Gotta Be You

Mia, Alex, And Chloe have been best friends since birth. They fall in love with the boys from a popular band called, "One Direction". The girls all have a favorite member that they have each loved from the beginning. Mia loves Niall, Chloe loves Harry, and Alex has major feelings for Zayn. When something happens at a meet& greet, and, at the concert, the girls' lives will never be the same.


14. Twitter

*Mia's P.O.V.*

I woke up to the sound of a cell phone camera. I look up, to see Niall sleeping above me (I was in his arms) and I look to my right, where I see Harry and Louis snapping photos of us. When Louis realizes I'm awake, he screams, "OI! HARRY! SHE'S AWAKE! RUN!!" I jump out of bed and start chasing them around the house

We get downstairs to see Alex and Zayn making out on the couch. Lovely. I thought to myself, I always catch them. It's very entertaining to see their flustered faces when someone screams at them. 

We barge through the living room, and I tackle them both. We're all laughing, and Harry says, "it's too late!!!" and he uploads the pictures to twitter. We had a whole dog-pile thing going on, and I was on top of Louis. who was on top of Harry. 

A half-asleep Niall walks in the room, and widens his eyes when he sees what's happening. "OI!!! SHE'S MINE!!!" Screaming this over and over, Niall runs to us, and picks me up bridal-style, and throws me on the couch. Then, he starts tickling me like crazy. I'm EXTREMELY ticklish. 

Gasping for breath, I manage to get all my strength together, and I escape from his hands. He was still on the floor, so I ran, jumped on top of him, and managed to pin him down. I stare at him and he says, "Mia Ava, I love you." "I love you too Niall James." 

Without further a due, I let go of his hands, and leaned down to kiss him. We were lying on the floor, and his arms made their way around my waist. We kissed for about a good 5 minutes. It went by wayyy to fast. 

When we pulled apart, I stood up, and grabbed his hand to help him up. We made our way to the kitchen, where now Harry and Chloe were kissing. Niall and I started laughing and made them leave so we can make breakfast in peace. "We don't want any slobber in our waffle batter!" I smirked at them and they finally left, giggling. 

After we eat I go in Niall and Mine's room, and lay on the bed. I check my phone and go on twitter. I see I have 1,000 mentions. Damn!!! The first one is a picture Harry tweeted, saying 'The two lovebirds sleeping! Look how they hold each other even in their sleep! <3' Then a picture below of Niall's arms around me, and mine around him. I have to admit it was pretty adorable. 

I look at the comments below, and I see some pretty bad words. 

Why  I is Niall dating you? 


EW! Niall! Break up with this bitch!

Why does he even like you? You're so ugly!

Go kill yourself you dumb whore! Nobody likes you!

The hate doesn't bother me though. At all. I find it funny actually. My mentions consist of the same things. I don't even respond. I keep scrolling. More hate.. And more... But I come across this one-

I think you and Niall are perfect. You're also really pretty. You make Niall happy, and that makes me happy. Don't let the hate get to you beautiful! 

I re-tweeted it, and mentioned her in one of my tweets.

@LilyLoves1D Thank you so much babe! You made my day! 

I then made another tweet, mentioning all the boys saying "Follow this girl!!" then I mentioned her. I'm sure this girl was going crazy. Just then, Niall barges in our room, almost in tears.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

When Mia went upstairs, I decided to check twitter, where I saw a picture of us Harry posted. The comments were afoul. How could our fans say such hurtful things? It hurts me too, but they don't realize. I decide to make a tweet 'Words hurt. I love Mia with all my heart. Why can't you just except that? It probably hurts me more then it does her. Just because you don't like her, does NOT mean I'm leaving her. She's the girl of my dreams.'

As soon as I posted it, I ran to our room. I knew she was on twitter because she just posted, 5 minutes ago. I see her sitting up in bed, and I run over to her asking if she was ok. She just laughed and said the hate doesn't bother her. 

Thank God. I didn't want her doing anything stupid. If I lost her, I don't know what I would do with myself. 

I just give her a hug. We stay like that for a while, and she lyes on the bed.. Taking me down with her. We cuddle for a loooong looong time, before getting dressed, and heading for the beach.



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