I think I love you

Catarina was just expecting a normal day off at the park, But she unexpectidly meets Harry Styles from One Direction. Catarina isn't looking for a serious relationship right now, But does she fall for Harry? and why doesn't Catarina want to be in a serious relationship? You'll just have to find out.


6. I can't fall for him!

While I was driving home I realized I was starting to really like Harry. "Don't fall for Harry. Don't fall for Harry!" I kept saying to myself. "Remember the last time you fell in love in someone?" I asked myself. I started to remember everything that happened. I was dating a guy I knew my whole life. We didn't start dating until we were in high school. His name was Jeffrey. When we were dating for two years he started acting weird. We got into a huge fight one night, and he punched and kicked me. Treating me as if I was a rag doll. I got put in the hospital for a couple days, and he went to jail I don't know how long for though. He could be out by now for all I know. I was so afraid that something like that was going to happen again. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It almost made me burst into tears. Jeffrey really hurt me and I can't let anything like that happen again. Ever.

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