Trust Me, Please?

(One Direction, NOT FAMOUS)
Bella's life wasn't exactly like any other 'Normal', teenage life. Being different to everyone else, and not fitting in anywhere, only made it harder. On top of being bullied in school, she had heaps of problems at home too. When she meets Louis, she suddenly feels safe, in the warmth of his arms. She thought no one could harm her, when she was with him. She thought she knew what the world was, but little did she know, when she was in his arms in the darkness, things were lurking about. Things she thought only existed in non fictional books. She was wrong, the world was a lot more dangerous then she ever thought. Being with Louis, is putting her and everyone around her in danger. Will she longer feel safe in his arms, or will he scare her away? Will she give up? Or strive for love?


8. ~Was He Who I thought He Was?~

*Bella’s POV*

I crouched down beside him and gently rubbed circles on his back. “Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?” He shook his head lightly, “Does sleeping in an alley way count?” He asked chuckling nervously, making light of the situation. My mouth resembled half of a smile as I thought deeply about what he must be thinking. I stood up straight and offered him a hand up, “Come on, I’m not letting you sleep out in the cold. You can come and stay at my house.” “I can’t do th-” “Yes you can and you will.” I said cutting him off. He smirked and grabbed my hand, as I pulled him out of the gutter. We walked towards the car and I rested my hand on his shoulder knowing that at least now he’d be safe.


I opened the front door waiting for Louis to enter. He slowly made his way in the front door before I quickly shut it, stoping the cold air from getting to us. “I’m home!” I called dropping my coat on the couch. Louis looked around as he followed me, seeming lost. Tyler came into the room wiping the flour from his hands onto his jeans. “Oh thank goodness your home, I was about to come looking for yo-” He immediately stopped talking when he saw Louis. Tyler’s body stiffened. “I said to get food, not a boy.” He said frowning. I sighed, “I got the food calm down.” I said handing him the groceries. “Tyler this is Louis, Louis this is Tyler.” I said making gestures between them. Tyler nodded and walked away into the kitchen. “Bella I don’t think I’m welcome here…” Louis said trailing off. I shook my head, “He’ll come around, I’ll quickly have a chat with him about… This.” I said placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder; he nodded as I followed Tyler into the kitchen. “Tyler?” I called from the doorway; he froze and shot me a glare. “Really, Bella? Why did you have to bring home Louis Tomlinson?” He asked frowning. I was utterly confused as to what he had against Louis; he’d only just met him… “Tyler, he’s been through a lot.” I said in a soft tone. “Please, Tyler? He has no where else to go.” I asked looking up from the floor. Tyler caught my glance and his face softened, “Fine.” He said giving in. “Thank-you!” I said hugging him tightly.


I stride into the living room to find Louis awkwardly in the middle of the room with his hands shoved into his pockets. I took a moment to find words to say, but nothing came out. “What did he say?” Louis asked breaking the deafening silence between us. I smiled,  

“You can stay.” He nodded quietly. “You don’t have to do this for me, Bella.” He sighed. I gave him a weak smile, “Yes I do, Louis. You have always been there to help me, so now I’m returning the favour.” I said remembering back to the time when he helped clean me up after I’d been thrown at with coffee.

“Oh! How rude of me!” I said face palming myself. He looked at me in confusion, “I forgot to give you a tour of the house.” I said extending my hand, so I could show him around the house.


*1 hour later*

After dinner was finished Louis offered to help me with the dishes. “Hey, Louis, can you pass me the soap please?” I said pulling my sleeves up my arms. “Sure.” He said handing me the soap with a warm smile on his face. I pulled the cap off before tipping it in the water. “Wow Bell, that heaps!” Louis said taking the soap off of me. I looked at him with puppy eyes, “But I like soap.” I said trying to look upset. He playfully rolled his eyes before tipping the entire bottle of soap into the sink of hot water. My eyes widened, “Louis!” I squealed, “That’s a new bottle!” I said too surprised to be mad. He shrugged, “I’ll get you a new one tomorrow.” He said, picking up some bubbles before blowing them into my face. I scoffed trying not to laugh as I scooped a large amount of bubbles and rubbed them in his hair. “Oooh it is on.” He said smirking before flinging the hot soapy water at me. “Louis!” I whined, as I threw the wet tea towel at his face. He quickly snatched the wet cloth from the water and threw it at me. I squealed giggling, as the kitchen floor became wet and slippery. Before I knew it Louis was chasing me around the kitchen with bubbles. “Louis stop!” I said giggling, as I tried to get away from him. He caught me from behind as he snaked an arm around my waist, rubbing the bubbles into my hair with his spare hand. “I guess you won’t be needing a shower tonight.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers through out my body. I slightly turned my head to see my his face inches away from mine, as his breathing became shallow, slowly inching closer to my lips. “What happened here-” Tyler said bursting into the room as I quickly back away from Louis. Tyler’s eyes widened, pressing his fists to his hips. “What have you been doing in here?” Tyler asked raising an eyebrow. “Cleaning. Don’t worry we’ll fix the floor.” I said stating the obvious. He nodded and gave Louis a glare before exiting the room, leaving Louis and me alone again. “Lets clean this mess then. Shall we?” Louis asked chuckling.




I pulled out some blankets and laid them on the couch, along with a couple of pillows for Louis’ bed. I sighed in accomplishment as I tucked the last sheet in. I placed my hands on my hips satisfied with what I had made. I turned to see Louis standing in the corner of the room shirtless, as his line-defined abs look like a Calvin Klein model and his jeans hung low on his hips. I couldn’t help but stare. He looked up and caught my eyes. I quickly looked away blushing. He let out a deep chuckle and walked up to me, “I’m really sorry but going to get some rest; I’m so tired.” He said placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and smiled, “Sure, I’m going to go to bed now anyway.” I said rubbing my arm. He nodded and smiled at the ground, “Are you sure you don’t want a shower?” I asked for the millionth time, “No it’s okay Bells, I’ll have one later. Don’t worry about it.” He said politely, as he pulled me into a warm hug, his scent filling my lungs as I rested my head on his shoulder lightly. “Goodnight Louis.” “Goodnight Bells.”

And with that I walked up stairs and into my room.


*2:45 am*

I lay in bed tossing and turning, huffing without a second of sleep; I was starting to get really annoyed. I glanced over to my clock, 2:45am. I sighed deeply and pulled my phone from under my pillow, and started to text Louis.

To: Louis

Hello, sorry if I woke you up! Just wondering if you’ve gotten any sleep? X

To my surprise he quickly responded to my text.

L: Hi! Nope not a second of sleep! You? X

B: I haven’t had any sleep either L X

L: Wanna come down? X

B: Alright, I’ll be down soon! X

With that I quietly hopped of bed and made my way down the stairs.

“Hi.” I whispered, smiling in the dark.

“Get in here.” He said pulling the sheets up, inviting me in next to him. “Now we can get some rest.” He said, as I could imagine him smiling in my head.

The last words I heard before drifting off were, “Goodnight Bells, see you in the morning.” And a faint kiss to my head.



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