Trust Me, Please?

(One Direction, NOT FAMOUS)
Bella's life wasn't exactly like any other 'Normal', teenage life. Being different to everyone else, and not fitting in anywhere, only made it harder. On top of being bullied in school, she had heaps of problems at home too. When she meets Louis, she suddenly feels safe, in the warmth of his arms. She thought no one could harm her, when she was with him. She thought she knew what the world was, but little did she know, when she was in his arms in the darkness, things were lurking about. Things she thought only existed in non fictional books. She was wrong, the world was a lot more dangerous then she ever thought. Being with Louis, is putting her and everyone around her in danger. Will she longer feel safe in his arms, or will he scare her away? Will she give up? Or strive for love?


3. ~Not Old For This World~


*Bella’s POV*

Harry tugged me behind him, as we weaved our way in and out, of rowdy seniors and new freshmen. He peered back at me, as his curls bounced around his face, “Are you okay?” He asked out of curiosity. I giggle and nodded. “We’re almost there!” He uttered, as he pulled me around one last corner, we we’re definitely here. The bright red tabletops, were scattered all over the room, along with the chairs and people, munching on their food, chatting and laughing. Harry pointed to the other side of the cafeteria, “There they are.” He smirked. I gulped and took a deep breath, “You okay?” He questioned me worriedly. I nodded, my grip got tighter on Harry’s hand, he faked a smile, “Sorry.” I whisper, he chuckled “Stop apologising Bella.” I giggled, as we wandered through the crowd.

His friends looked up at Harry and Myself, I blushed and gave a gentle smile. “Hey Hazza! Who’s this nice girl you have?” One of the boys queried. He had his hair styled into a quiff, and had quite a few tattoo’s up his arms; I must admit I was slightly intimidated by him. “Guy’s this is Bella! Make her feel welcome!” He said cheekily grinning. “Hey Bella!” They all chimed, I blushed and tried to hide it, “I’m Natalia!” “I’m Jenna! “I’m Zayn.” “I’m Liam!” “I’m Emma!” “And I’m Niall, but you already know me!” He said smiling raising his eyebrows up and down. “Hi guys!” I say trying to comfort myself, “Sit down, you don’t wanna strain your back!” Jenna said patting the seat beside her, I beamed and sat beside her, “So were are you from?” Darcy quizzed me, “Bradford.” I replied simply, they all smiled. “I live there too!” Zayn said surprised. “Ehy where’s Lou?” Liam asked Harry, Harry shrugged, “I haven’t seen him all morning.” Harry said disappointed. ‘Who is Louis’ I thought to myself. “I’ll text him!” Zayn shouted. “No need to mate, I just got a text. It says his late, and he is in the car park now.” Niall said proudly. “I uh might go get some lunch.” I said dismissing myself from the group, “Get the chips and gravy, they’re the best.” Jenna stated smiling; I nodded and walked to the line.


I grabbed a tray and waited in the long queue. I had collected all of my food, but being dandy, clumsy me, I didn’t notice the puddle of milk; I slipped making all of my food fall to my feet. I clenched my eyes together waiting for my butt to fall to the ground; I waited and waited, until I realized I was in someone’s arms. Oh good god, do I really want to know whose arms I was in? I slowly opened my eyes. He had beautiful eyes. the kind you get lost in. And I guess I did. He had coffee coloured hair that reached the tips of his eyebrows. I was speechless, I didn’t know if I should say something, or stare a little while longer. “Thanks.” I said awkwardly flushing, “Any time” He said smugly, he helped me to my feet, “What’s your name, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before?” He said eyeing me in a pleasant manner. “Bella, yeah I’m new I arrived today.” I say grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland. “Louis.” He said mimicking my tone; I laugh nervously. “Um can we please get a cleaner and a tray of chips and gravy please?” Louis asked the lady behind the counter, she didn’t look too happy; she looked like a grumpy kind of lady. I wouldn’t blame her though; she had to serve food to over hundreds of students that were snobby and ungrateful. She scooped an immense amount of chips and slapped them into an aluminium tray, and slopped hot gravy over the top. She irresponsibly handed him the tray and a napkin, he thanked her and attentively handed me the piping tray, our hands brushed off of each other, I briefly looked up at his eyes again, but he was too busy looking at our hands. “Thank-you Louis.” He looked up at the mention of his name; he waved his hand dismissively, “It was nothing.” He said burning up. “So where are you sitting?” He asked wandering beside me, “Oh uh, Just over there.” I said pointing to the table, in which sat the people I had briefly met. “Really? I sit there too!” He said grinning at the coincidence, I smile along with him. “Hello Lou!” They shriek, “Hey have you met Bella yet?!” Harry asked delighted, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “Yeah a few minutes ago actually!” He said gladly, “Oh cool!’ Harry said thrilled clapping his hands. We all laughed at Harry’s enthusiasm. “See they love you." Harry whispered in his husky tone, his hand dug down into my back pocket and did something with my phone, before tucking it away again.


I squished myself in between Jenna and Niall, and placed the hot chips on the bench. I picked up a chip and popped it into my mouth, “Ouch shit!” I squealed as I quickly gulped down the hot chip. The boy’s chuckle, Niall falls to the floor in fits of laughter, “Are you okay?!” Zayn asked patting my back, wiping away his tears from his eyes, from laughing too hard. “Yeah… It was just really hot!” I explain, taking a deep breath. 

Niall sat back on the seat beside me properly, his tummy grumbled, it was like listening to thunder. I laugh, “Are you hungry?” I ask laughing, He nodded his head. I slid the tray in front of him, as he picked out a few chips, “Guy’s have some, I can’t fit all this in!” I exclaim looking at the big tray of chips. The boys dig in and grab some chips, “Do you girls want some?” I say gesturing towards the food, they shook their heads politely; I shrug and lick the gravy from my fingers. I looked up and saw Louis peering at me licking my fingers, I laugh and he laughs with me. My phone vibrated, and everyone on the table looked at me, I took my phone from my pocket. It was Rachel Scott.


“Are you going to answer that Love?” Liam asked furrowing his eyebrows together concerned. I looked up at Liam and back at the screen. I blinked back my tears that were swelling up behind my eyes. I denied the call and tucked my phone back into my pocket. I sniffed, “I’m all good.” I said pulling a white lie. Louis frowned disbelieving in the statement I had said. He lightly brushed his foot against my leg, under the table. My head snapped in his direction. In his eye’s I could sense that he did not believe me. “Are you sure?” He mouthed, I gave him a weak smile, and that was when the bell rang. 


I picked up my bag and flung it over my shoulder, I briskly walked to the bathroom, I wanted to avoid all the questions. The bathroom door shut behind me, I sighed, as a couple of tears escaped my eyes; I steadily walked over to the basin. I didn’t dare look in the mirror; I gripped the basin in my hands, and dangled my head above it, as if I was going to be sick. I daringly looked at my reflection, my eyes were watery, I let a few more tears escape my eyes, I quickly wiped them away, I breathed slowly.


Oh right, let me rewind, who is Rachel Scott you ask? She was the mega bitch that bullied me thought out my primary school life, and most of my high school life. My hatred grew so much for her, if I had a penny for every time she annoyed me, (when she breathed). I’d be richer then the Freaking Queen. She was basically THE Regina George of the school, and I was the insect that needed to be squashed quickly. Freshmen year I spent my days hating on her, as she shared her spit with every decent looking guy. I’m surprised she didn’t go for Walter Barker, who spent every last second with his fingers up his nostrils. He’d go around asking people if he could pick their nose, because his was ‘empty’, in exchange people would give him a dirty look. But that was clearly not what he wanted. If he had the guts to ask Rachel, she would gladly let him finger every last piece of snot, she had in her snobby nose, and share her saliva. So yeah. That is a summery of Rachel Scott. 


After calming myself I looked back into the mirror. “You can do this, don’t break or they’ll know how weak you are.” I said to my reflection. Ok I can do this. 


I left the bathroom feeling better then I did, when I went in there. The halls had cleared; I could hear the faint shutting of classroom doors. I walked to my locker, and put in my combination, I jiggled the stiff locker around a few times; I groaned and let myself crumple into a ball on the ground. I sat up against the lockers and hugged my knees close to my chest.

"I thought you'd be here."


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