Trust Me, Please?

(One Direction, NOT FAMOUS)
Bella's life wasn't exactly like any other 'Normal', teenage life. Being different to everyone else, and not fitting in anywhere, only made it harder. On top of being bullied in school, she had heaps of problems at home too. When she meets Louis, she suddenly feels safe, in the warmth of his arms. She thought no one could harm her, when she was with him. She thought she knew what the world was, but little did she know, when she was in his arms in the darkness, things were lurking about. Things she thought only existed in non fictional books. She was wrong, the world was a lot more dangerous then she ever thought. Being with Louis, is putting her and everyone around her in danger. Will she longer feel safe in his arms, or will he scare her away? Will she give up? Or strive for love?


2. ~New Eyes~

*Bella’s POV*


I walked down the unfamiliar gloomy hallways, a shiver trickled down my spine, it was my first day at a new school. Which meant I had no idea, where the rooms were, I didn’t have any friends to support me, and all the ‘other’ students would already have an advantage, because they have been here an 4 years before me. I reached into my pocket and grabbed a crumbled piece of paper, telling me which rooms and subjects I’d have for the day. English, room 4302. I shoved the piece of paper back into my pocket, and opened my bag, bringing out my map of the school. Before you judge, this was a fricken humongous school. The building at the very back of the school, level 3, room 2. I zipped my bag up again, and headed for the back building. 


I looked up at the building that stood before me, it looked 6 stories high, at the least, I took a huge gulp, my mouth the shape of an ‘o’. Finding this room was going to be harder than I thought. 


I started climbing the 5 flights of stairs. I made it to level 3; I huffed, ‘If I have to climb stairs everyday I need to get used to it.’ I thought to myself, tucking my hair behind my ear. I looked up at the room numbers, 5, 4, 3, 2. That’s the one. I quietly knocked on the door, and rested my hand on the doorknob. I took a deep breath, and opened the door. I felt all eyes on me, “Well Hello Dear. You must be Isabella Harries?” She asked politely smiling. “Uh- Yeah.” I said stuttered, “Do you have a preferred name?” She said looking at the roll, ticking off my name. “Bella.” I said in somewhat of a whisper, ‘What are you doing Bella, don’t be shy!’ I thought to myself, repositioning my posture. She looked up at the class, who were feasting their eyes on a ‘new target’.  “Class it’s rude to stare! Make Bella feel welcome!” She said, encouraging the class to smile, though it was still quiet. “Welcome Bella!” A curly haired boy yelled. He was charming, his grin lit up the entire room, he was sitting at the back of the room, swinging on his chair. The class laughed along with his enthusiasm.  “Hi.” I waved, giving a sly smile. “Now, now Harry. Is it okay if we ask you questions?” The teacher asked, I still had no idea what her name was. Until I spotted her little badge, clipped to her bright blue blouse, her name was, Mrs Lowe. “Yeah, of course!” I said snapping back into reality. “Class we are going to ask questions!” She yelled over the talking, getting all of the eyes attention. “Noah, you can ask the first question.” She projected, pointing to the boy at the other side of the room; he had his head in a book. “Uhhh…. Do you have any siblings?” He asked questioning me, “Yes, I have an older brother, Tyler.” I reply simply. “Do you have a boyfriend?!” One of the boys from the back called, he had a soft calming Irish accent, and he also had blonde hair. I blushed crimson, and looked at the floor, fiddling with my fingers. “Come on Niall, appropriate questions.” Mrs Lowe snapped sternly, “No.. My answer is no.” I replied, instantly Niall smiled, while Harry gave him a nudge chuckling. Mrs Lowe rolled her eyes at the misbehaved boys, She turned to face me, her face softened, “Bella would you be a darling and sit next that ding bat?” She said pointing, to the head of blonde hair.  “It’ll only be until the end of the week, and if he annoys you give him a good clip over the ears.” She whispered to me, I smiled and made my way to the desk. “I’m telling the principle on you, you called me a mean name!” Niall whined childishly smirking, “I’ll call you worse, if you don’t work!” She said raising her voice. Just then a teacher barged into the room, all the students giggled and chuckled. “What is all the yelling for?!” He asked furious, “He- he- he did it!” She said pointing to Niall. Niall put his hand to his heart, “I would never!” He said dramatically. “Can you step outside with me for a minute?” The man asked, “Uh students, get out your student book page 463, and write answers 1-26.” She said before closing the door. I sighed and looked into my folder of books, Literature, Basic English. Skills English… Which one was it? I turned to see Niall staring at me, swinging on his chair. “Ey love.” He said smiling; I blushed a little, “Uhh.” I was completely speechless; he leaned in closer, ready to hear me talk. “Uhhh…. Which book is it?” I said looking into his grey ocean eyes. He smiled, he knew something, “I’d say it’s the literature book, that’s the one we’ve been using all year.” He said pulling the right book out. I smiled and thanked him, now I had to find the page, number 324? No 463. I flicked to the page number and grabbed my exercise book and started scribbling down all the answers. English went pretty slowly, I caught a few glares, and they weren’t friendly ones. All I could think, is it was starting again. I didn’t want to change schools again, I just had to pretend I was someone I wasn’t, and hope everyone liked the ‘fake’ me.

The bell rang; I picked my books up off the desk, and clenched them to my chest. “Bella wait up”, I heard behind me, I turned to face Harry. “Oh hi Harry.” I said timidly, “Do you have anyone to hang out with?” He asked worriedly, disappointment washed over my face, as realised I didn’t have anyone to ‘hang out’ with. “No I don’t…” I whispered in shame. He smiled, “You can come hang out with my friends and me?” He said rubbing my back. “Are you sure they’ll want me there?” I asked hopefully, “Of course they will, they’ll love you.” I beam with excitement, Harry tilts his head directing me to the cafeteria, I grab his hand. I hope they’ll like me.

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