Elise screamed at the top of her lungs and before we knew it we got a knock on our door from 5 stunning boys telling us to shut up what will happen as they start to get to know eachother.


2. spoons!

Elise P.O.V

I woke up to the t.v on and i knew someone was awake and i wanted to scare them so i crept out of bed got my old grim reaper halloween costume put it on and walked into the room and then i was about to jump when liz turned around and screamed as loud as she could it woke court up and thats saying something. Court ran in carrying a spoon and looked at me and fell on the floor laughing. i took the costume off i turned to court and said how was a spoon supposed to defend liz i looked at liz who still looked terrafied and then pointed to the spoon. i dont know but if liam from one direction walked in here i will be ready then she did some weird kung fu moves then stepped on a towel and fell we all fell down laughing holding our sides cause we laughed so hard it hurt then liz said why would we want to scare Liam away anyway, and we nodded in agreement. Well we all better get ready we are leaving to london tonight. 

Do you think we will meet any cute boys asked court. i dont know maybe we will meet...... ONE DIRECTION  we all screamed in unison. okay but girls lets not get are hopes up they are probably touring the world or something. We all quickly got ready , ate and by then we had to leave to go to the airport.

Once we landed we ran to get our luggage and got a few weird looks on the way. we got in the cab and before i knew it both my friends were asleep... oh wont this be fun.


Liz P.O.V

i woke up wondering where i was and looked over and saw court with writing and stickers and many other things attached to her i chuckled but then realised that if somthing happened to court it would have also happened to me i ran over to the mirror and i saw that i had writing all over my face it said i love liam multiple times and other things that i would prefer not to share i screamed and saw court jump up and looked at me then look at the mirror and then she sprinted and knocked me out of the way and i saw a look of revenge on her face. she walked away came back with a brush and we walked to loons room there is one thing i know that will affect loon and that is even poofier and knotted hair....


Court P.O.V

After i finished teasing loons hair i silently laughed to myself and then got our megaphone and started singing one thing by one direction before we knew it loon came running in looked at us and started laughing but then saw we were not affected she slowly got up and walked over to the mirror and screamed so loud that 5 boys knocked on our door loon stomped over opened the door and she went from p.o to happy and surprised we heared mumbling and then we saw the 5 boys that we have been wanting to meet for sooooo long.    

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