What You've Been Looking For

A Harry Styles One-Shot


1. What You've Been Looking For

It's a beautiful summer day, the sun is out--not too hot, not too cold. You are hanging out with a group of friends at the local amusement park. You guys decide to buy some candy and fun merch from one of the many Souvenir Shops. You walk around the small store, looking through the novelty shirts, admiring the different designs. You look up and notice someone watching you.

As soon as you catch him, he looks down. You go back to your search, but can't seem to find your size. Just as you are about to give up your search, you feel a small tap on your shoulder. "Is this what  you were looking for?"

It was him. The same boy that was staring at you before. He had beautiful green eyes, and crazy curly hair. He smiled at you a bit shyly, and you smile back. "Yeah, it is." You answer.

He hands you the shirt and walks away, the shy smile still on his face. You make your purchase, and as you step out of the shop, you see your friends talking to the boy. They see you coming, and the boy waves at you and leaves.

"What was that about?" You ask your friends. They shake their heads and smile. "Nothing, let's go to the next ride." Your best friend says as she links arms with you.

You know your friends are up to something, but you don't know what.

As the day goes by, you start to forget about the strange boy. The sun starts to go down, and your friends lead you to the most crowded part of the park. They all begin to laugh, and next thing you know, you lose sight of all of them. You look for them for at least half an hour, but you can't find them. 

You reach into your pocket for your phone, and remembered that you let your friend borrow it right before they left you. Frustrated, you sit down at the nearest bench, holding your head in your hands.

You feel a small tap on your shoulder and hear a familiar voice ask: "Is this what you were looking for?"

You look up and aren't surprised to see those beautiful green eyes again. He hands you your phone, and gives you a smile. This time, his smile is more mischievous than it is shy. You check you phone and find a new message.

It read:

Hey! sorry bout leavin you, this guy told us he wanted to meet you, so we kinda set it all up...he's cute isnt he? we'll pick you up later have fun! -M.

You are more flattered than you are mad, because no one had ever tried so hard to get your attention before, so you decide to give the boy a chance.

You spend the rest of the day with him, and you two see the sunset together. He was really sweet and incredibly funny, you two couldn't stop laughing the entire time.

Finally, closing time came and he walked you to the main entrance of the park. You see your friends waiting for you in the car you all came in, but you don't want to leave. He takes your phone out of your hand and takes a picture of you two. Then, he puts the phone in your pocket.

He gives you a kiss on the cheek and tells you to call him the next time you needed help looking for something. You say your goodbyes, and during the drive home, you see that he has added his number in your contacts. He put his number under the name: That Creeper Guy, and his contact picture was the photo he took of the two of you.

You knew you had found someone special, and you called him the next day. You two have been going strong ever since...

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