Gotta Be You

Mia, Alex, And Chloe have been best friends since birth. They fall in love with the boys from a popular band called, "One Direction". The girls all have a favorite member that they have each loved from the beginning. Mia loves Niall, Chloe loves Harry, and Alex has major feelings for Zayn. When something happens at a meet& greet, and, at the concert, the girls' lives will never be the same.


10. Alex and Zayn.. Tragedy.

*Niall's P.O.V.*  

"CANNONBALL!!!!!" I scream as I jump in the pool. I made a huge splash, and got Alex's hair wet. When I resurfaced, she screamed at me, "NIALL!!" and swam over to hit me (playfully). I swam over to Mia and kissed her. We swam out of the pool after I whispered "Come with me, I have something to tell you.." And I winked. 

When we were on the back patio, I wrapped a towel around her so she wouldn't get cold. I then told her my plan. I already informed the boys on it (Except Zayn) and I told Chloe (And NOT Alex.) I looked at her and started smiling as I told it to her. 

"So, when I scream 'TROLL!' we all run into the house, and leave Alex and Zayn outside together! Then, we lock them out of the house until they fall in love." Once I said this, she looked at me like I'm crazy. But that look, turned into a smile as she said, "Okay!" I also told her NOT to tell Alex or Zayn, and that my plan would be in one minute. We stay out of the pool, and then the boys slowly get out one by one, leaving Chloe, Zayn, and Alex in the pool. 

Chloe gets out, and before Alex and Zayn notice, I scream "TROLL!!!!" and we all run inside, leaving them outside, just noticing what's going on. Alex runs out of the pool, with Zayn behind her, and sees that we locked the door. They both start banging on the glass back door, so I get my laptop and blast "Gangham Style'". I go by the door and start doing the dance, as they are screaming at me to let them in.

Louis makes a sign saying, "You can't come inside until you fall in love!" with a big happy face on it. We all start laughing as he holds it up to them, and we watch their faces turn red instantly.

**2 1/2 hours later**

*Alex's P.O.V.*

I think that I'm just going to tell Zayn my feelings for him right now. I mean, we can't go inside until we admit our feelings for each other, so I might as well admit first. I catch him staring at me. His dark eyes are looking through me, and I feel like he knows, but wants me to say it. Our conversation kind of ends, so I think now will be the perfect time to do it. I have to say though.. I am a little nervous.. but. Here I go.

"Um.. Zayn?" he looks up at me and kind of smiles. "Yes?" ok. I can do this. I open my mouth, but nothing is coming out. He's sitting next to me so I'm facing him, and I look down when I start talking. "Well, um.. Zayn. I...I.. I " Oh no. My stuttering. It only happens when I get nervous. But Zayn saved me. He tilted my head up with his finger and kissed me. When we pulled apart, I just had this stupid grin on my face. He stared into my eyes with his, and he said, "I like you too." 

I think I just died. "What does this mean for us? Are we..?" I ask. I'm talking about us dating. His intense eyes flicker with hope as he says, "Um.. I think so.. Would you be my girlfriend Alexandra?" instead of answering, I just kiss him-- meaning yes. 

We walk up to the back door, where everyone is watching, and our fingers interlock, as we hold up our arms to show them. Everyone starts "Awwing" as Harry takes pictures for twitter. 

*Mia's P.O.V.*

Awwwh Alex and Zayn are now going out! We all scream and clap when we see them holding hands. Niall screams, "I SAY WE GO TO NANDOS TO CELEBRATE! I'M DRIVING!" another round of cheers from everyone.

We all hop in the car and blast the radio. Everyone is happy, and as if on cue, "What Makes You Beautiful" comes on the radio. We all start going crazy. And the boys are singing at their parts. I'm sitting in front with Niall. And he's just singing. Before I know it, there's a huge impact made from another car, and we flipped in my side of the car. I hear sirens coming before I black out. 

Dark. Wait.. no.. I see light! Now I see everything! I'm ok! Thank god! I climb out of the hospital bed, and I walk out of the door. I see Niall, Alex, Chloe, and Louis sitting in the chairs. All sobbing in a huddle. "Guys.. I'm ok!!" I say cheerfully. Nothing. "Guys.." I try again. Nothing. I walk up to them and touch Chloe. My hand went through her shoulder. What the hell is going on? "HELLO?" I scream, but nobody hears me.. WAIT! I run back into the room, and I see myself being rushed out by nurses. My heart stops. 

MIA! I scream at myself. "YOU NEED TO WAKE UP." Niall sees my body being wheeled out of the room and he runs after my lifeless body. The nurses hold him back as he starts crying harder. I take a good look at myself as I'm being wheeled away. I'm all bloody and bruised. There is blood everywhere. My eyes are swollen, and my skin is pale. 

What's happening? I think to myself. I can't die. I'm only 18, and I just found the love of my life. This can't be happening. 




Sorry for the bad chapter everyone! But what do you think will  happen? I'm having writers block..

~<3~ Miaa


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