Trust Me, Please?

(One Direction, NOT FAMOUS)
Bella's life wasn't exactly like any other 'Normal', teenage life. Being different to everyone else, and not fitting in anywhere, only made it harder. On top of being bullied in school, she had heaps of problems at home too. When she meets Louis, she suddenly feels safe, in the warmth of his arms. She thought no one could harm her, when she was with him. She thought she knew what the world was, but little did she know, when she was in his arms in the darkness, things were lurking about. Things she thought only existed in non fictional books. She was wrong, the world was a lot more dangerous then she ever thought. Being with Louis, is putting her and everyone around her in danger. Will she longer feel safe in his arms, or will he scare her away? Will she give up? Or strive for love?


5. ~So It begins~

*Bella’s POV*

I stood against the gate as I waited for Harry; the cool breeze made me shiver, and the trees gently sway back and forth. My thoughts were interrupted when Harry squeezed me into a hug. “Hey! Sorry I’m late, how long have you been standing there?” He asked, I noticed something different, his curls were tucked in under his beanie and his big scarf almost covered his entire neck. “It’s okay, I’ve only been here like three minutes.” Lie, I had actually been here half an hour, but I didn’t want to make him feel worse than he already felt. “I’m really sorr-!” I quickly interrupted him by grabbing his hand, “You apologise too much.” I giggle. “Come on.” He says tugging me into the school doors.



 “So this is Mrs Harries locker?” Harry asked leaning against the locker beside mine. I nodded, “Oh yes, this was my locker freshmen year, number 15. Good memories.” He said in a grandpa voice, making me giggle. “Should I be scared? Will I find dirty boxers in the back of it?” I asked laughing as Harry screwed up his nose. “Of course not! I’m not that

disgusting.” He said sounding guilty. “Oh and we have art. Were painting.” He said smirking, I gasped and started clapping with excitement. “Yay! I love art!” I said getting out my art books, “I thought you’d like art.” He said nodding, as I blushed crimson. “Shall we?” He asked gesturing to link arms. “We shall.” I giggled and linked arms with Harry.




I smiled as we walked into the room; paints lined the shelfs and drawings hung among the walls. This would be a class I’d like. I gathered the paints and canvas and laid them into their spots. I quickly tied my hair into a bun before dipping the paintbrush into the paint. “You’ll be needing this my Lady.” Louis said bowling down and handing me an apron. “Thank-you.” I said blushing, how could I forget? “So your clothes don’t get dirty…” Harry smirked, probably thinking of something dirty. I giggled and splashed a little paint on him. He frowned playfully, and covered his hand in blue paint and made a big hand print on my cheek. I scoffed and laughed unimpressed, “Not funny Harry.” I said crossing my arms across my chest. “Hehehehe!” Harry giggled stupidly. I rolled my eyes and continued brain storming what to paint. I felt my shoulder become heavy, “Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” Niall whispered in my ear. What?! Everyone else around the table started having fits of laughter. “Excuse me?” I asked in confusion, “What do you mean ‘Excuse me?’ I was quoting Titanic!” He said with wide eyes. “I’ve never seen Titanic before.” I say a little embarrassed, everyone on the table gasped and Louis dropped a bottle of paint making it splash all over the floor. “What?!” Louis asked with his jaw hanging low, I blushed and shook my head. “Not this Saturday but the next Saturday your house, were watching Titanic.” He said inviting himself to my own house, though I didn’t really mind.




“Wow! That’s Amazing Bella!” Emma exclaimed to my painting. I blushed, “Thanks.” “I hate it.” Niall said turning up his nose. Jenna frowned and playfully punched his arm, “Excuse me that’s abuse, you could go to jail for that!” Louis sassed clicking his fingers in a ‘Z formation’. “Don’t listen to anything they say.” Natalia said resting a hand on my shoulder. “She didn’t draw me like one of her French girls.” Niall whined, crossing his arms across his chest irritated. “Niall, I haven’t seen the movie.” I said  “Well you will. Then you will draw me like one of your French girls.” He said with a nod of his head, “Promise.” I said putting out my pinkie finger; as soon as our hands touched I gasped and flinched away. He frowned, “Come on, you need to make the promise.” He said, his eyes had changed, he was different. I took a deep breath and we shook pinkies. “Come on its lunch time!” Louis said herding us out of the room.




He was so cold… What just happened?




Niall walked to the cafeteria with me close to him, it was awkward but his presence was comforting.


We walked to the same table from the previous day, and had a chat. I smiled as I joined in with all the conversations; I was starting to believe I actually had real friends. I cleared the thought from my mind, I don’t have friends. I’ll never have friends. ‘Just expect the facts Bella’ I thought to myself.




*Louis’ POV*

I squirmed in my seat trying to keep up with all the conversation that was going on. As I looked around the table Bella’s face caught my attention, I could sense that she felt as if she didn’t belong. I knew that feeling all too well. I bit my lip hard; I needed to help her feel like she did belong. “I’m going to get some fresh air. Does anyone wanna come?” I asked abruptly standing up, “Lou it’s absolutely freezing out there!” Harry explained looking at me in suspicion. I looked at Bella and give her the ‘come with me’ look, “You know what I’ll come too.” She said standing up from her seat. “Don’t freeze to death!” Zayn called after us.


I could finally talk to Bella by myself.

We stepped into the crisp weather and strolled around the gardens, I looked at Bella as she pulled down her beanie, as her cheeks became rosy pink from the cold breeze. She was so cute, I wanted to talk but every time I opened my mouth to say something nothing came out. The silence was killing me.

“So what are we supposed to be doing out here Louis?” Bella asked giving me a warm smile, I was lost for words. “I really don’t know, it was just getting to hot in there.” I lied; she raised her eyebrow in suspicion. “Seriously Louis, what are we doing?” She asked again, “I just wanted alone time. I know they’re my friends but sometimes they’re a bit overwhelming.” I chuckled nervously. She nodded, “Oh I see…” She said trailing off, I tried to say more but I quickly shut my mouth before I said anything too stupid. As we strolled around the gardens we came across a bench, “Do you want to sit?” I asked awkwardly gesturing towards the seat, she grinned and nodded. My body fell onto the hard bench and let out a longingly sigh, and shoved my hands into my pockets; attempting to keep them warm. “I’m not trying to be rude in anyway, but… Why’d you move?” I asked breaking the silence between us, she sighed and took a moment before talking, thinking of the right thing to say. “Well my parents died in a house fire and the house was completely destroyed, so we moved to our grandparents for a short period of time… But then they had to go to a retirement home, and we couldn’t really stay at their old house, so we decided to just move away all together.” She said looking at her feet, as she rubbed her feet together not sure what to do next. I took in all the information and wondered how she was feeling about all this, but that could be saved for another day, when we know each other better. My face softened as I realised I’m not the only one going through a hard time. “I’m sorry…” Was all I could manage, as I rubbed her back softly. “It’s okay.” She said keeping her calm, I felt so terrible, “Bella?” I asked softly, She looked up from her feet as I realised the singled tear slipping down her cheek. I opened my arms and held her in a warm embrace. I embraced the moment as time went backwards and I could feel her soft heart beat.


What’s was happening to me?

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