Gotta Be You

Mia, Alex, And Chloe have been best friends since birth. They fall in love with the boys from a popular band called, "One Direction". The girls all have a favorite member that they have each loved from the beginning. Mia loves Niall, Chloe loves Harry, and Alex has major feelings for Zayn. When something happens at a meet& greet, and, at the concert, the girls' lives will never be the same.


15. Day Out

*Mia's P.O.V.*

By the time Niall and I left the house, it was 10:45. We decided to stop by Starbucks to get some iced coffee because it was about 90 degrees out.

This morning, after all that, Alex and Chloe helped pack up our beach bag. We went through my closet, and finally came across the perfect bikini and outfit for me to wear. Since we moved in last week, all my stuff was there. We chose a baby blue strapless bikini that looks perfect with my golden skin. Over it, a sun dress that I can wear anywhere. It was a sea foam green color, and was very flowy. It all went together. Then, I had some sandals to go with it. 


We pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, and 5 minutes later, in front of us was a cashier (MUCH prettier than me) who called 'Next!'. We stepped up, and when she looked up, her eyes widened, and she stuttered out "Oh... M-m-my g-god." Then, more cooly, she added "You're Niall Horan". Before I know it, she's ALL over him. It's just like that one time where that bitch "Olivia" was on him too. It really sucks. I decide to speak up and say, "Well, you know.. my babe and I must be on our way! We have a day at the beach ahead of us!" Niall smiles, and his arm snakes around my waist, and he pulls me  close. The cashier girl shoots me a nasty look.

"But, your drinks aren't ready! You can't just stay and chat Niall?" she gives him a sweet look, and Niall starts getting irritated. "Well, how about you take other people's orders?" I stifle a laugh before I add "Yeah, and while you're at it, you can hand us our drinks, because I know that they have been ready for a while, but you're hiding them behind the counter. I know your tricks bitch." Niall starts laughing, and her mouth forms into a perfect "O" She shoves the tray at us, and we walk out hand in hand towards the car. 

Before we turn into the parking lot of the beach, Niall stops the car. "Babe, what's wrong?" I ask. "Put this on. I have a surprise for you." He hands me my eye mask, that I NEVER use, and I slowly put it on, laughing. 

Niall helps me out of the car, and picks me up bridal-style. After about 3 minutes of my Nialler walking,   he put me down. I felt the hot sand against my toes, and Niall took off my eye mask. My mouth dropped  open when my eyes came across a table, with two chairs set up. On it, was a clean white table cloth, two glass plates, a dish in the middle with a cover on it, a pitcher of ice water with lemon slices in it, and two wine-glasses filled with the water. It was perfect. 

"NIALL! BABE! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! You really didn't have to!!" He smiled down at me, then kissed me. "No, I didn't. But I wanted to." He replied. His irish accent in a whisper. Then he kneeled down, and opened a long, black box. Tears immediately filled my eyes, as he said, "Happy 2-month anniversary. I love you." "I love you too." I said. A tear falls down my cheek, and he wipes it away with his index finger. When he stands up, I kiss him passionately, and after, I pull him into a tight hug. 

He opened up our lunch, to reveal some cold chicken stuffed with melted cheese, and some kind of meat.. It was AMAZING.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

Our lunch was fantastic. I asked Paul if he could come set up 10 minutes before we got there. Afterwe ate, we sat in the sun for 15 minutes, so we can be dying to get in the water, and the cold rush would feel good. 

I told Mia to jump on my back, and I started running towards the water. I threw her in, and when we both re-surfaced, she pulled me really, really close. Her arms made their way around my neck, then her hands pulled my head to her too. Our foreheads resting on one another, I decide to make a move.

Before  I know what's happening, we had a full on make out session. Our tongues playing games. Sorry about the detail.  We swam back to shore together, and walked back to our spot with our fingers intertwined.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

It's Chloe and I's 2 month anniversary! I'm taking her to see "Pitch Perfect". We left at 1:00 PM, and can I say, when she came down the stairs, she looked STUNNING. She was wearing jean shorts, and a complicated pattern crop- top, and my sunglasses that I gave to her. "You look beautiful babe." She blushed and quietly added "Thanks babe." I pulled her in for a kiss, and she kissed my nose after. She got my sunglasses from the counter, and put them on me. "Now we match!" she said happily. 

We got to the movies, and I got us two tickets. We walked to the concession stand, and I got a large popcorn. I learned that was her favorite snack, and she has almost a big appetite as Niall and Mia. As we walked up, the teenage boy who was working there looked up. I scanned him. He was wayy better looking then I am. He was taller, he was lean, he has messy brown hair that reminded me of Louis. He had Niall's eyes. I also noticed that he was interested in Chloe. 

He was very social with her, and I could tell he wanted her. Who wouldn't? She's perfect. I was starting to get pissed. "Excuse me, but, we're going to miss our movie." I said. He gave me a dirty look, and then he wrote something down on a piece of paper. Then, when he thought I wasn't looking, he gave it to Chloe. She just looked at him with a bored 'I'm not interested' look, but he didn't take the hint. 

I "looked away" again and he did the "call me" thing with his hand. Hell No. "Chloe, babe? can you give me that paper this chap just gave you?" I said. right in front of this jackass. He looked scared, and I unfolded the paper.

Hey babe. You should dump the curls for a real man. When you figure that out give me a call ;) 521-8063 <3

"What. The.Fuck.Is.This." Chloe read it and her mouth dropped. "Excuse me?" She asked him, she went on. "This is Harry. My boyfriend. The love of my life. My everything. I'm not interested in some asshole who's trying to pick up another guy's girlfriend. Also, I happen to love the curls." she added. I started laughing. Oh yeah! I was laughing even more when she leaned over the counter to slap him. GOOD! We walked into the theater together and got seats all the way at the top. We kindaaa made out through the previews.. Oh well! We came out of the movie in a good mood, and passed that kid again. We shot dirty looks, and kissed right in front of him. 

Tonight, we're going out to dinner. A really expensive place too. Alex and Mia went out and bought Chloe a beautiful dress she knows nothing about. They are going to start on her hair and makeup when we get home. 

Mia texted, and told me her and Niall were home, and so were Alex and Zayn from their day out, so when we got home, they were ready to tell Chloe about our plans for tonight, and their going to start their "Work" on her for tonight. 

I plan on giving her a charm bracelet. Every 2 months we date, she gets a new charm. I came up with that. I know that I'm going to marry this girl someday, so, that bracelet should get filled up fast. I love her. And I plan on really telling her tonight. We are all going to different places for dinner. But the other two didn't want to go all out like I did. But we still all prepared speeches for them. Romantic. Right? 



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