Remember Me?

Hi, my names Claire. Let me tell you about myself;
I hate rabbits. Rabbits suck. Rabbits are scary and have NO PURPOSE.
Im a cat person. I love cats.
And also im best friends with Harry Styles, we have been neighbors since I we were 5 and he just came back from that tour for that album that I forget the name of...
My brother just moved to America. I dont really miss him...
Im 18 years old, I have waist-long brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice tan, and a crooked smile.
I cant wait to for whats to come now that Harry and the other 6...Is it 6? Oh- Oh 4, yeah, yeah. Now that Harry and the other 4 boys I never met are back, I know its going to be a interesting time.


5. A Present From My Shoe.


Turns out the boys would be here for the next 2 weeks! Lucky me! They all stayed at the flat they shared at Holmes Chaple. Me and all the boys exchanged numbers- And even Dani and Eleanor (not like I'll ever use that one).  

 It was a brand new day now, and Dani had dance practice, Eleanor had bitch practice (Kidding- she was doing some super model stuff) and the boys invited me to go see a film with them. Harry knew that I loved action movies so he picked out the new Transformers. Not what I wanted- but it was something.    I checked my phone and had 5 new texts!;  

 Harry: me & the boys will pick u up @ 1.

 Louis: r u excited 2 c transformers? :D?

 Dani: have fun w/ the boys!

 Dani: oops. just got caught txting in class!! ttyl! 

 And my big brother, Jack, who just moved to America; Jack: Having a blast @ USA! Miss u n the fams!Video chat me tonight with the family- I have big news!  

 To Harry: Me: sounds cool!

 To Louis: Me: yeah. counting the seconds(: To Jack: K. Wonder what it's about- I'll invite you at 6, k?  

 I would have texted Dani, but I didn't want to get haw in trouble. I'm so kind!    

 I walk down stairs to the kitchen where my mom and dad are sitting, whispering to each other. "Jack. Skype. Tonight. Nine." Is all I say, as I run past them to the screen door. I jump outside and smell the air, to my left, Harry's house, to my right, open fields. I usually keep my running shoes outside instead of taking them in- I have to admit it, my feet smell really bad in those shoes. I slip them on so I can go out for a run, as I slowly edge my foot into the shoe, I let out a long, silent scream, flinging my shoe off into the fields.

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