I think I love you

Catarina was just expecting a normal day off at the park, But she unexpectidly meets Harry Styles from One Direction. Catarina isn't looking for a serious relationship right now, But does she fall for Harry? and why doesn't Catarina want to be in a serious relationship? You'll just have to find out.


10. Everything's Okay.

I woke up on Harry's chest. His right arm was laying on my back and his left was next to his body. I looked at Harry's face. His eyes were closed, he was still sleeping. I stared for a couple of minutes. Soon his eyes opened slowly. "Morning beautiful." Harry said in a scratchy morning voice.

"Morning handsome." I said.

He flashed his gorgeous smile at me. We stared into eachother's eyes for a moment, And for that moment every bad memory that I had had, vanished. Gone. Everything was okay.

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