Trust Me, Please?

(One Direction, NOT FAMOUS)
Bella's life wasn't exactly like any other 'Normal', teenage life. Being different to everyone else, and not fitting in anywhere, only made it harder. On top of being bullied in school, she had heaps of problems at home too. When she meets Louis, she suddenly feels safe, in the warmth of his arms. She thought no one could harm her, when she was with him. She thought she knew what the world was, but little did she know, when she was in his arms in the darkness, things were lurking about. Things she thought only existed in non fictional books. She was wrong, the world was a lot more dangerous then she ever thought. Being with Louis, is putting her and everyone around her in danger. Will she longer feel safe in his arms, or will he scare her away? Will she give up? Or strive for love?


10. ~The Truth?~

*Bella’s POV*


I snuck Ava into my room, keeping her away from Tyler; I didn’t want him to make her leave.


I told Ava everything. I told her about everything, from the moment I arrived here, to the moment she arrived through the door. I told her about her about my new friends, and how I had met them. All the way to the fight between Louis and Niall, and my fight with Tyler.


When I’d finished my rant, Ava was outraged. Before I knew it she had barged out of the room, and was quickly stomping her way down the stairs. I ran after her reaching her just in time to see her push Tyler forcefully in the chest.


“How could you say that to her?! You don’t know anything that has been happening!!” Ava yelled as she stomped her foot loudly against the floor. “How would you know what’s happening!? You just got here! You’re the one that knows nothing! Back off and leave!” He hissed shooting Ava a glare. “No Tyler! I’m not letting you push another one of my friends away!” I said pushing him away from Ava. Ava huffed as her eyes locked with Tyler’s, “Come on.” I said dragging her out of the house.


If anything I wanted to get away from Tyler.






*2 hours later*




I sighed as my tummy grumbled; I looked over to Ava with a hungry expression. “Dinner time?” She asked with a laugh, I nodded and giggled, as we both made our way down stairs. My eyebrows furrowed to see Tyler already in the kitchen, preparing some food. My arms folded tightly across my chest, as I huffed in annoyance. “Can you please pass the flour Bella?” He asked like the most innocent angel in the world. He looked at me and awaited for me to pass the flour, “You don’t actually think I’m going to pass it to you, do you?” I asked as my tongue rubbed along my front teeth. Ava walked to the table and passed him the flour carelessly. “Are you going to help make dinner?” He asked rolling up his sleeves, though I didn’t answer. Ava groaned, “I’ll help. Dinner won’t cook itself.” She said rinsing her hands under hot water. I shook my head in disapproval as I picked up a book and plopped myself onto the couch, and started to read.




“Bella? Can you come here?” Tyler called, interrupting the best part of the book, I moan and hoisted myself off of the couch, as my legs brought me back into the kitchen. “Can you get a few things from the supermarket?” He asked wiping the sweat from his forehead. I sighed, this happened pretty much every night. I snatched the grocery list from the table and walked to my car, before making another outing to the supermarket.






I roamed the isles of the supermarket, looking for a specific type of bread, as my gaze swept over the tall shelfs, I could feel the company of another person. My eyes fluttered in the direction of the stranger that seemed to familiar to be true. His gaze turned to mine as our gaze locked for a few moments, “Hey.” He said showing a weak smile. “Hi. Why is it that you’re always at the supermarket, Louis?” I asked smiling in return, “I’m a hungry guy.” He replied casually shrugging. I giggled at his awkwardness, as the silence took the better of the situation between us. “I’m really sorry for earlier, I don’t know what came over me.”  He said playing with his hands, I sighed and nodded in approvement. “It’s okay. We all make mistakes.” I said softly shrugging giving him a warm smile. “So, has you’re dad let you back in?” I asked selecting a bread and putting it into the basket. “No, not yet he hasn’t.” He said as his facial expression dropped. I smiled an apologetic smile, “Did you wanna come back with me?” I asked politely inviting him over. He shook his head; “I can’t always stay over Bella, especially after what happened today.” He said ashamed. “Louis, I’d rather you be safe with me then anywhere else.” I said softly biting my lip, fighting the urge to blush. “Really?” He asked hopefully, I nodded; “Of course I do.”




*20 Minutes later*




Louis placed his bags in the living room behind the couch, as we entered the house. “Any one home?” I called into the awkwardly quiet house; I frowned in confusion. “Tyler?” I called again slipping off my shoes, as I made my way to the kitchen. “Oh my god! Ava! Tyler!” I said covering my eyes in pure shock, as they lay on the kitchen floor together. “Shit.” Tyler cursed under his breath. “What happened in here-?” Louis’ said walking up beside me but quickly turned around. “Oh okay…” He said awkwardly looking away.






*Ava’s POV*


*20 Minutes Earlier*




“That’s not how you do it.” Tyler moaned as he pushed me aside, I frowned as he tried to take over the cooking. “Um excuse me? I was doing perfectly fine.” I said folding my arms, then quickly unfolded them and shoved him away from the pasta. “No Ava, you’re doing it wrong.” He said with a stern expression. “I don’t see you doing any better.” I hissed in annoyance, hinting for him to leave me alone. His jaw tightened, defining his sharp jawbones. I stood in awe as his looks drew me to him, his long eyelashes rested on the tops of his cheeks, and his pink lips looking so plumb. ‘No Ava! He’s Bella’s big brother! You’re supposed to be mad at him!’ I thought to myself, biting my tongue as hard as I could. Tyler’s face eased into the situation as he came closer. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” He said barely above a whisper. My body stiffened at the feel of his hand clenched to my wrist, as my breathing became shallow; his hands travelled up my back and rested on my neck. My eye’s locked with his; they were so perfect it seemed hypnotising. His lips inching closer to mine, I quickly gave in and pressed my lips to his in an urgent kiss. Our lips moulded together as one, as the moved at a bearable pace. The moment seemed so wrong to be kissing my best friends brother, but nothing made me convinced that anything about it was bad. My mind raced as his smooth hands snaked up the back of my shirt. My mind began to panic but something was telling me to keep going. It was something about the look in his eyes that made me feel… Safe.




*Bella’s POV*


*20 Minutes later*


I stood in the hallway rubbing my temples; trying to get the picture of my brother and best friend out of my head. “Who is that?!” Louis asked with wide eyes, as the picture popped back into my head. “Ava.” I replied plainly as I rubbed my eyes, “Wait. Like Ava Deyes, Ava?” I said as if it was a complete shock to him. “Yep. That’s the one.” I confirmed as I bit on my knuckle. Ava stumbled out of the kitchen, with her hand in Tyler’s. I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms across my chest awkwardly, “Dinners nearly ready.” Ava said flatly still in the moment of shock. I nodded, “You’ve met Louis haven’t you?” I quickly asked her, before she dashed back into the kitchen; she quickly nodded before jogging away.




*10 minutes later*




The awkward silence settled in as we all sat around the TV eating our pasta, I could still feel the strong tension between Tyler and Louis. I looked around the room as I sucked the spaghetti strands into my mouth, completely distracted by the photos, I hadn’t realised the breaking news on the TV. “17 dead bodies have been found at the local riverside of Manchester this afternoon. The investigation is ongoing, but from what we know so far, it is believed to be an animal attack, with one bite to the neck and drained of blood-” Tyler quickly switched the channel. “We don’t wanna watch that.” He said putting the remote beside him, “What do you think it is?” Ava asked looking scared. “Probably mountain wolves.” He said with the instantaneous confidence necessary to get away with the lie. “But the mountains are so far away.” I stated sill staring at the TV, “Well they can’t say in the mountains, eventually they’ll have to travel and find food to survive.” He said tangling his fork into the strands of spaghetti. Something about the way Tyler spoke put me on edge, it didn’t seem like the truth at all.


Was he actually telling the truth

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