_Styles and friends while they r filming the new One Thing video, huge bus, crazy fans, look @ my life. Jealous?'    

 Since me and Dani follow each other on twitter now, her phone buzzed and she read it. Eleanor’s didn’t. Oh yeah, that’s cause I don’t follow girls that cheat on their boyfriends.  “Ha-ha, ‘I’m soooo jealous.” Dani says, she gives the phone to Eleanor so she can see, all she gives is a weak smile and looks away. “So…Lets play a game…Truth or Dare!” Dani says, Eleanor sighs and I just pay my attention back to Dani, who already started; “Um…Claire, T or D?”  

 “Hm…D I guess.”  

 “Um…Hm…I dare you to text your um…Friend..A drunk text” Dani says. I hate Drunk Texts.  


 “Let me see your contact list.” Dani says, I reluctantly hand her my phone as she scrolls through the list.   “Okay…Text…’Dlyan(o:’ haha, let me guess, he put that in for himself?”    Me and Dylan share most of my classes and I usually sit next to him, Harry and him never really got along…Dylan was not that bad, he would probably just ask me why I didn’t invite him to the party where everybody got beer. “Fine..What do I say?” I open up the text screen, and start typing, answering my own question.  

 ‘OMG did I tell u ur my bff? Urrrrr aweeesooomeeee. did u no tht smtimes pigons follow u? serious. serious cereal.  omg, i tink that somebody just flipped me off! excuse me.’

 I text, I smile at it, im only good at Drunk Texting when im actually drunk.   It only took seconds before he replied;  

 'i think ur drunk. have fun claire. it's gonna be funny when u come back 2 schol w/ a hangover(:'

 "Look, all he says is, 'have fun!'" Dani says, laughing.   "Okay, Eleanor, your turn. T or D?" "Ummm, dare..." She says. "Kay...Update your twitter saying, 'the horrible moment when you start dry heaving on top of your favorite shirt. Rip shirt!" Dani says, Eleanor writes something on her phone and then Dani's phone buzzes.   "Alright..Dani, T or D?" I say, turning and smiling. "Uh...Dare." She says.  "Kay...I dare you a pile of salt as big your pointer fingernail." It was gross, but it was something. Luckily, I had salt in my bag- Call me a crazy person, whatever, but in case of emergencies is what I tell people. I scoop up a pile of salt, as Dani slowly opens her mouth, I fling it in and she starts coughing right away.   "Oh..-cough- ..My..-cough cough- god, you...-cough- BITCH! -cough-" Eleanor grabs a water bottle out of her bag and Dani drinks all of it, while she is fully refreshed, we all start laughing. Including Eleanor. 

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