I think I love you

Catarina was just expecting a normal day off at the park, But she unexpectidly meets Harry Styles from One Direction. Catarina isn't looking for a serious relationship right now, But does she fall for Harry? and why doesn't Catarina want to be in a serious relationship? You'll just have to find out.


7. Ready

The next morning I woke up and got ready for work I left around 8 and got back around 4. I knew I had a few hours before I had to get ready for me and Harry's date. I decided to watch some TV to kill the time. Before I knew it I was asleep. I woke up at 7:30. "WHAT! 7:30!!" I screamed before running upstairs. I jumped into the shower and got out by 7:45. I ran across the hall to my bedroom. I decided what to wear as fast I could: A blue tight dress, with my black flats. I put blue eye shadow and mascara on. I had just remembered I had to do my hair when I heard my doorbell ring. I ran down stairs and opened the door. "Hey Catarina!" Harry said. He seemed excited. I had to admit I was kind of excited too. "Hey Harry! Can I ask for just 10 more minutes." I asked after shutting the door behind him. "Not at all love!" Harry said. I was glad he understood. I ran back upstairs to the bathroom and did my hair. I walked down the stairs to Harry standing next to the steps. "Wow! you look beautiful." Harry said. "Thank you. You clean up pretty well too." I said. "Thank you!" We walked out the door. He opened the car door for me and we were off.

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