Gotta Be You

Mia, Alex, And Chloe have been best friends since birth. They fall in love with the boys from a popular band called, "One Direction". The girls all have a favorite member that they have each loved from the beginning. Mia loves Niall, Chloe loves Harry, and Alex has major feelings for Zayn. When something happens at a meet& greet, and, at the concert, the girls' lives will never be the same.


6. To top it off..

                                                                *Mia's P.O.V.*

Again. Again.... Again... and again. He keeps making eye contact. I look at him. I love him even more. He kissed me. And I'm sure we both felt something. I'm looking at him while he's onstage jumping around, singing, and being cute. But I catch him looking at me almost every 5 seconds. I've never been so happy. Honestly! It's like, The best feeling in the world to know that he may love me. I mean, he obviously does if he kissed me with that much.. passion? 

And now here we are. He's up there singing "More Than This" and the entire time he's looking at me. Singing to me. I love him. I need him in my life. I love him! 

                                                                *Niall's P.O.V.* 

We are singing "More Than This." it's the second to last song. And right when we end this song, everything will go pitch black. No lights at all. Then, I'm going to have Paul go out into the audience, and grab Mia, Alex, and Chloe. I guess that Harry has found an interest in Chloe, whereas Zayn has taken a liking to Alex. And me? I just happened to fall in love with the most beautiful girl I have ever met.  

                                                           **2 minutes later.**

And the lights go off

                                                                 *Mia's P.O.V.*

The lights just went off.. What the hell is happening? 

Someone grabs my arm. I stifle a scream, and I look up to see who it is. 

It's Paul. Thank god. He smiled at me and then said " Mia, right?" to which I responded, yes..? "I need you to get all of your stuff, and tell your friends to come with me." Huh? I thought. I leaned over to them and they were freaking out because it was "really dark" I told them what Paul just said to me, and we were all confused. We got up, and kinda had a train going on. I was holding Paul's hand, Chloe was holding my hand, and Alex was holding Chloe's hand. 

We got into the hallway that had light! we all let go, and continued to follow Paul. About a minute later, I realized where we were, and what was about to happen. We were about to go onstage with One Direction. This has NEVER happened before. Right as we all figured it out, we looked at each other, and before we could scream, Someone grabbed our hands. I look up to see Niall's beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. He was smiling. I looked at my two best friends, and I saw Harry and Zayn doing the same with Alex and Chloe. I quickly moved my attention back to Niall. 

He whispered to me "Be my princess?" I am so shocked. I immediately said yes. When I said that word his face lit up and his smile got bigger as he started to lead me onstage. I'm so nervous. I can hear all the fans yelling. It's still dark. Is this a dream?

I'm seated. On stage. On the couch that they had onstage. Did I mention I was seated on the couch on Niall's lap? Yep. It's true. Believe it or not, It was true. He was staring at me, smiling. I was smiling back. And He kissed my cheek. 

The lights turned on, and all the fans saw us I looked for my girls, and I saw them on Zayn and Harry's backs. That's so cute!! Niall picked me up, and put me next to him, while Zayn and Harry came by us, and put Alex and Chloe next to me. Then the music started for their last song, "I Wish" they were singing to us. 

I tried fighting the tears (of happiness of course) and I won. Phew. He's singing to me! He's singing to ME! ME. MIA AVA.  I'm sooo lucky. I'm holding my girl's hands, and we are singing along as we sit there in the middle of the stage, looking at our boys who we've all come to love.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

Yes. She's here. She's with me. She said yes to being mine. I'm so happy that I put in so much more energy into this last song. Even though it's a slow song, I'm still getting really into it, and I'm getting really lost in the music.

5 minutes later, we're all in the dressing room. Including Mia, Alex, and Chloe. This is perfect. I move over by her and ask "So, umm.. do you girls.. want to.. ummh hah umm go back to the flat with me? AND THE BOYS!" God that was close. That didn't exactly sound good.. She blushed, asked the girls, and she responded excitedly "Uhm Ya!! Sure!" She started smiling. Her smile was beautiful. She had a hint of dimples. 

A little bit after, we all got in the car, and finally arrived back at the flat. We all just moved there, and I loved it. I hope she does too. 

I opened the door and said "What do you think?" to her. She ran inside and looked around. She then looked at me and said "This place is amazing!!!" She was smiling so big. I want to make her happy. I love making her happy. Everyone went inside. "LET'S ALL WATCH A MOVIE!" Louis screamed. "TOY STORY!" Liam yelled back. No! "A SCARY MOVIE!" that way, if she get's scared, I can cuddle her and protect her. I want to protect her. I want her to feel safe. 

We don't watch the scary movie. We watch Toy Story. Liam and Louis both wanted it. You know how loud Louis can get. He did not shut up for 10 minutes screaming about how "I.WANT.TOY.STORY!!!" in my ear. Great. BUT WAIT. There's a plus side! When we were going into the movie room, I made sure I sat next to Mia. I did! We have a long couch, and the seating went like this...

Louis Liam Harry Chloe Zayn Alex Mia Me (Niall) 

I was so happy I sat where I did. Since I was on the end Mia said "You poor baby.. you're all alone over there!" She said in a concerned-joking tone. I gave her puppy-dog eyes and said "Mmhmm I'm quite lonely over here.." She blushed and then said "Well, I'd better fix that!" and then she scooched closer, and cuddled with me. I've never been so happy.

Before I knew it, she fell asleep on my chest. I played with her long,soft, brown (and blue ends) hair. She looked beautiful when she was sleeping. When the movie was over, I carried her to my room got Alex and Chloe to put shorts on her, and got changed. I tucked her in my bed, and I put my arm around her. 

I fell asleep shortly after that.





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