I think I love you

Catarina was just expecting a normal day off at the park, But she unexpectidly meets Harry Styles from One Direction. Catarina isn't looking for a serious relationship right now, But does she fall for Harry? and why doesn't Catarina want to be in a serious relationship? You'll just have to find out.


5. Meeting The rest of the lads.

When me and Harry entered his house there was not a sound. Until Harry screamed we were there. Then I saw four boys running down the stairs. "Boys this is Catarina. Catarina Barro." He said copying the way I introduced my self in the park. They all introduced themselves and gave me big hugs. "Nice to meet you guys!" I said. After we were done having our little introduction chat we all went to the living room and sat on the couch. There was a moment of silence until Harry asked if we wanted to watch a movie. "Ya!" All the guys said together. "Let's watch something scary!" Louis said. "Okay." Harry said before getting up to look through all of his movies "How does Paranormal Activity sound?" Harry asked holding up the case so we could see it. "Ya! I never got to see that one!" I said. "Paranormal Activity it is!" Harry said while taking the disc out of the case. About ten minutes into the movie Niall got up to make some popcorn. He came out with two big bowls of popcorn. He gave me and Harry one and the rest of the boys got to share the other one.

When it came to the last part in the movie where you could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I was covering my face with a pillow and holding Harry's hand as tight as I could. As soon as the women threw her dead boyfriend at the camera causing the camera to fall to the ground I screamed as loud as I could along with Louis and Niall. Once her demon face was exposed on the screen the movie was over . "Well! That was a good movie." I said. "Yes. Yes it was good. But scary." Louis said. "Well, you guys thank you for the movie I will probably never be sleeping again. Anyways I think I better get going." I told them. "Are you sure?" Harry asked. "Ya i'm sure." I said. "I'll walk you to your car then." Harry said.

When me and Harry got outside he grabbed my hand. "You know you were holding my hand inside while we were watching the movie." Harry said. "Ya. I know. I was really scared." I said smiling showing all of my teeth. we both laughed at my big smile I gave him. "Catarina, would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorow night." He asked me. "I can't." I said hoping he would be okay with that. But of course he wasn't. "Please. It's just dinner" He asked. I guess he was right it's just dinner. "Okay. I guess we can go to dinner" I said. "Great! I can pick you up tomorrow at eight if you want." He said. "Ya that sounds good."

" "Okay. What's your address?"


"Okay i'll pick you up from your house then, love." Harry said.

"Alrighty. Bye. I said when I was getting into my car. I pulled out of the driveway as I was waving. I knew I was falling for Harry I just couldn't admit it.

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