Gotta Be You

Mia, Alex, And Chloe have been best friends since birth. They fall in love with the boys from a popular band called, "One Direction". The girls all have a favorite member that they have each loved from the beginning. Mia loves Niall, Chloe loves Harry, and Alex has major feelings for Zayn. When something happens at a meet& greet, and, at the concert, the girls' lives will never be the same.


9. The next morning...

*Chloe's P.O.V* 

Last night was amazing. Harry asked me to be his girlfriend, and we spent the day together. It was all perfect. We got home, and put on a movie. We cuddled the entire time!!!! It was magic! I felt like we just fit together perfectly.. You know? that feeling where words can't explain..? That was my feeling. Just so happy.. and I can't even explain it. Then, to make me believe this was a dream, Harry leaned down and kissed me. FIREWORKS!!! When we broke apart he said, "You're beautiful" I smiled and kissed him again. 

We heard Mia and Niall upstairs talking while they were getting changed about their day. When did they get home? But I didn't have time to care about that. I just had that moment, and I fell asleep in Harry's arms. He kissed my forehead before I fell asleep.

*Mia's P.O.V*

I woke up in Niall's arms again. God I loved that. The warmth of his body was pressed against mine as he held me tight-- as if he was afraid to loose me. But that would never happen. Ever. I open my eyes and look at my boyfriend. He's sleeping. His eyes are closed and his chest is moving up and down as he has calm, evenly breaths. I decide to stay like that so I don't wake him up. 

About 2 minutes later I just say fuck it, and I slowly get out of bed. I'm going to make him breakfast in bed. It's the least I can do. I glanced at my phone, and I saw that it's 8:30 am. He usually gets up at 9:20 (around) perfect. I head down the stairs, and slowly tip-toe past the living room where I see Chloe sleeping on Harry's chest. Awwwh! 

I get in the kitchen and pull out the waffle maker, two frying pans, a pack of bacon, and 2 eggs. I look around, and find a tray. How convenient! I pull out the ingredients for the waffles, and make the batter. While the waffle maker is being heated, I put the bacon on the now-hot frying-pan. It sizzles, and then pops. Then I hear a "beeping noise". Indicating that the waffle maker is ready. I pour in the batter for the first one, then move back to the stove.

I add an 2 eggs to another pan, and cook those. Once everything is ready, I put it on the tray. I put butter and syrup on the waffles, and strawberries on the side. I put the eggs on a separate plate, put that one on a tray, then I put the bacon (a whole back) on another one. I put everything on the tray, and get out some OJ. I went outside, and picked a rose from the garden and put it on the tray as well.

Serving time! It's about 9:15 when I go upstairs. I put the tray down on the night stand and lightly shake Niall. "Niall babe! Look! I made you breakfast in bed!" His eyes shot open and he quickly sat up. His eyes widened at me, then looked at the tray. Then back at me. All of a sudden, a huge smile comes across his face as he pulls me on his lap and tackles me on the bed. He then starts kissing my face all over, and in-between kisses he would say, "I.LOVE.YOU.YOU.ARE.THE.BEST.GIRLFRIEND.EVER." I just laughed and kissed his nose. When all the action my face was getting was over, I got off the bed and gave him the tray. He looked at me again with big eyes and says, "But really. Thank you love." "It was really no problem at all." I say back smiling. 

He stops looking at me and starts "pigging-out" In between mouth-fulls, he tells me to go wake everyone up. An evil smile comes across my face as a get a fantastic idea. I grab a pillow, and run down the hall. The first door is Louis' room. I barge in and jump on him, and I start hitting him with the pillow. I chant "WAKE UP!!!!" until he sits up and starts hitting me with his pillow. He looks at me and goes "I'm up. Let's go attack Zayn." "Sounds good to me!!" I reply cheerfully.

We get everyone  up. I totally made a wake up train! whoever was awake, attacked the person asleep. It was sosososo fun, and I felt like I got even closer with Louis.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

I saw Mia put on an evil smile when I told her to wake everyone up. Then about 20 seconds later I hear her chanting at Louis to wake up. Then the two of them went to wake up Zayn. From my bed, I can look down the hallway, and I saw Mia, Louis, and Zayn hitting Liam with pillows to wake him up. I can guarantee, that this was the work of my beautiful girlfriend. She has that sense-of-humor. I can hear her adorable laugh. 

Once I finish my breakfast, I bring my tray downstairs to find Louis chasing Mia around with Yorkshire tea, trying to make her "TASTE IT!" Poor, poor, girl. She doesn't know the countless times he has done that to all of the boys and I. 

I put my dishes in the sink and run to her. I scoop her up, and "save her". Great. Louis' is chasing both of us. We finally give in, and Louis looks proud of himself. I just look at him and laugh. 

I decide to spend the day with The Lads and The Girls in our pool. Later on, we would have a barbecue, and I can teach Mia a real way to make some kick-ass burgers. It's my specialty. Another day of paradise. 

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